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Thermionic Culture Vulture


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J. Weber

3. Januar 2022

Really quite good

Very good to add light or heavy saturation to your tracks.

E. Hasselberg

3. Januar 2022

This one goes on the vocal

I added this one to my arsenal to have something different for vocals if it needs a push forward in the mix.

a. lindsey

2. Januar 2022

A little something dirty

Works great on the drum buss, for just a little extra pronouncing.

R. Stokes

16. Dezember 2021

Great piece of gear

Great piece of gear, give it a try!

B. Stanisic

15. Dezember 2021

termionic eats cpu!!!

this plugin is a must have because it sounds great...but , unfortunately, it hits cpu in red on pro tools ultimate...doesn’t uad do all the cpu work? ...

k. Eggerding

13. Dezember 2021

My new weapon of choice

The culture vulture is so good I love it!

P. Abreu

13. Dezember 2021


From subtle valve warmth to total distortion is amazing how this modeling was achieved, love it even on mix bus acting as an "exciter".

D. Shapland

10. Dezember 2021

Subtle warmth to INASNE mangling

This emulation of the culture vulture is sublime, it really does add a beautiful warmth and subtle 3D feel when used gently or drastically destroys and mangles when the time comes. A must have!


10. Dezember 2021




8. Dezember 2021

Hefty boy

A delicious weight and character to things. Loving it.

K. Thura

8. Dezember 2021

Very powerful dist.

I love it.

s. fujimoto

7. Dezember 2021

Shadow hero

There is a sound that can only be produced by this.
Definitely innovative!

S. Puha

7. Dezember 2021

Great tube tone

Best tube tone on plugin market

P. Borisevich

28. November 2021

Invaders Must Die

The amount of headroom, dynamics, richness, complexity and details this plugin provides when pushed hard is not possible to get from other distortion plugins.

V. German

13. November 2021

Powerful sound pumping !!!

On drums in a parallel bus. On the bass drum, on the bass, the device shows excellent results!

S. Tydeman

9. November 2021


This Culture Vulture is as much of a beast as you want it to be! Sounds absolutely insane on my drum bus - its like the cherry on the cake, nope its like the cake, actually its more like the cake and the cherry combined - LOVE IT! this plugin is going to get a serious workout.

M. O'Brien

26. Oktober 2021

I would not be without it

It is unique and I love it. But i takes a lot of DSP resources. I still give it five stars because it is so special.

G. Girard

28. September 2021

Crispy sounds!

Amazing saturation tool in my arsenal! Just wished it had new bigger UI like the new LA-3A, DBX160 and 1176 ! They look incredible !! Please keep adding the new UI for the classic plugins !!!!!

E. Ananda

14. Juli 2021

Such Brilliant flavour

I've tried many another saturation plug-ins but nothing compares to this one. Yes, each has its own flavour but the authentic feel of warmth. None of the others can achieve that warmth the triode gives. then just switching to pentode or overdrive: Wow just wow! Simple controls and you can have so much fun trying to get the sound where you want it.

U. Sound

24. Juni 2021

Very powerful

It’s amazing

61-80 von 287 Ergebnisse