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SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle


81-100 von 1210 Ergebnisse

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A. Chichester

11. Februar 2023

Annoying DRM doesn't work

The SSL plugins I bought did not show up in my UA Connect. This is an annoying waste of time. This company cares more about DRM and money than being reliable.

R. Thibodeau

21. Januar 2023

Great plugin for in the box work.

Adds a great vibe to my in the box work. Very musical.

E. Rudnicki

20. Januar 2023

You won't regret this one

Already had the API Console but gave the SSL a try and ended up buying it...and sometimes it nice to have a choice of consoles. I tried some other SSL emulations just in case but this one was the best.

J. Lardinois

17. Januar 2023

The whole plugin is great, but it shines with the gate.

I've mixed on these desks. I've mixed on this plugin. I want to skip reviewing everything else and just say, the expander / gate section is just lovely. It's really, REALLY easy to set up properly, and sounds great. It's flexible, too.

p. mitchem

16. Januar 2023

Absolutely spot on

Love the clarity and warmth this unison plug does for drums

S. Conan

15. Januar 2023

Definitively best SSL console emulation

Best emulation for the SSL compared to Waves, there is something special on UAD version

A. Bonilla

14. Januar 2023

Quality Sound

Slapped it on my vocal/keys and immediately felt the difference. It has a certain sound that I very much like, compared to other SSL emulations.

G. Merino

14. Januar 2023

Versatile classic

I’ve mixed a lot on the real one and know it very well. I own all emulations of this console and this is my favorite. It’s very versatile plugin combo!

C. Foster

14. Januar 2023

Hard to not love

One of the icons of the industry for all the reasons. It is that because of the look it puts on faces only seconds after play is hit...that experience, it cant be put into any review.

M. Keilhauer

11. Januar 2023

Like Hardware

Like hardware but fits in your Bedroom.

V. Adamek

11. Januar 2023

Buss compressor

for me the best software buss compressor

B. Strevens

10. Januar 2023

Totally awesome!

Quick & easy to get that vintage, warm sound! Buy it!!

R. Mendez

9. Januar 2023

Awesome bundle

Amazing plug-in bundle! You won’t regret it! Use it on every project

M. Jarzebski

9. Januar 2023

like real thing

I do nothing. I turn some knobs left or right till I get what I want. And it sounds great! End of story.


9. Januar 2023

Un must !

L'outil ultime pour un son vintage et dynamique, des possibilités incroyables à la prise comme au mixage.

D. Díaz

8. Januar 2023


Mi sonido para guitarra mejoro bastante.

a. contreras

8. Januar 2023


Best sound plugin ever

M. Braun

7. Januar 2023


El SSL comp en el mix bus, para baterías y hasta el bus de salida en algunos casos es una gran herramienta para darle transientes y glue al track

F. Angelini

7. Januar 2023

A must!

Incredible plug in....manages to give the sound a special body....just in case....it's a must!

E. Simi

6. Januar 2023

Best emulation for the SSL

Best emulation for the SSL

81-100 von 1210 Ergebnisse