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Century Tube Channel Strip


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C. Bors

8. Dezember 2021

One of my favorit :)

I bought the Neve Preamp too, into my library, i like this more better. Nice work, UAD!

A. Clark

23. November 2021

Easy Easy

This thing is really great running in parallel with synths. Overdriving the input adds a really great color. Love that the compressor and eq are simple and to the point.

P. Slater

15. November 2021


I got this free thinking I wouldn’t use it and I like it more than the Neve 73

F. Brocchini

15. November 2021


fantastic product!

G. Grinko

30. Oktober 2021

Good choice for mixing & live

This product is great and powerfull for any music mixing and live perfomance! Iam using this when I mixing piano and drums sound!


M. O'Brien

24. Oktober 2021

This is what I have been looking for.

Excellent little gem. I have been looking for something a little brighter than the amazing Neve 1084. The 1084 is warm and very refined. This is similar with a different brighter sound. It perfectly fills that EQ gap.

K. Thabthimthong

13. Oktober 2021

Great tube sound.

The sound very similar analog appliance. I love this sound.

R. Lowe

10. Oktober 2021


There are many options now for DAW plug-in channel strips. In my experience the Century Tube channel strip seems to land right in the middle of the sonic fairway. Not too aggressive or edgy, and not so transparent that I don’t find it useful. If a track has been recorded well but just requires a tool to help find its place in the mix, this channel strip has been a great place for me to start…and often where I end.

B. Spence

6. Oktober 2021

Simply is great

Purchased this a couple of weeks ago and like the simple controls and how easy it is to set up; on top of that it sounds great. I used for DI with Jazzmaster trying to get a "Motown" style guitar sound and it worked well for this. Also with DI P-Bass. I've used with a Male vocal works good. Sorta a Swiss army knife.

j. Del Rosario

29. September 2021

Crisp & Clean

Is a really good emulation, more than that made my workflow very fast


23. September 2021




23. September 2021



V. Basyul

7. September 2021


A good vocal chain!

L. Rocha

3. August 2021

Good emulation

it has already solved some persistent problems for me, I found the compression amazing

L. Rocha

3. August 2021

Good emulation

it has already solved some persistent problems for me, I found the compression amazing

M. Noble

27. Juli 2021


I've been revisiting some old mixes and this plugin makes me look like I know what I'm doing. Because of the 5 minute tips by Ben I had to try it. If you're a folk/folk rocker who's more interested in your songwriting than mixing try it out. It will take you where you want to go with its clean sound and simplicity.

I. Macaulay

15. Juli 2021

Great for bass

Was searching for a good DI bass sound and this is it.

T. Martin

10. Juli 2021

Well I'll be damned.

Tried the demo with no expectations and immediately knew it would be my go to strip. I use it exclusively for voice over and it's so easy, fast and brilliant sounding. I actually use a hardware preamp (Avalon M5) then dial in the compression and eq on this plug-in and I just can't believe how great it sounds. Not overly "tubey" at all. It just sounds pleasing, full, clear and correct. After this plug, I do some light limiting and that's it. For my purposes, this beats all the other channel plugs I own...610, Voxbox, 737, Vision, etc. Why? I like LESS choices when massaging my audio before sending out. THIS DOES IT! All pros and zero cons for voiceover work.

c. An

3. Juli 2021



D. Murphy

1. Juli 2021

Easy to use

Amazing. Sounds so good. Better than I could have hoped.

61-80 von 209 Ergebnisse