Precision Maximizer

Precision Maximizer


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Precision Maximizer


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M. Thomas

30. Juni 2011

I use this to give my mixes a little heft and to better define individual instruments.

C. Mcintosh

23. Juni 2011

As soon as I tryed the Precision Maximser in my mastering chain, it instantly changed my sound for the better. It gave my tracks the much needed boost in volume I was searching for and also put some warmth back into my tracks aswell. This is definitely one of my "GO TO" sound tools!

M. Sennels-andersen

22. Juni 2011

Superb little tool for making mp3 files sound great. Also very fine for making a quick "master" on a demo track or simple production. Easy to use and ads a sparkeling touch to the mix.

C. Cress

19. Juni 2011

Having used the other Maximizer from the other guys gold bundle for years it was refreshing to here a product do the same job but with a little more warmth and a seemingly more open and dynamic sound when pushed against the limits.

S. Reichert

18. Juni 2011

This is the final plug-in on the master sum in every of my mixes. Needs to be carefully adjusted, as it can drown the mix, but with the right balance, it is the final step to perfection for sharp & clear audio to the max. If you've done already good mix work on your instruments tracks, you will not need to add more than 30% of this effect for the master sum.
Absolutely recommended plug-in, more than any other.
Also, it is the one with the most "magic" of all UAD-plug-ins.

S. Williams

17. Juni 2011

I love this Plug, really easy to use, really great sounding.. one of the best maximizer plugs out there.. My 1st Choice!!!

D. Shaffer

17. Juni 2011

I use this (along with the FATSO) to bounce individually arranged tracks out of Ableton. Not only can you achieve an amazing tape sound; it makes the mixing/mastering process (I use Logic) very easy. My workflow is extremely quick and accurate with these plugs.

B. Marolla

17. Juni 2011

This is a must have if you're wanting to get the output and volume required to compete with current industry standard masters. Really handy when you need that 'lift' to get your mixes and masters nice and loud without breaking 0db! I love it and use it as part of my mastering chain.

M. Gray

17. Juni 2011

Solid and transparent for mastering tracks. The blend feature is especially useful.

C. Camporini

17. Juni 2011

Hello, this Plugin is very nice - full points!!!!!!
Greetings from Germany :-)

W. Sunderland

16. Juni 2011

The Precision Maximizer is an awesome plug-in.
I use it on electronic bass sounds, to really beef them up and make them jump out of the mix. I've also been using it on some lead sounds and individual snares etc. It really can make things sound a lot bigger without losing any dynamics.
Have used it in mastering also, just to help tickle a little bit more level out of a track ;)

P. Van

16. Juni 2011

very handy but use with care,sometimes easy to overdo

B. De

16. Juni 2011

Easy to use and it sounds great, although when you really push it you might hear some unwanted noises.

S. Hurtow

12. Juni 2011

At first I thought "It's ONLY a maximizer. You can use the standard DAW plug-in and it will do the job just the same". Wrong! I ran them back-to-back, going back and forth between the DAW plug-in and the UA, and it was really tough. Both delivered the increased output without clipping over, but after listening to the biggest peaks of the mix over a dozen times, I started to hear a subtle sloppy bottom end growl coming out of the DAW maximizer. I then ran the UA Precision Maximizer and the track just had that very subtle clarity and definition. It retained an elegant warmth that gave the track punch, but maintained sounding clear. What can I say, UA? I'm gonna have to get this thing, because I do not want to compromise even the littlest things.

A. Visser

29. März 2011

this works great on a single track but works better as masteringtool!

W. Klopottek

7. Dezember 2008

I used it not to get more loudness, but to get a fine enhancement on my mix and it workes perfectly. The song sounded much brighter und clearer. An excellent plugin!

R. Saxby

7. Oktober 2008

I have to take back my older review of this product! I used to have the buyers remorse. Not anymore! I used to never have a use for this thing that I bought on a wim. But if you have hip hop clients like me who you beg and pleed with to give you 24 bit files of their beats that they're rapping to, but they just act like your making a big deal out of nothing while they snatch their mp3 off their e-mail then this thing is DEFINITLEY for you! I put a 33609 on the vocal tracks and one on the whole mix (not the s.e version either). And it still sounds like its missing something (because they are rapping over an mp3!:(. But now I also throw this on right before the presission limiter when I need it and wolla! Magic! What a life saver!

A. Oberholz

26. September 2008

Today I did a test UAD Maximizer against a real tube Saturation unit by SPL Charisma.
In many cases the saturation you can get from the maximizer was more desirable as the one you get from the SPL unit.

I will not say it was better it depends on what you are searching for.
The Percisson Maximizer is a no Brainer for the Bugs and is a good exeample to set an end to the discussion Plug-Ins vs. Hardware.

Well done UAD....
Andreas Oberholz

D. Lintern

11. Juni 2008

my question was, maximizer vs. limiter for in-the-box mixdowns?

my test was on two trax of differing electronic stuff, one dubtech with loads of sub and one electro with alot less! Going into this i assumed the maximizer was gonna rock my boat for this stuff, but i was suprised....

On the first track the limiter fared better by up to 6db of loudness before distortion occurred on the bass - the maximizer just couldnt handle the bass like the limiter could. Actual and percieved loudness was 'more' for the limiter. The limiter does seem to have a slower release in 'auto' than the maximizer's onboard limit function but otherwise is colourless to a higher input gain than the maximizer.

The second track fared slightly better on first listen with the maximizer - it sounded more 'crisp' than with the limiter, and i could push it more. BUT on closer listen some of the harmonics on the breakdown (not just the 'loud' sections) were distorting - when i dropped the input gain to eliminate this, again the limiter outperformed maximizer in terms of loudness, this time by around 3db.

So, I'm getting the limiter. Its even got Katz meters (as opposed to the maximizer which doesnt really show you output all that well) its more transparent and is just as 'loud' as the maximizer, if not louder. With tools like the LA2A and Pultec etc, you can do your colouration in mix and not on the bounce. Still, either one is better than anything Waves do - no harsh artifacts with UAD!

S. Barker

27. Mai 2008

This plugin is awesome !!! i have used the Sony Oxford inflater and this in my opinion gives better results. UAD are the leaders in software emulations........quality everytime.

181-200 von 209 Ergebnisse