Thermionic Culture Vulture

Thermionic Culture Vulture


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Thermionic Culture Vulture


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J. Carlson

25. Mai 2020

Top 3 Saturation

Ive tried many saturators and this is in my top 3 no doubt. Need some more time listening to it on different instruments and monitors but I'm loving it so far.

V. Fedyaev

14. Mai 2020

Я искал этот звук всю жизнь!

Совершенно фантастический девайс, вешаешь его на все каналы и звук становиться как в сказке, как у фирмачей. Вот он в чём секрет был! А мы тут сидим протираем штаны с этими безжизненными нативными плагинами! Они абсолютно мерзкие и совершенно незвучащие! Этот вешаешь на все каналы и вот тебе счастье, все сразу не хуже чем у Бруно Марса и Зе Викенда. Прямо повесил и всё! Это единорог! Покупать незадумываясь!

a. emiri

5. Mai 2020

best Saturator/Distortion on the market

Is the best Saturator/Distortion on the market...use it on Vocals, B.Vocals, bass,drums, guitars, ethnicinstruments adds unique harmonics....great job at the UAudio. From Italy

s. bosewicht

21. April 2020

Go Full on Demonic Possesion

This is by far my favorite UA Plugin. I use this on almost everything. Even on its most subtle settings it ads something so analog and delicious. The presets are wonderful and a great starting point to dial things in. This was used on all my favorite records 80's 90's and has vibe for days.

m. bölükbasi

14. April 2020

absolutly best

absolutly best driver! but really dsp monster :)

m. tun

22. März 2020

DSP Hunger Game

It charges more DSP than sound good.

C. Rockaway

10. März 2020


This is probably one of the "biggest" and definitely the "gooiest" sounding software distortion I own. Mixing in a small amount on sequenced drums is key, and it can breath new life into synth lead lines, as well as pads. Honestly, pointing out it's usefulness on individual instruments is sorta pointless, because it is so versatile, its ridiculous!

J. Smilde

14. Januar 2020

The silent killer

Hasn’t got the main attention but is imo one of the best.

A. Sokolov

10. Januar 2020

Best plugin from UA

This is my favorite UA plugin. I have long wanted to have it in my arsenal and finally bought it. It behaves perfectly on all instruments and mixbuses.
Thanks, Universal Audio!

m. buchbinder

24. Dezember 2019

My Goto Saturation! Super Plugin!

In a world of so many great saturation plugins, I didn't think the Culture Vulture was gonna make a difference. However, I wanted it for so long, I decided to pull the trigger. I love it! I can't stop using it! For sure it did not dissapoint, it's just not another saturation plugin. Thanks Universal Audio! Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Make 2020 Best Year Yet!

UAD User

17. Dezember 2019

Awesome plugin

Culture Vulture – WOW

R. Trevor

15. Dezember 2019

i Love this thing !

Culture Vulture will go from subtle to extreme. I put It on a electric guitar track that was a little thin and distant sounding and it brought it out in the mix and fattened it up beautifully without recking the tone.

T. Jux

13. Dezember 2019



V. Cheterian

11. Dezember 2019

Best distortion plugin I ever had

Just great - lots of DSP consumption

R. Bouma

7. Dezember 2019

Give that ‘umphh’ to youre track

Sometimes it’s not the compression or limiting but something else to stick out something that is not just that strong to survive a mix. This can really help out then. Also to take a sound over the top this is a very helpfull tool. If you don’t like it you must dial in it’s use more because for my part I can use this on every mix I make

C. Chulu

6. Dezember 2019

Smiles > $$

I don't usually leave reviews of plugins, but I've been demoing this for a week now and have been absolutely blown away by how good it is. I have quite a few distortion/saturation plugins from both the big and small names on the market but since trying this, I had to add this to my arsenal. Made the purchase today!

R. Mohammed

29. Oktober 2019

Hell yes!

I added a sprinkle of this to all my tracks (using the commit function) and it added a nice harmonic edge while preserving the mids and lows. The mix function is great. You can turn up the mix to hear the harmonics then dial it back to get just the right amount. Way cool.

l. morrish-thomas

2. Oktober 2019

I bought a satellite just to be able to use this plugin

I was on the fence about buying an outboard culture vulture when a friend told me to test out this plugin at his studio instead, and I instantly bought a satellite just to be able to use it. Along with being able to use all the other amazing UAD plugins, the choice was a no brainer

D. Tetmyer

24. Juli 2019

Lovely sound but need retina UI

Lovely sound but need retina UI

C. Wilson

12. Juli 2019



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