Precision Maximizer

Precision Maximizer


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Das Original von UA ist die Geheimzutat für professionellen Glanz beim Mastering.

Der Precision Maximizer für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio-Interfaces ist ein einfach bedienbarer Dynamikprozessor, mit dem sich die gefühlte Lautheit auf magische Weise anheben lässt, ohne den Dynamikumfang deiner Aufnahmen zu beeinträchtigen.

Der Precision Maximizer ist sowohl die erste Wahl bei Grammy-prämierten Mastering-Ingenieuren wie Paul Blakemore als auch Tontechnikern in Projektstudios, die einen Rough-Mix schnell aufpolieren möchten. Der Precision Maximizer kombiniert Universal Audios Expertise in den Bereichen analoger Audiobearbeitung, Röhrentechnik sowie digitalem Mastering und gehört als unverzichtbares Tool in den Werkzeugkasten jedes Toningenieurs.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Mixes und Masters mit Leichtigkeit maximieren, ohne das Dynamikverhalten zu beeinträchtigen

Die Präsenz und das Knistern von Röhrengeräten hinzufügen

Druck, Wärme und Energie deiner Mixes und Masters optimieren

Über den Shape-Regler den Obertongehalt erweitern


Professioneller Maximizer von Universal Audio

Maximiert bei minimalen Auswirkungen auf den Dynamikbereich

Erhöht die Wahrnehmung, Wärme, Energie und Präsenz des Mixes

Shape” formt den harmonischen Anteil

“Single” oder “3-Band” mit Limit Modes

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Precision Maximizer

J. Revell

13. Juli 2021

Precision Maximizer

I never usually master my final mixes, but Covid has presented some problems in getting together with a friend who does it normally. He has Ozone and Slate plugins so I think I'll compare his last masters with the PM and see what the difference is between them. I liked the sound of the plugin but I noticed I needed to boost the input by 5 or 6 dB to match my mastered recordings.

D. Cinelli

19. April 2021

Another great option to make my mixes the best they can be !

The precision maximizer a great tool that helps me deliver the absolute best mixes possible to my clients .. it is very musical and adds a polished texture to all of my mixes. A great addition and a must have ! Daniel Cinelli - Mixing Engineer - planet studios, Montreal, Canada.

A. Vollrath

1. April 2021


Very nice for enhancing the master!

N. Eikelboom

5. Februar 2021

Best maximizer so far

As an electronic dance producer, I am so happy with this maximizer. It pushes my masters to the absolute limit, in a way no other plugin ever could. No quality is lost.

K. Roukoz

21. Januar 2021

Thank you

Best maximizer i've purchased so far!

A. Ogarev

6. Januar 2021

Precision Maximizer super+

super+ just what you need )

M. Moleri

3. Januar 2021

Superb Maximizer!

Great plugin that I dreamed a lot and finally I can use it! One of the best Maximizer ever imo.

A. Vladichuk

18. Dezember 2020

Good sounding plugin !!!

The plugin is great !!!

S. Vasiľ

6. Dezember 2020

Super drums transient

Top dynamic transient, best clarity.
Mid band overral is better on Oxford Limiter V2

T. Delannay

15. Oktober 2020

Pro UAD.

Top Plugins. Merci UAD...

A. Shalaby

15. September 2020

Super Sweet for my Mastering

I just love what this does in the final stage of mastering! As hard as I have worked in the mixing phases, this just brings everything I worked so hard on to make a great mix, and elevates it. Just a few dials, turn here and there, and you have audio magic. I don't know what's behind the curtain, but it works!

J. Geary

26. August 2020

Hmmm, it just seems to sound better

After a few different projects shooting this guy out vs the plethora of other maximizers around, 9/10 times this unit just popped in a way the others didnt. Not sure why, or how but its great. (this is comparing it to other channel / bus maximizers, yeah your mastering limiter with its extra controls and oversampling options will sound better for full mix limiting)

M. Malinski

24. August 2020

Transparent maximizing

If yours mix missing saturation, precision maximizer can add this to yours mix or master without sound processed.

b. koh

22. Juli 2020

Precision Maximizer

This is a 100% let-down....You see, Technology has advanced so much these days. Many brands had made fantastic Maximizers that not only sound great but coupled with lots of visual graphic and adjustable parameters. Some even has intelligent assistance that can match reference song. This one is definitely out-dated!
I am not saying that it sounds bad (actually it sounds pretty great) but there are just TOO MANY competitors that offer a much more user-friendly and more ease of control .
well, it's just my personal opinion, this one can be a "pass" if you haven't owned one.

K. Frost

20. Juli 2020

Does what they say it does

Easy to use. Works very well with the Precision Series Master Plugins. Small DSP footprint.
Also the Multi Processor Buss Compressor is awesome too- the DSP footprint on this plugin is a little higher.

If your mix is right, very little to do on Master with these plugins.

K. Frost

20. Juli 2020

Does what they say it does

Easy to use. Works very well with the Precision Series Master Plugins. Small DSP footprint.
Also the Multi Processor Buss Compressor is awesome too- the DSP footprint on this plugin is a little higher.

If your mix is right, very little to do on Master with these plugins.

D. Kuvalin

14. Juli 2020

Mastering Beast!!!

Awesome plugin!!! Love this thing on my Master Bus! Make sound richer, louder, more powerful. Also great for individual tracks or buses.

B. Schumacher

8. Juli 2020

Also great for individual tracks, not only for mastering

I know this is supposed to be used for mastering but the reason I had to buy it is for using it on Kick & Bass (/"808").

C. Schwitzke

1. Juli 2020

Unverzichtbar für das Mastering

Dieser Maximizer wird bei uns vor allen Dingen beim Mastering eingesetzt.
Der Klang wird sehr natürlich "nach vorne" geschoben, alles klingt luftiger und klarer.
Die einfache und intuitive Bedienung spricht ebenfalls für sich.
Ein tolles Mastering Tool, gerade, wenn man ältere Aufnahmen restaurieren möchte.

I. Semenov

28. Juni 2020

Must have on master buss

The first thing that surprised me was the plugin's algorithm. Multistage signal increase with limiting it's fantastic decision! And of course, additional saturation and drive. 5 stars definitely.