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Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip


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B. McCallum

11. Januar 2024


This is good enough that you might actually consider selling if you own the real thing….spooky. That said, it is a plugin with the standard limitations thereof but man oh man UA has done their best to fight that. Good bang for buck!


10. Januar 2024

Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip

Good sound I'm really blown away how this gets my vocals sounding top notch.

J. Romero

9. Januar 2024

Simply Amazing

One of the best plugins I've ever acquired.

A. Thierry

9. Januar 2024


I hesitate long time before buying this one and I’m wrong .. this plugin is shinning on bass and vocal .. thank uad for that.. amazing vibes ..

L. Morandi

9. Januar 2024

Plug-in Fantastic

An exceptional plugin with all the features of the fantastic analog ardwer

L. De Caro

9. Januar 2024


Plugin excelente

M. Militano

7. Januar 2024

Outstanding on a Moog Bass!

I read somewhere on Gearslutz that this thing was great on bass, I so tried the demo on a track I'm working on. WOW. It's outstanding when running a Moog (UAD Moog) through this thing. I AB'd it against a few other similar options I have but nothing compared. Silver bullet in this case!

B. Stewart

3. Januar 2024

New to the View

New to the Apollo, and already it has elevated my studio, workflow, and approach to production. Feel like I have big boy pants on.

B. Flowers

1. Januar 2024

Sounds as amazing as my Avalon hardware

I am a producer and engineered and have worked with some of the biggest artist in the world. I have the hardware version of the VT-737 in my home studio. I was totally blown away that the plugin sounded exactly the same as the racked Avalon (every knob, every button). I love the plugins from UA...I can have multiple instances of world class gear with no patch bay or cabling at a fraction of the cost of the hardware!

N. Fiedler

18. Dezember 2023

Great Avalon

this plugin is a must-have. UA has once again demonstrated its mastery in recreating analog magic in the digital realm.


18. Dezember 2023

Save some money

Being around the recording industry for 50 plus years I owned an original Avalon. I sold it because I did not need it at the time. I bought the plug in on sale what a money saver it sounds the same . I would recommend this plug in as opposed to buying the hardware save some money. A lot of money . Old man who can still hear .

P. Lacirignola

14. Dezember 2023

aussi bon que l' hardware

Possédant le hardware, je peux vous assurer que le plugins sonne aussi bien

f. landi

14. Dezember 2023

Vt 737

There is nothing to say about Avalon and the 737, one of the best all in one pre, comp, eq ever existed in the world

F. Dove

9. Dezember 2023

Oh Dear

I have tried every fix available but none of the UAD plugins I have recently purchased work with my DAW, I'll keep trying to get the GUI to load, I have no choice but to persevere, this is my first look at UAD software and was looking forward to a postive experience.

P. K

8. Dezember 2023

Same creamy texture as the hardware

Used to hire the hardware years ago - hire business folded. I lamented the absence. Considered for too many years the expense of purchasing the hardware. THEN this comes along - with all the colour and texture of the original... I use it to get a sound I can only describe as thicker and creamy (!?) Check it out - it has real character and is SO like the hardware its scarey good.

F. Medilien

8. Dezember 2023

No buyer’s remorse

I have not regretted buying this plugin. Not one bit! This is BIG. This is pure quality stuff.

d. rogan II

4. Dezember 2023

Think This Is What My Voice Needed...

It took the YouTube exclusive promo with the hip hop track to make me pull the trigger on this one. Easy to use, took next to no time at all to dial in tones I liked for myself and others, and just looks nice aesthetically. VERY pleased with this.

J. Hozan

4. Dezember 2023

Nice Job With This Plugin

Wow I'm really blown away how this gets my vocals sounding top notch. I was waiting for the plugin to finally come out in VST. Great job matching the original hardware

A. Giroux

30. November 2023

Comes to life

Gave life to my instruments. Mandolin and acoustic guitar are sounding natural like you’re sitting in a theatre . Can’t wait to get a few tunes all assembled .

E. Esper

30. November 2023

Avalon 737

This is a Truly Great Plug-in Very Close to the hardware and it works on Literally Everything it gives vocals that big polished sound

41-60 von 598 Ergebnisse