Apollo x8p

Apollo x8p


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Apollo x8p


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J. von Matt

21. Oktober 2019

Sweet sweet earcandy

I had earlier Apollo FW and i was thinkin it can’t be better.

I was wrong! When i got Apollo X8P, there is no returning back. I’ll get second one.

Quality and workflow are 6/5 stars.

Strongly recommended! ******

A. Baughman

3. Oktober 2019

Simply amazing!!!

Interface with a totally professional and incredible quality. The AD conversion is clearly perfect and ideal for working at a professional level as a private individual.
Plug-in inserts and performance through the DSP make work dynamic and smooth, without latencies or CPU overload of our computer.
Fully recommended product!!!

C. Ivy

1. Oktober 2019


Just purchased an Apollo X8p and wow it is a BIG step up from my Apollo 8 Silver. I herd a difference in sound quality as soon as I ran audio through it. Ive herd a few good Audio peaces out there but this is one of the best on the market to date. WOW!!!!!!

W. Hensley

22. August 2019

Studio in a box has never been this complete before

The Apollo x8p is kind of a no brainer... I've got outboard pres and gear, but I'm using them less cause the Apollo with the plugins on the way in sound SO GOOD with as close to zero latency as I've experienced and it removes the worry of extra noise or the chance for bad patch cables or a million other issues. Sure, outboard gear brings a vibe that is different than a plugin, but the ease of dialing in great sounds on the console and then being able to save it and recall it instantly is a game changer. I'm moving away from a Lynx Aurora and HD Native. I was concerned that the Apollo might be a step backwards in terms of sonics as a mixer, but I think it sounds really fantastic. It sounds a little different as to be expected, but it truly sounds great. I'm super thrilled I made the move and will have a hard time recommending any other brand to anyone I work with in the future. Thanks for creating beautiful inspiring tools so I can work faster and better with less headaches!

T. Augustinas

13. August 2019

Feraris visiškas!

Zium zium urrrrrrr, fastest of them all, reminds me of old days in the studio, love it more and more everyday, keep that boppin UA

B. Woodgates

12. August 2019

Excellent piece of kit

Sounds great. Worth shelling out for. Preamps sound fantastic. Included plugin bundle (analogue classics) could do with a bit of a refresh, but it's a freebie so I can't complain.

M. Jong

30. Juli 2019


I was always a bit sceptical about UAD! never bought one and always worked with native plugins. My old interface stopped working and had to buy a new one with enough inputs and mic pre amps so I'm able to do my work. I ended up buying a Apollo X8P.
As an EDM producer this card looks like a bit overkill for what I normally do, but I also do Movie, Tv and Game Scoring and have a lot outboard gear that I use with it! The converters on this interface are amazing! The unison on the mic inputs well... just try them.. you'll be blown away! also the plugins sound very rich and deep! I'm totally hooked on UAD products and will end up buying more plugins and maybe accelerators!
If you ever need a new interface my advice is to have a good look into your budget and also try to find out what you expect from an interface! if you have enough money buy an apollo not only for the DSP plugins but also for the converters!

S. Salem

12. Juli 2019

Insanely easy to use, lovely sound!

I'm a recording aficionado on the process of turning to the pro side with a medium sized project studio. For this reason I decided to give a try to the new X series Apollo interfaces, choosing the x8p as a great way to use the included 8 Unison preamps but also scalable to get external analog pres in as well. I'm using a Thundebrolt 2 to Thundebrolt 3 converter to connect into my computer and haven't had any problems whatsoever. Used the interface to record guitars and drums so far with amazing quality and impressive ease of use on any DAW (Cubase and Pro Tools have been used)
Tested out the Neve 1073 plugin to record guitars and I'm very very happy with the results. Very close quality to the "real gear" but very easy to use, removing any routing, cabling or mic setup. It's insane how good these Unison preamp work. Very Very happy with the nes stuff, I will build the studio based around this interfaces.

c. sholar

8. Juli 2019

Great Interface

Sounds clean and transparent. I never imagined the Unison preamps would be so effective. Now I just recall presets to load either the Neve or SSL channel strips to every input before tracking.

