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Apollo x16


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G. Etim

12. Oktober 2023

Audio interface


L. jeon

9. Oktober 2023

Apollo x16 Will be legend..

It has fairly clean sound, solid bass, and punchy power.
This product will be a great help in my music work.

I. Thomas

3. September 2023

The quirks of the Apollo X16

After four days and an inability to properly assign DOLBY ATMOS speakers or in fact get all lines in an ATMOS 7.1.4 configuration functioning, I gave up and reassigned all channels in 10 minutes to my SSL alpha link via a madi usb. The internet responses from UAD were referrals to member chat sites with no real ATMOS information or speaker config information from the company. The manual is useless in the ATMOS linkage department. I have been a fan of UAD for years but believe you have dropped the ball in customer service in a possible exchange for higher profit margins - a current world business model. Good luck with that. I took my X16 back for a full refund. Very disappointed. I am not sure if you jumped the gun in promoting the X16 Thunderbolt as a brilliant and cheap DOLBY ATMOS interface with LOGIC DOLBY ATMOS.

G. Jackson

3. Mai 2023

Amazing gear for Atmos

I haven’t been able to take full advantage of this yet, but, it’s one of the cheapest interfaces out there right now to get into Atmos. Being a UA customer anyway, made total sense to make the jump to the X16. The only drawback is I owned all but one of the plugins. So paying the price was not entirely great value as if it would have been my first UA unit. I still think it’s good value for the equipment, specially cause I got it on special.

j. earp

26. Februar 2023

Plugin “deal” is a joke

The Apollo x16 is great, but you overpay on the promise that you’ll get 10 free “premium” plugins. That’s a lie. Basically all I’m being offered is to own what I already have, but in native. Why would I want to own the same thing twice after being told I have to buy all the processing power? I have an Octo satellite, an X8 and a X16 and this has left a seriously bad taste, I want to bin it all. Even if they let you swap all 10 plugins “precision Eq, precision comp” etc for an actual interesting plugin, that would be better. Unfortunately it seems like universal audio are going the way of apple and pretending to give you stuff while actually withholding anything useful. Seriously unimpressed.

R. Studio

23. Dezember 2022

excellent and functional

I have been using Apollo X16 for half a year and I have been very satisfied with my purchase. I use the Apollo mainly together with the Neven 1073 Opx and I couldn't be happier.

J. Browne

22. Dezember 2022

Extending capability

I got this to expand my capabilities as I already purchase the Apollo x and was very happy with it. Now it’s like having a recording studio in 1 rack unit

J. Seabrook

4. November 2022

So good I need 2.

I came here from a Gen-1 Orion32 (9+ years), and I miss the simple i/o and the extra 16 channels. However, once I wrapped my head around Apollo's mixer and figured out the messed up way Pro Tools needs to be routed, something is just working for me. Not only can I route out to my hardware with just as much ease, but the latency is reduced and the converters feel like a bit of a step up. What else can I say, really. For the price I'd prefer more bells and whistles, but it's an investment I REALLY am satisfied with. I trust it top to bottom, which is not something I've ever been able to say before.

I. Kamp

1. November 2022

Tremendous piece of gear

Paired this with two additional Apollos with ADAT functionality so plenty of options to work with, but the x16 is a beast. Crystal clear, tons of DSP for both recording and mixing, 5 stars for sure.

n. Lausund

12. Oktober 2022

Missing piece

Running this through my Neve 5059 and a stereo back into my X8, and it sounds amazing. To not be able to get a credit on some plugs when you have the legacy is a major minus when you buy at this price range.

T. Ciastko

17. September 2022


What else can you dream of…

M. Green

14. September 2022

No Immersive Audio Support

We did a demo with an x16. Great sounding unit. We currently own multiple Apollo's and external dsp satellite units. You have to spend an additional 3k minimum for 7.1.4 monitoring. It should be easy to add that capability to this unit. We requested it at AES in 2019. With Logic, Nuendo and PT all featuring Dolby Atomos, the x16 would be a natural.

M. Park

1. September 2022

Great product but it would be great if this product has madi or adat conection

It is great but it is sad that this product has no Madi or Adat connection. (like Apollo 16)


28. August 2022

Apollo X16

This piece of equipment has given me an ultra clean recording experience. I can hear exactly what i am playing going through the X16 sounds the same when its played back.

V. Ruzicic

15. Juni 2022


Fantastic converters,very precise and clean interface for recording and mixing in any situation…
Thanx to Universal Audio for this beauty…

K. Beleznay

16. März 2022

The fantastic X 16

This is a super sounding device. Add 16 in-out and uad plugins. Suitable for production and suitable for creative work.

C. Hawkins

22. Februar 2022

Apollo 16x

Love UA gear. So much so, I bought 3 Appollo 16x for my Trident 24A board. The only thing though, you'd think UA would throw in some plug ins. How can you not include the Plug-In Promotion Deal. And I bought three of them. Not happy about that. I'm told there's nothing you can do. If I hadn't already bought them I may have chosen something else.

E. McCaine

1. Februar 2022

Need true 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos capabilities...

I would love to see a redesign for the X 16 unit which will handle 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos for those of us who need it and we need it badly!

S. Hauk

28. Dezember 2021

Apollo x16

Really great upgrade after using a MK1 Apollo Twin for several years. The integration is great with my
Twin and the improvement in conversion is quite noticeable, thanks UA!

N. Thiện

14. November 2021


I love uad

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