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Precision Maximizer


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M. Ackert

20. Mai 2023

Praktisches Tool

Der Precision Maximizer verleiht dem Mix noch einen gewissen Punch und räumt klanglich noch etwas auf. Sehr praktisches Tool um dem finalen Mix noch das gewisse "Etwas" zu verleihen.

J. Zapata

22. Januar 2023

Es muy bueno

Lo usaré mucho

I. Townsend

6. Januar 2023

Precision Maximizer

The Precision Maximizer is an incredible tool for mixing and mastering. I’m very impressed with how it works on bringing up and out character in my mixes. UA has proven to be the best in plugins, far exceeding the competition with no latency issues… Thanks!

R. Bouma

3. Juli 2022

the one I prefer if I must use it

I don’t like to use tools like this too much. I makes me feel i didn’t do my job well. I never use it in a project on a certain instrument. Only when it comes to pre or stem mastering sometimes it comes in handy. I have one from waves, BX and Oxford but this is my go-to choice. It doesn’t ‘over do’ it’s job. No coloration etc.

F. Chen

22. Juni 2022

Precision Maximizer

Powerful Maximizer!Warm and Strong!

R. Siddiqui

8. April 2022

Precision Maximizer

I have no words but if have say something about so I would like to say that
No One maximizer in world can beat this .

UAD User

28. März 2022

Fantastic on live DJ mixs with Twitch

Shadow hills mastering compressor and this is all I need for live stream DJ mixs to sound so much better

A. Hall

22. März 2022

Crystal clear

This does a great job, it’s simple to use and keeps the sound clear

A. fantomservice

1. Januar 2022


Отлично себя проявил на мастер шине

A. Lindelöf

22. November 2021

Great for maximizing master tracks

Great plugin for maximizing your master track in different ways either transparently or with color / tone. Easy to use, yet with several options as to work for everyone. I use it together with Precision K-Stereo for subtle final polish.

J. Steffen

31. August 2021

Sounds phenomenal BUT......

I absolutely love the sound of this thing, this is what I use in all of my mastering at the end of the chain. My only problem with it is that it has no option to take care of inter-sample clipping. If you want to master for "hi-def" for iTunes you need to have a limiter that takes care of the inter-sample clipping or it won't be accepted by iTunes. This is a huge problem. This plugin needs that badly. If it had it I would easily give it 5 starts without a second thought, but I've given it 3 due to that. It does however sound incredible. You can really push the hell out of it more than any other plugin that does what it does out there, and it's still completely transparent and doesn't do a thing to your transients. I highly recommend it, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND UA to ADD THE OPTION to get rid of INTER-SAMPLE clipping.

L. Tian Siung

18. August 2021

Great Plugin!


J. Revell

13. Juli 2021

Precision Maximizer

I never usually master my final mixes, but Covid has presented some problems in getting together with a friend who does it normally. He has Ozone and Slate plugins so I think I'll compare his last masters with the PM and see what the difference is between them. I liked the sound of the plugin but I noticed I needed to boost the input by 5 or 6 dB to match my mastered recordings.

D. Cinelli

19. April 2021

Another great option to make my mixes the best they can be !

The precision maximizer a great tool that helps me deliver the absolute best mixes possible to my clients .. it is very musical and adds a polished texture to all of my mixes. A great addition and a must have ! Daniel Cinelli - Mixing Engineer - planet studios, Montreal, Canada.

A. Vollrath

1. April 2021


Very nice for enhancing the master!

N. Eikelboom

5. Februar 2021

Best maximizer so far

As an electronic dance producer, I am so happy with this maximizer. It pushes my masters to the absolute limit, in a way no other plugin ever could. No quality is lost.

K. Roukoz

21. Januar 2021

Thank you

Best maximizer i've purchased so far!

A. Ogarev

6. Januar 2021

Precision Maximizer super+

super+ just what you need )

M. Moleri

3. Januar 2021

Superb Maximizer!

Great plugin that I dreamed a lot and finally I can use it! One of the best Maximizer ever imo.

A. Vladichuk

18. Dezember 2020

Good sounding plugin !!!

The plugin is great !!!

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