SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle


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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Die besten Emulationen des Kanalzuges und Bus‑Kompressors aus der SSL 4000.

Die SSL 4000 Serie ist weltberühmt. Sie ist für mehr mit Platin ausgezeichente Platten verantwortlich als jedes andere Mischpult. Die Grund hört man schon in der Anwendung: facettenreiche, transformatorgekoppelte Jensen-Vorverstärker, eine enorme Bandbreite an VCA-Kompressionseigenschaften und intuitive EQs mit beeindruckenden Bandwechselwirkungen überzeugen auf Anhieb.

In enger Partnerschaft mit Solid State Logic® präsentiert Universal Audio das SSL 4000 Series Classic Console Bundle für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Interfaces — ein Traumpaar perfekter Schaltungsemulationen dieser Hit-Maschinen.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Über SSL´s herausragenden, klassischen Kanalzug aufnehmen und mischen

Mit Unison Technologie den kompletten Charakter von SSL´s transfomatorbasierter Jensen-Vorverstärker einsetzen

Klangquellen mit den „black“ und „brown“ EQs und Filtern der E-Serie gestalten

Mit dem legendären SSL G Bus Compressor Summen, Bussen oder anderen Signalen Punch, Dichte und Kraft hinzufügen

Die neuen Funktionen des G Bus Compressors, wie Side Chain Filtering, Mix und Headroom-Regler anwenden

Artist-Presets von Just Blaze (Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar), Peter Mokran (The Flaming Lips, Mary J. Blige), Ian Boxill (Prince, Tupac) und anderen verwenden

Enthaltene Plug-Ins

SSL 4000 E Series <br>Channel Strip Collection

SSL 4000 E Series
Channel Strip Collection

Die neue SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection übersteigt den Leistungsumfang des ursprünglichen SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Plug-In bei weitem. Durch die präzise Übertragung des einzigartigen, nichtlinearen Verstärkerverhaltens bekommst du den klassischen SSL-Punch und den tiefen, durchsetzungsfähigen Charakter, der alle Klangquellen aufwertet. Weitere Funktionen umfassen die „black“ und „brown“ 4-Band-EQs/Filter der E-Serie, die legendären SSL High / Low Cut Filter, die „unterbrechungsfreie“ Expander-/Gate-Sektion und die extrem flexible Kompressions‑Schaltung.

SSL 4000 G<br>Bus Compressor Collection

SSL 4000 G
Bus Compressor Collection

Für diese atemberaubende Überarbeitung des ursprünglichen UAD SSL G Bus Compressor Plug-Ins modelte UA jede Nuance dieser Studiolegende nochmals peinlich genau. Durch die Umsetzung aller Schaltungseigenheiten — inklusive der einzigartigen CV-Summierung (Control Voltage) — bereichert das neue SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Plug-In deinen Mix-Bus und Instrumentengruppen mit Durchsetzungsvermögen, Verschmelzung und Kraft.
Ein unverzichtbares Werkzeug für moderne Produzenten/Toningenieur.

SSL 4000 E Series Channel Strip Collection

Das überzeugendste SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Plug-In, mit Emulation des Mikrofonvorverstärkers

In enger Partnerschaft mit Solid State Logic entwickelt und abgestimmt

In Echtzeit mit Apollo Interfaces über die Unison Technologie aufnehmen und die authentische, analoge Eingangsimpedanz und Eingangsverstärkung nutzen

Enthält jetzt den Eingangsverstärker mit Jensen-Übertrager und andere nichtlineare Schaltungsverhalten

Exakte nonlineare Schaltungsemulation der beiden „black“ und „brown“ EQs und Filter

Flexible VCA-Kompressor-Bandbreite, von transparent bis extrem aggressiv

Extrem schnelles Gate mit „no-chatter“-Modus, der sich von modernen SSL-Designs ableitet

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface

SSL G Series Bus Compressor Collection

Von Universal Audio´s Plug-In Team akribisch gemodelt, von Solid State Logic lizenziert und authentifiziert

Der begehrte Kompressor der 4000 G Ära in der Umsetzung mit Messdaten einer vollständig diskreten Hardware

Speziell angepasste Dynamikmerkmale, ideal für die Kompression von Summenmix oder Subgruppen

Bietet das vollständige Schaltungsdesign des legendären Stereo-VCA-Kompressors

Charakteristische 4000 G Funktionen wie fest gerasterte Attack und Release, inklusive programmabhängigen "Auto" Release und Auto Fade

Exklusiv im Plug-In verfügbare Funktionen umfassen SC Filter, Dry/Wet-Parallelbearbeitung und Headroom für nutzerdefinierbare Betriebspegel

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle

R. Whitney

21. August 2019

Great for Recording Acoustic Country Blues Guitar (and other things)

I put the demo of this SSL 4000e emulation through its paces for two weeks against all of the other Unison channel strips and chose it for -- believe it or not -- what I thought to be the most organic, natural sounding to me for recording my Collings OM-2H in finger-style country blues type solo recordings with an AKG C414 XLS microphone into an Apollo Twin MKII. Who knew? I thought this SSL sound was supposed to be for ultra slick pop music!

