Precision Maximizer

Precision Maximizer


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Precision Maximizer


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M. Pearson

12. März 2017

very cool

great for mastering, but it won't fix your mix. You need to get your mix spot on first, then this adds that finished polish.

G. Samraj

17. Februar 2017

Not essential

This is one of those plug ins you shouldn't really keep as priority. I find that there are other maximizers that work better. I prefer the oxford inflator. The precision limiter is a better tool than the maximizer

S. Tosi

13. Februar 2017

A War Machine

Simple to use and powerful, a war machine.

C. Horsethief

28. Januar 2017

Simple tool for A/B comparison of mixes...

It's what you expect of a maximizer... it makes your scratch mixes louder to compare versions. But the Band function lets you apply effects to three bands, so one band doesn't drown out the others. Seems to keep me out of the mud.

K. Young han

13. Januar 2017


I bought it for the purpose of raising the level in the mastering stage. It is simple and impressive. However, excessive leveling is not allowed. The comp side is not softer than I thought.

E. McHugh

26. Dezember 2016

Get on the loudness bus!

After always struggling to get my mastering to live up to the loudness in tracks I was referencing, consider the problem solved. Now I can add slight musicality and more than slight volume without too much color and no grainy forced-gain break up. Even demos now sound Iike the final product.

T. Wallace

20. Dezember 2016

Just Right

I always enjoy UAD self built plugins, simple and straight to the point.. This plugin is no different I love it, you can't mess up with this maximizer.. Don't believe me place it on your stuff, rather you mixing/mastering the sound will blow you away.

A. Bochagov

5. Dezember 2016

Alexander Bochagov

Always use this plug-in mastering and very happy, because the sound becomes more saturated and bright

j. osorno

4. Dezember 2016


le da mas claridad y realce a la mezcla con unos pocos movimientos

J. Jackson

30. November 2016

Glad I Purchased This Plug-in

For me I had to choose between this plug-in and the UAD Precision Limiter. I understand that they both have their different strengths and characteristics, but I could only choose one for now. So I went with the Precision Maximizer and couldn't be happier. It maximizes and has a limiter function as well. I do plan to add the Precision Limiter eventually, but for now I am happy with my purchase. It helped to read the UAD-Plug-Ins Manual to get some pointers on how to use this maximizer.

D. Whittington

25. November 2016

Must have

This Maximizer adds nice harmonics to your master project. I like it as a brick wall limiter as well. Doesn't allow much movement but I make Drum & Bass and I like volume and movement is in my mix. Stands strong!

D. Whittington

11. November 2016


Plugin is the bread and butter of my mastering chain. Like my knock it out of the park plug. What's it's job? Just smack it out of the park :D. Sometimes I don't even limit after depending on how happy I am with my mix. Sometimes I put Precision Limiter after to cut some peaks. Either way, I like pushing this over the limiter. Shape, Mix and go!

Thank you Universal Audio

I. Papagiannidis

28. Oktober 2016


I wasn't a fan of maximizers ,since i do not master my songs. but this is more than a maximizer. it makes the sound more 3d with the shape button and its perfect for control with the limit button

great plugin!

G. Reinert

14. September 2016

Precision Maximizer Plug-In

Completely changed the quality of my mix! I recommend!

G. Hampton

21. Juli 2016

Don't Wait!

All the praises everybody has written is 100% correct! I love this Plug-in!

R. Robertson

18. Juli 2016

Maximizer Works greaet

Tried it - liked it.
It helps enhance you mix just like UA's video says.
Add it before the Precision Limiter and listen to your mix.
This completed the four plugins I needed for home mastering.
Now my mix's have gone to a whole other level.
Thanks U.A.

F. Schoffelen

23. Juni 2016

Good vibe

Even on mainly acoustic material I was convinced after a couple of comparisons with similar maximisers. I used fabfilters Pro-L and Saturn for quite a bit but this plug got me same or similar results way faster and easier. I like what it does to a master bus and especially the timbre of vocals and guitar. Together with an instance of a clean Oxide setting for glue it really works well.

H. Luton

21. Juni 2016

Precision Maximizer

Really very good doesn't seem to colour the mix which is great but it is still early doors for me, i was however hoping for more impact level wise but maybe thats down to how i use it.... would love a tutorial video on how to get the maximum out of theses plugins not just videos of top players recommending them as that would be invaluable still a thumbs up from me.

J. Petersen

20. Juni 2016

Very useful!

I don't master my own tracks, but it is a great and fast solution to put this on the master bus if you want to make your track sound slightly more mastered and finished when arranging. It's also a great plugin to put on lead synths if you want them to sound a bit more aggressive and powerful.
In any case, I'm satisfied.

M. Nykvist

21. Mai 2016

Precision Maximizer Plug-In

Really good i use it most Projects.

61-80 von 211 Ergebnisse