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UAD-2 Satellite USB


181-200 von 205 Ergebnisse

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k. z

31. März 2017


so powerfull tool for mixsing and mastering.

C. Azarcon

1. März 2017

Awesome equipment!!!

The UAD-2 Satellite USB gives me more DSP power to use more plugins on my projects without having to worry about CPU strain !!! Thanks UAD!!!

M. Daubenmerkl

16. Februar 2017

Finally Win USB3, works great!

So happy that finally I can use a UAD-2 Satellite with my PC via USB-3; works - as I'd have expected from UAD - absolutely great!


8. Februar 2017

UAD-2 Satellite USB

It's good but expensive.

m. ghaemi

8. Februar 2017

Uad plugins

I love you uad

M. Alexander

4. Februar 2017

UAD-2 Satellite USB. Прекрасное решение

Ну что можно сказать. На борту 4 процессора. Работает на UCB 3.0. Ничего не слетает и не косячит. Я доволен:)

S. Jazrawy

3. Februar 2017

It gave me more DSP

I never this to spent another $1500 to buy it, but the dale was so good i paid less then $999 ,this is why I got it but it change my way to mix as i have now 10 DSPs
thanks UA


28. Januar 2017

Great little black box

I hated the limitation of my Apollo twin of only running a few of the newer "good" plug-ins.
Now I can slap any channel strip or compressor that handles most of my mixes without having to print them to file.

I would however really like it if we could tap into the power of our native cpu. Probably not likely any time soon.

C. Jafari

27. Januar 2017

DSP availability has increased dramatically!! A++

Love this unit. About the same size as my Apollo Twin Duo, both very portable. Love that I can load multiple instances of different plugins (even just to try things) and not worry about DSP going full.

G. Gess

24. Januar 2017


Nice device, quick and easy Installation, impressive sounds but at least very expensive to buy and also the plug ins, would spend more money if they would be cheaper, and always waiting for sales is pretty boring. Any way wil have fun with the UAD 2

A. Harin

17. Januar 2017


Just power, and no problems with the installation in Windows!

N. Bazeley-White

5. Januar 2017

An excellent product backed by brilliant support!

I recently upgraded from four UAD-1 cards to a single Octo Satellite and for the first time in my life I no longer have to render tracks to complete a mix - marvellous! Projects that took 100% of the four UAD-1s are running at between 11% and 14% on the Octo. I wish I had "bitten the bullet" and made this change years ago.

I was nervous as to whether my current UAD-1 licenses would work on the Satellite and so I 'phoned the UK number for the UA support line. I never expect much from telephone support but I have to say that the person I spoke to was really helpful, polite and efficient. He assured me that all current UAD-1 licenses would work with the UAD-2 and, sure enough, they did.

The hardware is beautifully built and installed perfectly first time. I haven't yet had the chance to use it that much but it has behaved faultlessly so far.

In my opinion, not only do UA produce some of the best sounding audio gear on the market but they are also a truly professional company. Yes they charge premium prices but the products and service they offer are worth it!


31. Dezember 2016

Does the job ... Slightly Expensive

This is by far the most analog sounding plugins I believe to be on the market .. they all do there job. They area poor mans analog outboard gear but make no mistake they get the job done well ... I say "Poor Man" but the Satellite itself is pricey i feel consider you have to pay over 1000 dollars for 10 plugins when the deal is in effect. I feel as if 2000 plus dollars for 10 plugins and just a drive to run them is expensive but hey. Still a great unit that I appreciate ...

Y. Kim

2. Dezember 2016

Very Goooooood!!!

UAD Plug-in can be used a lot without burdening the PC. And there is little latency. Very satisfied.

C. Weber

24. November 2016

Excellent DSP Power and easy to integrate in the system

I plugged it into the USB port and it worked with all my plugins and with my UAD-2 pci-card perfectly without installing new drivers etc. Very convenient!


27. August 2016


This is masterpiece.

I love it.


27. August 2016


This is masterpiece.

I love it.

I. Millard

18. August 2016

Great addition to my mix rig

The UAD2 satellite USB is a game changer on the PC platform alone. Now mixing on my laptop is possible, and easy!! Thanks UA!!

W. Buck

13. August 2016

Perfect Compliment to the Twin USB!

Added a Satellite Octo USB to my existing working Apollo Twin USB/UAD-2 PCIe Quad/Solo DAW rig and could not be happier with the stability and performance. Having already installed the latest Win UAD USB version, I simply connected the Satellite to the adjoining USB 3.0 port that my Apollo is connected to and powered it up and the Satellite appeared in the UAD Control Panel ready to be used.
Now I have a mixed UAD system (Apollo Twin Duo, Satellite Octo, PCIe Quad & Solo) giving me (15) DSP's for UAD processing! Unlike the Satellite FW, the USB version has no extra 512 sample plug-in latency, no FW buffering to contend with and the LiveTrack mode works with UAD plug-ins using the USB devices. Great product!

A. Kosakovski

4. August 2016

UAD-2 Satellite USB

Я очень доволен покупкой!!!Работает всё просто замечательно!

181-200 von 205 Ergebnisse