SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle


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SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle


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J. Woolcott

20. März 2019

Great channel strip.

This is an excellent emulation that provides a lot of functionality, it’s easy to learn the layout and the results are tight, clean and punchy. Used in the unison slot this strip comes to life, and committing on the way in saves a lot of DSP. Another great job by UAD.

F. Loureiro

19. März 2019

Very good plug-in

The SSL channel strip sounds really great

M. Duchesne

17. März 2019

Very flexible, easy and musical.

Another iconic tool, just cant go without.

A. Hawkins

16. März 2019


UAD words can't explain how much I'm blown away by this version itz just to hardware like and I'm glad I upgraded and kinda learned how to use this gem any newbies out there reading this post get this GEM and put it as the first plug on the master buss and if you have the slate VTM to pair with it by GOD I hope you do. Run your mix through it and just play around with it and just listen it will change you forever musically UAD you ought to be ashamed LOL for doing so good LOL WOW!!!

A. Fusini

15. März 2019

Manco sapevo di averlo dentro al pacchetto..

Semplicemente? Una goduria.

K. Trakz

15. März 2019

Has that vintage tone

Sounds great. Has that vintage sound everyone has been chasing. I use it on every mix.

A. Bien-Aime

14. März 2019

The Real Deal!

I see why several hit records were recorded on this thing. It's pretty awesome.

S. Bakas

13. März 2019

Amazing sound on everything!

Classic SSL sound with great detail!I love it on about everything that needs to be fat!!!

W. Bransford

12. März 2019

Jaw dropper

I used the waves SSL for a while and really loved it. When I demoed this beast I absolutely couldn't believe what I was hearing. Actually kind of comical the degree to which it slays the waves (which, by the way, is no slouch). This is definitely one of my desert island plugs.


12. März 2019

THE UNISON of this Bundle is pure magic! Both of the E series and the G ... guaranteed to drag you from sleep !

SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle .... As soon as i ran the demo ... It was a done deal, that was just the E series brown, then the black, tried to copy some highly rated mastered tracks ... was so in the ball park in a short time ... added a G series preset on the Master buss ... Clients were blown away in my little home Studio! the E series and UAD SONNOX ENVOLUTION ... sounds like records to me !! thanks

g. paillotin

9. März 2019

Mortel sa mère !!

je recommande le noise gate sur kick et snare. Bien meilleur que ceux proposé dans pro tools ou les waves. L'équalisation est très belle. Bien au dessus en terme de qualité sonique que ses concurrents dans d autre marques.

T. Paul

7. März 2019

Awesome sound but huge DSP usage

Even with 10 DSPs I won´t use this one on every channel. But it sounds awesome.

J. Freudenberg

4. März 2019

Best and musically Comp. for me !

Working well on group or mixdown!

UAD User

3. März 2019

Best Plug-in EVER!

If you’re looking for the SSL sound, this plug-in has it. With just a turn of a few knobs you can get that rich, clear, iconic sound that everyone is looking to get.

J. Le Coq

17. Februar 2019

First , plug this guy on the master ...

and then you can start mixing ...

M. Davis

16. Februar 2019

Easily the best!

I’ve tried many software clones of the analog SSL bus compressor, but UA’s is far superior in my humble opinion. The full channel strip is also a delicacy. Killer job as always.

l. wade

15. Februar 2019

Oooo yea

I really like it a lot

R. Mann

14. Februar 2019

UA does it again !

These emulations of the SSL 4000 E console and 4000 G bus compressor are not only the best plugin emulations available but I'll bet any seasoned recording or mix engineer would be hard pressed to tell the difference with the hardware unit in a blind test. Bravo UA !

J. V P

12. Februar 2019

Best SSL emu out there!!

I’ve used SSL consoles my whole career. I love the sound and workflow of the channel strip. I’ve tried every SSL plugin out there. This is the first emulation that gets the sound right. From the inputs to the VCA outs. It reacts exactly as I would expect. The compressors are nice and punchy. The EQ can carve up anything you throw at it.

One lesser known feature of this channel strip is that even with heavy compression, it has no aliasing!! Even at 44.1. It’s a serious plugin. Sounds like heaven. My favorite UAD plugin!!!! I have 40 DSP cores so I can use it on every track.

L. Lammert

11. Februar 2019

Best ssl bus plugin

I’ve done massive shootouts and this one won by a mile. Really nice depth and 3D sound,
Waves one stunk in comparison.

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