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Century Tube Channel Strip


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D. Hogan

21. Juni 2023

This is cool

This is cool

V. Anselmo

20. Juni 2023

Awesome Channel Strip !

Super easy to get a great sound

d. neill

13. Juni 2023

Great Channel Strip!

Really nice channel strip, easy to use & can achieve lots of different tones really easily.

C. Domenico

13. Juni 2023

Century Tube Channel Strip

ingenious channel strip sounds very good, easy to use and versatile ... more of this please.

M. van Dongen

10. Juni 2023

What a great sound from the tubes

I really love this channel strip. Don't let it fool you by the limited controls, it has a very good sound and very easy to dial in compressor.

P. Filho

9. Juni 2023

Great for tracking and mixing

sounds great for all purposes!

D. Faggiolino

18. April 2023

Sounds GREAT

tried. jawdropped. my goto from now on.

s. chinen

17. April 2023

can not open correct window scale on my system

It' work, but can not open correct window scale StudioOne5(win11).

U. Soto

14. April 2023



M. De Siena

13. April 2023

excellent, very simple to use.

excellent, very simple to use. With a few moves you have excellent results. Valve flavor

M. Verblakt

10. April 2023


For me this is a no-brainer! Simple controls and adds a nice tube flavour to your signal. Great strip.

T. Corfiatis

1. April 2023

Sounds like a real Tube EQ

I have an EQ plugin from another manufacturer which uses convolution to get a realistic Tube EQ. For all intents and purposes, this Convolution EQ sounds amazing, but acts in a very flakey and laggy way in Pro Tools. So I looked high and low for something that sounds the same but is reliable. I worked my way through quite a few "Character" UAD plugins until I found Century. With minimal tweaking it sounds exactly like the EQ I wanted to replace without the lag and stuttering in P-T. A truly excellent job by the folks at UAD, very impressed, and a very useful "Character EQ" which adds a little color to a track when needed.

D. Lucas

26. März 2023

Century Tube Channel Strip

Nice add to my plug in list.
I use this to recorded all my Guitars, Bass, Keys and Drums. On windows, using Cubase Pro,
and Presonus 2626.
Works like a dream

V. Ruzicic

20. März 2023

Good one!

Very nice and warm sound…so many options

L. Carlos

22. Februar 2023

My debut at Universal Audio

I won't spend a lot of time writing about it here, because I feel that every minute without experiencing something in it is a wasted minute!


14. Februar 2023

This One Takes the Cake!

I hardly ever write product reviews. That said, here is where I make an exception.

The versatility, ease of use, beautiful tube timbre and compression characteristics all come together in a way that makes the audio signal you pass through it really pop!

For any electronic music producers out there... pass your kick and bass/sub (together) through the century tube, after you're finished processing the individual channels. Careful with gain staging, don't come in too hot. Apply very subtle 10k boost, remove small amount of boxiness/muddiness (if necessary) between 250-600 Hz, add some 110 Hz niceness, and apply 1-3 (max!) gain reduction on the compressor. This will usually squeeze another 5% out of the kick/bass/sub combo, tightening up the low end very nicely, glueing both elements, and at the same time making them really pop!

A. Thierry

14. Januar 2023

Great surprise

When I buy I don’t exactly what situation I can use this toy but in fact I use more and more and on voice bus and everything in fact … just a touch of analog .. so sweat

R. Feldman

6. Januar 2023

This is my go-to Unison Preamp

The sounds I get from the Century Tube Channel Strip are stunning. For vocals and acoustic guitar, it adds tone and character to the track. I use it on almost everything, except bass, since I use the Avalon 737 for that. Otherwise, it's my go-to Unison preamp.

M. Avery

28. Dezember 2022

Sooooo easy!

When you’re not sure what to use for an input chain, this wins the day everytime. Anywhere from super clean to colourful saturation and “just right” compression for knocking a bit off the top on the way in.

A. Gorobets

11. Dezember 2022


Really nice to have this channel strip.

41-60 von 216 Ergebnisse