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Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip


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C. Gharbi

28. Januar 2023

Top D Top

Un changement radical de mes voix mes mix sont nettement mieux la voix se mélange bien vraiment très satisfait du Avalon et je ne regrette absolument pas mon achat merci à toutes l’équipe UAD

F. Biagiotti

28. Januar 2023

Amazing interface and sound

After using the hardware version I can only say I'm super impressed by the quality of the emulation of it, super recommended.

b. cheung

9. Januar 2023


Tames my 808's without losing the punch. Have not tried on vocals and need to learn this plugin some more. But happy with it never the less.

B. McMahon

6. Januar 2023

Easy To Get Great Sound

Found this to work wonders on Bass and Vocals

C. Troncoso

5. Januar 2023

Great Plug-in, but ..

Great Plugin, definitely needs some love on the GUI, please add the option to scale the GUI by % , could be great have manual control of the oversampling.

A. Smith

4. Januar 2023

Sounds great

Sounds great on drums.

K. Moulos

3. Januar 2023


G. Sartbayev

29. Dezember 2022

Очень качественный плагин

вокал записанный с Avalon VT-737 обладает супер качеством и детальностю. лучший Channel Strip

T. Stankiewicz

29. Dezember 2022

Cool stuff

Working like a dream. Perfect on vocals

P. Coffin

25. Dezember 2022

Pretty Breathtakingly Good

I have the hardware, and this is easily 90% of the magic - but I'd say don't compare it to the hardware, that's really not the point. This thing sounds amazing! Recording + Mixing both level up from using this where it shines: vocals and acoustic instruments!

L. Spilger

24. Dezember 2022


Pure gold on my vocal chain. Like the mike dean preset!

UAD User

23. Dezember 2022

Performs great

I’m satisfied It does what I expected and it’s a great buy.

G. Seminario

22. Dezember 2022


wooww it's incredible, it was worth getting me

c. rosario

21. Dezember 2022


Finally I have the avalon

J. Vierra

21. Dezember 2022


I have wanted this plugin for a while now and finally bought it. Used as a Unison plugin, I have tried it on voice and acoustic guitar and it is just what I was looking for. Smooth and up front with so many options. I will use it in other applications as well. Great job as always, UA !

K. Alan

20. Dezember 2022

Pleasing Sound - Great for VO Work

I've been wanting to buy the hardware Avalon Preamp for many years but the price is crazy and it would be another piece of hardware to add to the noise floor. This plug-in gives you the benefits of the warm, tube amp sound at a fraction of the cost. I still default to the Neve 1084 for my VoiceOver work, but this plug-in provides a wonderful option when optimizing the sound of other performers.

B. Lynn

23. November 2022

This is my go to for rap vocals

Unison technology mixed with the UA analog emulations are immaculate

J. Pingault

10. November 2022

Excellent plugin

Excellent for vocals, backs and versatile for a number of other uses. Works great as a unison preamp for a wide area of uses.

O. Kempkes

14. Oktober 2022


As soon as you insert it is heaven

F. Pérez

14. Oktober 2022

Magnifico !!

Impresionado por la magnífica calidad que ofrece y el sondo tan genial que se obtiene.Comparándolo (máquina,PlugIn) difícil descubrir quien es quien.100x100 recomendable y bien barato que es para todo lo que te ofrece.

1-20 von 482 Ergebnisse

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