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Century Tube Channel Strip


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D. Roseborough

20. Juli 2023

The acronym UAD should stand for Ultra Audio Design Century Tube Channel strip

I was a little skeptical at first especially trying UAD plugins for the very first time. I was looking for an easy to use very intuitive channel strip and stumbled across this thing and haven't looked back. At the time I couldn't afford any outboard gear to track through then seen a video on how this thing works and I was sold on how this plugin really does great on emulation. Not only is it easy to dial in what you need but it sounds freakin awesome! also I'm a firm believer not to over pay for plugins and then have to deal with buyers remorse. I'm going to say it the plugins are to damn expensive. so I'm playing the waiting game to see if they'll come down in price again. I also like that you can check the plugin out in trial mode without any stupid watermarks and what have you. Anyway thanks UAD for making a great product.

j. lane

17. Juli 2023

Love it!

I’ve been using this channel strip on everything lately.

g. parenti

15. Juli 2023


Muy bueno, me encanta la saturación del pre y su calidez!

I. Finney

15. Juli 2023

Instant Gratification

If you need to track a source via a tube preamp with all the options you need, this does the job perfectly.

M. Spicewicz

14. Juli 2023

Good purchase

Its very simple and very musical, money well spent :)

A. Lee

10. Juli 2023


Great mid range warmth, lots of uses

A. Legner

9. Juli 2023

Für jeden Kanal geeignet

Sehr gute Presets

M. Oehmke

8. Juli 2023

Century Tube

Exceptional plug-in by UA

O. Cuellar

8. Juli 2023

Best channel strip

it lets my creativity flow, it is very easy to use,


2. Juli 2023

Not impressed

At the moment i've tryed it few times but i never was really impressed.
Maybe i'll be back to change this comment.

O. Okoke

2. Juli 2023

Beautiful Tube Sound

You can’t go wrong with this one!
Give’s you THAT Tubey sound with the help of beautiful EQ

D. Groulx

26. Juni 2023

Nice smooth CS!

Does exactly what you need it to do.

D. Hogan

21. Juni 2023

This is cool

This is cool

V. Anselmo

20. Juni 2023

Awesome Channel Strip !

Super easy to get a great sound

d. neill

13. Juni 2023

Great Channel Strip!

Really nice channel strip, easy to use & can achieve lots of different tones really easily.

C. Domenico

13. Juni 2023

Century Tube Channel Strip

ingenious channel strip sounds very good, easy to use and versatile ... more of this please.

M. van Dongen

10. Juni 2023

What a great sound from the tubes

I really love this channel strip. Don't let it fool you by the limited controls, it has a very good sound and very easy to dial in compressor.

P. Filho

9. Juni 2023

Great for tracking and mixing

sounds great for all purposes!

D. Faggiolino

18. April 2023

Sounds GREAT

tried. jawdropped. my goto from now on.

s. chinen

17. April 2023

can not open correct window scale on my system

It' work, but can not open correct window scale StudioOne5(win11).

21-40 von 208 Ergebnisse