SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

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Regulärer Preis: $449.00


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SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle


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UAD User

17. Juli 2019

Smooth Warm Bus Compressor

I already owned the waves version, but could never make it sound good on any of my mixes. I tried this to compare and instantly sounds better with a much smoother response not to mention the side chain feature is quite handy for opening up the mix by allowing the low end to pass unaffected. The mix control, another feature, for insert parallel compression, but I prefer the full wet sound and would rather do parallel through sends.

UAD User

14. Juli 2019

Swiss Army Console Strip!

You can do everything with this plug in. The pres are supe punchy and the EQ is the most versatile i've ever used. Recommended.

B. Palmer

12. Juli 2019


This is a great piece. I was not very familiar with SSL stuff outside of the comps. This thing is clean and robust, and unlike the other more colored unison plugs, I would use it for any type of music.

C. Wilson

12. Juli 2019



J. Rubio Almanza

12. Juli 2019

SSL 4000Series console Bundle

Probably the best Channel Strip U have ever used. The sound quality is perfect for me. I only find it a bit confusing on the use but it is not because of UAD, it is because of the original SSL 4000 is a bit hard to use and in some moments I get lost with all the controls. Very recomendable plugin when you get used to it.

A. Lopes

11. Juli 2019



A. Lizama

8. Juli 2019

I just demoed it and...

My mind is blown

w. shenck

6. Juli 2019

Great for mild adjustments

Found it best on drum tracks.

F. Abel

29. Juni 2019

Super SSL Sounds

One of the best compressors and channel strip! Thanks UA

B. Schumacher

26. Juni 2019

Dull sounding

It’s dull sounding, unlike the original

B. Schumacher

25. Juni 2019

Don‘t believe the hype

Sounds nothing like the original. Indeed the plugin is very full sounding, much unlike the actual unit (and also unlike some native emulations of it)

V. .

25. Juni 2019

Best SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

Welcome to Universal Audio.
This is an amazing bass compressor , I heard a very soft and refined bass processing.
Thank you for a very cool plugin.
Recommend to all.

K. Kessler

22. Juni 2019


Big, punchy, amazing sounding. The drums sound soooo big with SSL EQ!

x. zuniga

19. Juni 2019


Excellent !!!! Try it!

H. Anh Minh

18. Juni 2019

Best for drum Mix and tracking

This plugin incredible. bring live to my Digital records.So good.Must have with me

C. Mayr

18. Juni 2019

One of the best Channelstrip

As I was looking for a Channelstrip from UAD, the SSL 4000 was my "Must To Have" ! And the SSL is really that I wanted, fat and amazing !!!

P. Drube

18. Juni 2019

THE punchy sound!

Awesome channel strip, gives amazing EQ sound to whatever source...go and get one !

N. Galea

15. Juni 2019

Glue Me


S. Rabaey

13. Juni 2019

Plugin on a mission!

beautiful analog sounding preamp through the unison slot, mic'ed my cab with a E906 and it came alive after tweaking the eq section for a bit! i feel sorry for the local studio's because they won't see me again when it comes to tracking guitar lol. thnx UAD for the great 3+1plugin deal

o. duran

10. Juni 2019

Sounds good

I like it

181-200 von 875 Ergebnisse