K. Praet

4. Juli 2019

Apollo x8p

I was recording with an korg multitrack before i bought an apollo x8p.
The difference is night and day.
The clarity, the 'open' sound of the unit it self...
I like the customer service that comes along if a problem occurs.

Amazing sounding preamps and plugins!

UAD User

10. Juni 2019

Best sounding mixes we've ever had

Unison pres are awesome, workflow is stress-free, TalkBack mics are very convenient. I want to add another x8p to the rig!

S. Roefs

1. Juni 2019

Wow, just wow.

This thing is so versatile and excellent! I've worked with the Twin mkI and with the Antelope Orion32+ which are both awesome units, but the Apollo x8p is something else entirely! The detail in the sound is amazing, and the connections, routing and software are excellent. I'm a great fan of the Unison preamps and recording or monitoring through quality plugins is great. I've had many different setups in my studio, but the best thing about these Apollos (I've got multiple units linked) is that I've got everything in one place and it instantly works like a charm. Well done UA!

C. Ruehrdanz

29. Mai 2019

Best Audio Product Ever Made

I've owned a ton of gear over the past 40 years and once owned a recording studio. I've had a Lexicon 480L, TC 6000, Tube Tech, Urei, LA2A, Neve, SSL, Empirical Labs and much more. After using the Apollo x8p for about a week now I'm glad I sold everything.

The x8p is one of the best sounding products I've ever used. When I dial up a setting on the Lexicon 480L insert it feels like the real thing. All the great reverbs I remember from the past sounding as great as ever. Same with the Neve pre.

All of the vintage style emulations I've tested so far are incredible. The SSL 4000 channel strip presets are wonderful. It's clear that a great deal of time and effort went into capturing the feel of the old gear and for some reason the plug-ins have much more presence than I'm used to in Pro Tools or other DAW's I've worked with in the past. I also really like the simplicity with which the console allows you to record with UAD inserts.

The cue mix flexibility is great too and it's nice having two independently addressable headphone outputs on the front.

It's clear to me that a great deal of thought and engineering went into this product. I added an Arrow for portable use and plan to add another x8p in the future. I like how seamless it is to expand.

This is a real winner and the UAD concept is outstanding.

J. Milaszewski

17. Mai 2019

fantastic product

I really enjoy all the new gear from UA.

S. Haraldsen

14. Mai 2019

So much power!

Loving how much this thing handle! And finally I can do my 5.1. gigs with UAD!

C. Benevides

13. Mai 2019

Nothing Better than the x8p

As a music production teacher, I want my students using the best equipment available for our school budget. The Apollo x8p has been an amazing upgrade in our studio. The students are loving the Unison technology and getting a glimpse of using analog-style gear through Unison. The x8p is built like a tank and using console has been awesome!

M. Wallace

10. Mai 2019

Best I/O option money can buy

Absolutely top of the line. We’re producing billboard charting records front to back with UAD Apollo gear.

J. van de Ven

19. April 2019

Great unison pre’s

In addition to my 500 series racks with API and Neve pre’s the unison pre’s give me extra colors. So easy and fun.

C. Albright

17. April 2019

The best way to add I/O

I have enough gear that I have been re patching my mixer and debating whether or not to buy a console sized mixer. I don’t have the space for that and I have an Apollo 8 duo. I initially thought I had to upgrade all my gear to expand my setup, but when I realized that x series was backwards compatible I ordered the 8p. I now have 12 dsp cores which feels like plenty for a mix in most cases. I will say that logic integration is not perfect and when I added the second interface the logic metronome bleeds into my recordings. I’m sure it just means I need to re map the I/o in logic. That said I feel like I can make amazing recordings that would have been pipe dreams when I started in the late 90s. Now if I can work out a time machine to bring this tech to my creativity back then...

B. Bradley

15. April 2019

Best upgrade yet!

Having the Apollo 8p and Twin, it was a no brainer to move my home studio up a notch with more I/O and pristine recordings. Even with these old ears, the difference is noticeable. More 'pro' sounding for sure. A few things on my wish list that I'm sure UA will take care of in the near future! Very satisfied though.

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