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UAD-2 Satellite USB


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D. Molino

2. Mai 2024

Worth the money

Running an Apollo in a stand alone session leaves you limited with four cores adding the UAD-2 Satellite opened a whole new world of possibilities, you get to do what the Apollo was designed to do, and it sounds great. In my opinion a must have in your arsenal.

A. Niculescu

27. Februar 2024

Awesome hardware

If you ever consider the quad version, don’t. Probably you would need this octo instead.
The price difference is not that much and you get double the DSP.

D. Smith

15. Februar 2024

Remains an excellent way to access loads of very useful plugins

Only recently returned to UAD after a number of years away, you can't ignore them, just a top top developer. A very straightforward installation, my only criticism (minus 1 star) is these plugins really ought to be resizeable by now, certainly tests my eyesight in comparison to many, many others ... however the sounds, which are the key, are just excellent!!

R. Barreto

25. Dezember 2023


Magnifique Machine

L. M

1. November 2023


Very good !! You should buy this!

c. biel

15. Oktober 2023

immediate improvement in quality of audio

puts a smile on the face
immediately hear an improvement in the quality of my audio - i'm not very technical or much into the technical side of things - just listening and wanting to hear improvement in quality of audio and this has done just that for me.
leading one to experiment even more with UAD.

J. Smalls

4. September 2023

Everything I needed.

Having this OCTO paired with my Apollo Twin USB is everything I ever needed. I’m able to apply any amount of UAD plugins that I feel any particular session needs without the worry of running out of DSP. The unit isn’t looks amazing with the rest of my setup. I highly recommend this device I really got my money’s worth.


30. August 2023

Very good product, but ...

Very good product, nothing to say. Be careful to connect it directly to your computer and not to a hub. On the other hand I am disappointed that it is only compatible with vst2, I hope that the compatibility in vst3 with this product will be available quickly

T. Arbel

21. August 2023

A little box with a lot of power

About a week after getting the Twin USB and being amazed by the sound I can get with UAD plugins, I got the OCTO USB extention. Now I finally get to the sound I always wanted without limitations.

M. Andrade

18. August 2023

New World!

Although i have a powerfull computer the DSP is still necessary, the quad gives me plenty of space to work with and needless to say that the Universal Audio Plugins are out of this world, allowing me to get more tools without the costs of bigger hardware.

M. Obi

11. August 2023

Mac Compatibility

I don't like the fact that there are no Mac drivers for this. After all, there are drivers for both platforms for the (outdated) Thunderbolt3 variant. Now I have to sell the device again for little money.

W. Tolle

9. August 2023

UAD-2 Satellite USB 3 OCTO

The device is just great.


26. Mai 2023

High Power DSP

Very good Product!! Improove the power of your Sound...

C. Panetta

2. Mai 2023

two satellites dont work with my amd system

I tried every cable and adapter for hubs on my ryzen 5 laptop, there is no way to use a solo apollo and two satellites. It crashes. We tried to fix it with UAD's great customer service, still no go. I tried with two different quads on seperate occasions to combine with my octo, never worked. It sucks to be 4 grand into plugins then having to sell my quad at a loss because of compatibility issues with AMD and UAD. Great products when they work Wish it was possible for my system. I also get dsp warnings when my satellite has 75% usage, happens all the time. These are great when you avoid the quirky bugs. I love UAD regardless, had I known of compatibility issues, I would have bought less plugins and a better laptop. Now they are native, I am kicking myself even more for buying all those plugins and not a new cpu.

D. Crawford

22. April 2023

Oh Yeah!!!

This is just what I needed for my home studio. More Processing Power for my plugins!!!


3. April 2023


Great product & essentiel tools for professional using, we missing on think it's the driver for mac for Bootcamp users.

m. corder

28. März 2023

All the processing I ever needed

Finally a 8 core solution to using all the plugins I need for a pro mix live or in the studio! -Thanks Universal Audio you rock!


28. Februar 2023

Great to have 4 more chips with my Apollo twin

4 more chips for my windows 11 laptop this was the best way of going about it, I'm happy. Seems to want to keep switching to 4800khz over 44100 but I'm just sticking with 4800 for future projects now so it's not an issue. Aside that the build qaulity is, as always, amazing

g. leonid

6. Februar 2023


excellent DSP, error free Windows login. grade 10 plus

M. Vikman

19. Januar 2023

Satellite working fine

I was very suprised, when I started my DAW and waited that "plim plom " all DSP used ! But it never came, because of my new Satellite.is working .now.!. And it was so easy to set up (even to me) with my pc and DAW.
Many thanks and better year for all!

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