The Neve 88RS and API Vision channels were close contenders, and the API especially seemed like it might provide a nice, somewhat "brighter" and slightly more "open" contrast to the very "up=front" SSL sound, but to have one overall vibe, the 4000E worked best for me.

I wasn't interested in having the older school Neve 1073, V76, etc sounds, and didn't like the functionality of some of those. I was looking for a more modern sound but I wish there were a Trident A Series Unison channel strip, as the Daking preamps have been my go-to for many years. Not having them available to me now, it might have been comforting to replace them with a plugin, if that's possible, but it's also nice to move on and try something new. I've never used an actual SSL board so I don't know how close this plugin comes to the real thing. Reviews say it does but how can you trust these reviews? (BTW, you can trust this one, for what it's worth, cuz I'm just an old hippie who likes to dabble).

The transformer option hasn't appealed to me yet (surprisingly, since I often prefer the sound of transformers in microphone press and microphones) as it messes with the clarity -- and I am a fiend for clarity -- but with vibe, not sterile ; the compressor is unobtrusive when used lightly -- which is the way I usually use it on input ; the EQ is smooth ; the metering fine. It's a processor hog, so I just use it on a single Unison input channel -- not for mixing or anything after the fact. It would be cool if it could be used after a Unison guitar or bass amp sim (I use the Friedman Buxom Betty and Eden 800 plugs), to add that sound going in, though I realize those emulations already have recording chain emulations built in and would need to be disable-able for that to work.

I've used Universal Audio compressors like the 1176LN and microphone pres like the 610 in the past and have liked them very much, and this software deal is admittedly pretty cool ; but the hardware limitations of those chips and the cost of each plugin is dissapointing for sure - but what to do? I'm lucky I can afford them. I like the ability to insert this in the input in their cool (gimmicky maybe?) Unison technology ; (I mean, is it really that much better than sticking a plugin into the track after the fact?) It's probably more a psychological thing for me because I'm used to getting "that sound" going in, so this gives me that sense of the analog recording process.

I've only been using this SSL 4000E channel strip for 3-4 weeks for my own little projects, but so far, so good.

A. Kouvatsis

16. August 2019

Its glue!!!!

This is a classic sound! I love this plugin! Great job UAD! Thanks

p. dwyer

14. August 2019

Great Channel Strip

great channel strip use it on nearly everything when tracking and mixing

M. Altieri

13. August 2019


...what say ? Glue , and the parallel mix is the very useful

UAD User

29. Juli 2019


For me it's all about the Buss Compressor! What amazing glue. I just changed my work flow. Good stuff. Highly recommend !!!

D. Tetmyer

24. Juli 2019

Nice strip

Amazing strip

D. Tetmyer

24. Juli 2019

The glue

Great on mixbus!

D. Parker

22. Juli 2019

love it!

I'm a newbie with it but I love it already.

M. van Biesen

22. Juli 2019

Must have Master Compressor

My go-to-tool for the Master bus - glues everything together while keeping the clarity you need. Very impressive; turns my basement studio into a world class facility :-)

J. House

21. Juli 2019

Top of my two mix

The SSL G Buss is at the top of my two mix. What else can you say about it besides its the first last piece of outboard your mix goes through.

UAD User

17. Juli 2019

SSL E Channel Strip

I put the legacy version as I did not want the preamp coloration on the drums bus and compressed barely hitting the first light on the GR meter, it was either 2:1, 3:1, or somewhere in between. It beefed up the low end without overpowering the rest of the mix or making it muddy, also more punchy overall. I compared it with the waves version, which I already owned and it beat it out sounding more like hardware with that sizzle in the air.

UAD User

17. Juli 2019

Smooth Warm Bus Compressor

I already owned the waves version, but could never make it sound good on any of my mixes. I tried this to compare and instantly sounds better with a much smoother response not to mention the side chain feature is quite handy for opening up the mix by allowing the low end to pass unaffected. The mix control, another feature, for insert parallel compression, but I prefer the full wet sound and would rather do parallel through sends.

UAD User

14. Juli 2019

Swiss Army Console Strip!

You can do everything with this plug in. The pres are supe punchy and the EQ is the most versatile i've ever used. Recommended.

B. Palmer

12. Juli 2019


This is a great piece. I was not very familiar with SSL stuff outside of the comps. This thing is clean and robust, and unlike the other more colored unison plugs, I would use it for any type of music.

C. Wilson

12. Juli 2019



J. Rubio Almanza

12. Juli 2019

SSL 4000Series console Bundle

Probably the best Channel Strip U have ever used. The sound quality is perfect for me. I only find it a bit confusing on the use but it is not because of UAD, it is because of the original SSL 4000 is a bit hard to use and in some moments I get lost with all the controls. Very recomendable plugin when you get used to it.

A. Lopes

11. Juli 2019



A. Lizama

8. Juli 2019

I just demoed it and...

My mind is blown

w. shenck

6. Juli 2019

Great for mild adjustments

Found it best on drum tracks.

F. Abel

29. Juni 2019

Super SSL Sounds

One of the best compressors and channel strip! Thanks UA