Thermionic Culture Vulture

Thermionic Culture Vulture

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Thermionic Culture Vulture


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V. Trendel

13. Januar 2018

Exceptional Softness & Great Sound !!!

I think here we have the most wonderful UAD plugin, because it's probably the one I'll never part with!
The sound it can bring is unique and rich, to be used with lightness or vigor, it's a good friend for all producers !

A. Ryzhkov

11. Januar 2018

Can't find a better distortion ITB

Well, I am a guy who puts distortion everywhere. Cause otherwise ITB sound is kinda dead. So, Culture Vulture is THE beast that makes my sound alive now. I use 5 parallel buses of Culture Vulture in a project – drums, basses, voices, guitars and synths. Can't compare with anything, CV just kicks asses.

B. Wansbrough

1. Dezember 2017

Decapitator rules the roost

The real time use of Culture Vulture is great... but if I could replace it with Decapitator I would do so instantly. It’s not a bad plugin but it’s not as usable as Decapitator.

E. Cramon

5. September 2017

Really great plugin

Great job UA! First I was skeptical if this plugin would be able to convince me but during demoing I quickly got into using the "CV" on so many signals I never thought of. In my opinion this is one of the best plugins that exist for the UAD platform Especially the Vocal Forward preset by Chris Coady has been a great starting point for all kinds of sounds being put through. Tip: Since the DSP-hit is a hefty one, try using this one as an aux effect rather than throwing it into the insert slot. In my opinion it "shines" even more when being used sparingly than cranked fully till 11!

D. camani

11. August 2017



E. Sokolowski

27. Juli 2017

My favourite distortion

I remember demoing this and not expecting to be blown away - upon using it I had to own it. I can't say enough good things about using it so just be done with buying it and prepare for the DSP hit.

R. Van den Dries

22. Juli 2017

Culture vulture

I think this is one of the best uad compressors you can buy! Very happy with this one!

S. Park

18. Juli 2017

Distortion with full of multi dimensional info.

This is kinda distortion machine but with 3dimentional information. Good job UAD

I. Turner

17. Juli 2017

Balls of Fire

This box rox with its thing out! Brought so much balls to the most recent record I produced for a client. I used it on guitars mostly, and also on snare with great results. I've never used the original hardware, so can't compare, but this is easily my favorite distortion plug.

D. Louisin

16. Juli 2017

Place in a battery bus and bass ...warmth guaranteed for a highlight in the mix A must have

I use culture vulture to give a little more flavor when I use the technique of multi bus compression! Place just after a DBX 160, wow ,warmth and dynamism are waiting for you !!!!!!! Exellent tool !!! Thank you UAD and thermionic culture !!!
Donat Louisin for youtube mix indie home itb !!

D. Waight

14. Juli 2017

Dirty thing.

Great for making you're tracks that little bit grubbier. Sounds good on just about everything.

A. Campo

13. Juli 2017


I use to add distortion to all my synths, i`ve tried a lot fo them, this one is the best!! love it!

K. Nielsen

5. Juli 2017

Superior sound quality

This plugin definitely beats decap if you are wondering. Better defined sound and stereo field. Actually it gives a lot of sources a more genuine hardware vibe just by applying the plugin with low gain. Definitely a great plugin. But it requires you to read the manual

R. Katuin

4. Juli 2017

Love It!

Hearing and reading alot about the hardware i hat this on my wishlist for a while. I can't compare it with the hardware, because i never owned one. But i really love this plugin for my Basslines. Also put it on my drums and i'm really happy with the results. It brings a certain warmth to my sounds that i really like. It's heavy on the dsp, but just bounce stuff when your done with it. No biggy!

E. McCabe

4. Juli 2017

This is bloody brilliant my best EQ!!!

I only started using this today on a stereo pair of acoustics. So far I am of the conclusion to go for this before I try an EQ plugin, if you choose the clean and not so overdriven presets as a start point.
Seriously try this on acoustic guitars before you load up an EQ and run through a few of the cleaner patches. I think it works great as an eq. I will be trying this on vox etc too to see if I find same with other sources.
I recommend this.

M. Linczenyi

3. Juli 2017

Fat, natural sound

Great plugin! I can use it for almost everything: bass, drums, vocal, guitar.

C. Calvo Pardos

22. Juni 2017


Es una distorsión especialmente diseñada para juguetear, utilizada en sintes y bajos, pero también sirve en voces , batería...con BIAS ajustable y control de MIX es otro arma irremplazable. Por el precio que vale el original, podrias comprarte el pack ultimate de UAD.

W. Teo

16. Juni 2017

Excellent distortion tool.

Thought that Shadow Hills Compressor brought out all you needed in your master?
Add a very subtle Thermionic Culture Vulture after your mastering compressor in the chain, and listen to all corners of your master bloom.

C. Tenku

2. Mai 2017

Top 5

Without a doubt, this makes it into my Top 5 Saturation Plugins which includes the ubiquitous SoundToys Decapitator, Vertigo VSM3, Kush Audio Pusher and Fabfilter Saturn. Rather than try to rate what is best, its just great to have different options!

D. Jehle

16. März 2017


This is like no other effect plugin, tweak and thou will learn. Tweak a lot!
very subtle things are possible and can do great wonders on voice, drums and bass in the mix. Steep acceptance curve, this one... sometimes love and hate at the same time, weird.
Really glad I bought it

81-100 von 196 Ergebnisse