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LUNA Sessions: Louis Cato Everyman

LUNA Sessions: Everyman

Louis Cato and Fab Dupont Dive into the Groove

In this LUNA Session, get an exclusive inside look at Louis Cato's magical track, “Everyman.” See how producer Fab Dupont (Shakira, David Crosby) and Cato used LUNA to build the song track-by-track to realize their "purpose-built" production. Watch as they record together virtually, solo individual tracks, comp vocals, divulge UAD plug-ins chains, and give you detailed, musical insight and production inspiration to use in your next LUNA session.

Simply download and open the LUNA application, then go to the discover tab to download the file and get started.

Download LUNA

“Everyman” was originally written, composed, and performed by Louis Cato and Will Knox. This audio recording is solely the property of Louis Cato and may not be reproduced, redistributed, or otherwise repurposed in any way.

Rewatch how the song came together

The Birth of "Everyman"

Recording Drums and Bass

Tracking Guitars

Capturing Lead Vocals

Comping Lead and Background Vocals

Tweaking Backgrounds, Percussion, and Synths

Crafting a Rough Mix

Adding Spitfire Strings

Creating the Final Mix Walkthrough

LUNA Session Launch