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Century Tube Channel Strip


81-100 von 202 Ergebnisse

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S. Shaw

6. April 2021

A+ Usability

It looks like a gimmick, but is actually a handy tool that is quick to dial in and never sounds bad. Great combination and friendly on DSP.

R. Schwilden

20. Februar 2021

Amazing with my bass

This channel Strip is easy, straight & forward, not a lot of buttons and provide amazing controlled sound on a bass track.
Preamp (smooth crank) , EQ and great compressor. It provides you wonderful feeling when you play recording your stem.
10/10 and ready for the mix.
Used in Unison enabled on a Apollo Solo.
Great high experience.
Big Up !
Ps: It impressed my sound engineer
#easytouse #justplaymusic #bassist

M. Freise

14. Februar 2021

Excellent glueing tool

provides nice harmonics and it sounds real❗️
usually i am using the Whitestone p331 for the purpose…
but on the road or in the box this plugin is great

D. Rohde

5. Februar 2021

Very easy to use and Big sounding

Really good for Giuitar and Bass, in a second there a good sound, i ,like this Plug in

W. Bradley

13. Januar 2021

Great for bass

Sounds awesome on bass. This is now my go to channel strip for recording bass. Very simple and easy to get a great tone.

S. van Servellen

10. Januar 2021

Surprisingly awesome channel strip

Quickly has become one of my favourite channel strips. It effects sound of my guitar in very nice ways before further processing. The pre amp itself has fantastic sounding saturation that can be pushed toward full distortion but kind to the ears, the eq and comp sections are so simple I’m not distracted by options and can focus on essentials. Level of DSP usage is reasonable which makes it overall high impact plugin.

J. Manness

19. Dezember 2020

Perfect for a Modern Bass DI Sound

I was revisiting this to find a clean, modern bass DI preamp and I think it edges out the 610-B and Manley VoxBox for that clean sound. If you want thump, grab the 1084 for bass.


17. Dezember 2020

Unison excelence

When is time to get quick demos on voices or bass, the century Channel goes straight to the point. And when voiceover are demanding is my first choice into my arsenal UAD great channel strips

M. De Carolis

15. Dezember 2020

The best century tube channel strip

if you want the real sound of a tube channel stripe this is your plugin.

V. Michel

14. Dezember 2020

Einfach Gut!

Ohne viele Worte.....
Einfach Gut!

V. Michel

14. Dezember 2020

Einfach gut.

Einfach gut, ohne viele Worte.

I. Williams

1. Dezember 2020

It’s definitely professional.

I haven’t quite push the limits on what this interface can fully do as of yet. I’ve been tinkering and mainly testing with a few of the plugins and how the DSP is responding. It's impressive with how the latency is holding up both on my iMac and MacBook Pro. Low latency has always been the issue on how my hardware holds up. Give me a couple of months of use. I would like to offer a second review.

D. Yi

30. November 2020


thx good


16. November 2020

Too Much Tube

Maybe it's me but I just can't find the sweet spot with this plugin. It seems like it's too harsh sounding for my taste right now.

D. van Haarlem

5. November 2020

Secret weapon....

I love it on vocals and guitars, you have to get the leveling right though. This needed a little practice (on my side) as the leveling controls are very interactive and respondent of one another.
But when you hit the sweet spot it really enhances everything you put through it, and gives it a smooth tube vibe.

D. Porter

26. Oktober 2020

Easy great sound

Easy to dial-in a great sound... hard to make it sound bad. That makes this a great buy for beginners and experts. Great for tracking in Unison.

R. Martinez

26. Oktober 2020


This guy is not only super intuitive ad easy to use, but the sound you get out of it is simply astounding!

J. Davies

22. Oktober 2020

Welcome to this Century

I bought this plugin for acoustic guitar. Vocals too in mix sometimes. Most of my recordings are hard rock and acoustic seventies style songs. Neve no eq preamp is my go-to for tracking in Unison.

J. Ayers

19. Oktober 2020

Its good

Maybe even real good!!!

J. Ayers

19. Oktober 2020

Its good

Maybe even real good!!!

81-100 von 202 Ergebnisse