Precision Maximizer

Precision Maximizer


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Precision Maximizer


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J. Patiño

13. Dezember 2014


El Maximizer de UA, en todo sentido es muy bueno, existe una gran diferencia de calidad con su similir L2o L3 de waves, sin pensar seguire trabajando con este fabuloso plig-in, hay como utilizarlo sutilmente o muy fuertemente. Un plug-in muy bueno recomendado para quienes quiere tener una masterización unica..

A. Sulok

12. Dezember 2014

Excellent Precision Maximizer

In music the gain is important. Clear and transparent compactness which I have long sought. work - UAD developers best. Excellent - simple work in Precision Maximizer Plug-In. THX

Y. Chistyakov

12. Dezember 2014

Precision Maximizer

maximizer good, works well, is easy to use, what else do you want? an excellent result.
Thank you UA

A. Berkut

11. Dezember 2014

Best maximizer from universal audio

For me this is the best maximizer which ever heard. It is great to increase the volume and saturates the sound. He becomes richer and thus remains transparent. Really great device

K. Péter

8. Dezember 2014

Not soft. But verrrrrrrry strong

It is so powerful and heavy I love it really. Just cannot live without this. I dont know any maximizer on the market what is more useful for me on the market, for drum buss and master chain (before the limiter)

D. Charles

17. November 2014

grainy, distorted

Use can use up to a point then it distorts. This does not make your mix any better. Wouldn't recommend.

H. Fitzpatrick

25. Oktober 2014


This is quite good. It is less grainy and digital sounding than my Sonnox Inflater. I end up with a cleaner master. I still can't get up to commercial levels with my Precision limiter and Maximizer without entering into distortion, but it's better than just my Waves L3 and Sonnox Inflater. Certainly a worthwhile addition to my plug-ins.

G. Braconi

21. Oktober 2014

Precision Maximizer

I use it during the Mastering and the result was great!

W. Schlender

5. Oktober 2014

Precision Maximizer Plug-in

Very simple, very handy, very useful preset from where to start. Walter

M. Navia

4. September 2014


I love using this plug-in, especially in groups, makes things easier, expands the sound without undesirable side effects.

P. Inder

29. August 2014

Precision Distortioner...?

I've had this plugin a number of years; I'm no longer kidding myself and I'm now really hearing this for what it really is worth. The harder you drive the input - in order to achieve a maximum amount of volume along with the limiting it provides - you get an added "extra" which is most certainly unwelcome - digital distortion. Actually, sorry to have to say this, but many UAD plugs (of which I have spent thousands of dollars on over the years) produce this nasty artifact when driven a little on their input stage. Gotta say the FabFilter L blows this thing clean out of the water. I spent way too much money on UAD plugins. Guys, please start coding in more linear designs. Your API channel strip distorts too. Bad news for me after spending $$$

R. Martinez

21. Juli 2014

Precision Maximizer

On point, it really sounds great. Keep up the good work!!

M. Sawicz

16. Juli 2014

Basic and necessary tool

It's not a creative tool, it's simple, necessary and well performing. With tons of emulations with chcaracter we have theses days, simple tools is still needed and frequently used.

P. Gharapetian

29. Juni 2014

simple and clean.

Simple and does what it says on the tin. doesn't kill your attacks like most limiters & maximisers. clean and simple.

R. Giovanini

23. Juni 2014

The best plugin

One of the best plugins. Gives a shine to individual instruments and joint and solves the problem in mastering. I was really impressed with the quality of this plugin. Worth buying!

A. Kotelnikov

15. Mai 2014

Precision Maximizer biggest loudness!

This is a very good peak limiter, I like to use it to mastering to achieve a dense sound track, it is very well raises the volume of the whole mix!

C. Tamas

8. Mai 2014

Precision Maximizer Plug-In

great sounds - big skill - love this plug in / 5 stars

T. Friesecke

3. Mai 2014

Very Nice!

Pure loudness while you have great sound! Perfect!

J. Ackerman

18. April 2014

Fantastic Tool. A keeper from the first time I applied it.

When I moved over to Pro Tools 11, I no longer had access to some of the mastering limiters I was using in 10, so I tried this guy out to see if it would do the job and bring everything together for me in a way that sounded musical and powerful . . . . It's just glorious.

I've used this in the last few days on a totally brutal thrash metal band and also for a bluegrass acoustic song (or three) and it dazzled in each case.

The only problem that I have with any of the UAD plug-ins I have purchased is that I would be totally lost and heartbroken if I didn't have access to them anymore. If there's better software out there, I have never heard of it.

J. Carmo

31. März 2014

Best Maximizer i ever used

The punch and clarity are great and the 1 and 3 band mode are awesome.
It´s the best maximizer i ever used. Thanks UA !

81-100 von 190 Ergebnisse