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SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle


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R. Thomas

30. Mai 2022

Amazing emulation

This plugin is perfect! I love it! Can we get the SSL 9000 J channel emulation!

G. Myers

28. Mai 2022

SSL 4000

It really makes a difference

I. Kravchenko

16. Mai 2022

Love it

My first UAD plugin buy. I got quickly hooked on it for mixing (I wish I had more DSP however). Then I tried to use it with my band rehearsals — was able to quickly dial the kick just the way I mix it and it sounded killer. It seems like this is now my main tool.

S. Stoyanov

15. Mai 2022

SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor

This amazing vintage mix bus compressor is just the perfect addition to any instrument in the mix chain, acting gently and really adding that analog compression feeling, can be used almost on any instrument or vocal to make the over all mix tighter and more precise.

K. Socasau

30. April 2022

The perfect clean console

A beautiful recreation of the SSL 4k, everything is here and sounds great !

G. Castle

24. April 2022

Outstanding Bus Compressor

I love this compressor. It definitely brings the glue I need to bring my mixes together.

T. Münzberger

15. April 2022

Glue you need!

Almost on every session!

M. Mitchell

11. April 2022


I had tried the Demo version and just had to get this baby. It resided permanently on my Mix Bus. Love it.

Y. Akai

15. März 2022


I have been using hardware for over 30 years and this plug-in feels exactly like a real console.

I. Grinsdale

14. März 2022

Great Plugs, pity about the price.

These plugins are really good. The SSL comp doesn't quite have the 'bite' you get from the hardware, but a damn fine emulation. I just needed a decent channel strip and the bundle was only $30 more, so getting the comp was a no brainer. Problem is, I just can't get over the price... eye-watering. Bring em down a touch and you have me sold again forever. Would be a 5-star review, but it is all a bit pricy over here.

A. Acharya

9. März 2022

All rounder

The result you see will make you happy . I am a new user joined the UAD family last month and used for voice dubbing using unison and the result is awesome

S. Alfarano

5. Februar 2022


simply amazing, when it comes to glue master or buss or parallel compression, this little plug do the job wonderfully, a must have tool.

I. Voevodin

3. Februar 2022

Great compressor

It works on the master bus just fine. I have tried many different famous modulations. This one works very well. I use the demo version, I will definitely buy it.


26. Januar 2022

Perfect channel strip

Great plugin, I use it especially on my drums tracks, the sound is amazing, it gives life to drums!

M. Malka

19. Januar 2022

G 4000

Only a bit from this will change your life :)

D. Matthews

16. Januar 2022

So Smooth!

Love this compressor. It glues things so smoothly. Have been using the 2 week demo and am excited to purchase one day soon!

B. Taw

14. Januar 2022

Love it

Love it for vocal and instruments

J. Poole

11. Januar 2022

The scoop.

I have all the UAD compressors and if I had to choose just one, this would be it. I used it recently on a restoration project and it turned audio blobs into music. Thumbs up.


11. Januar 2022

Fantastic bus compressor.

Want that final mix glue? this is the one for you. I'm lucky enough to have used a real SSL bus compressor and this plugin reminds me of it every day.

j. stocki

8. Januar 2022


This is a definite improvement over the legacy version. Much cleaner sound and the added controls and flexibility are just icing on the cake.

181-200 von 1210 Ergebnisse