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Thermionic Culture Vulture


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G. Hall

28. April 2022

Awesome for a full bass sound that cuts through the mix!

I purchased this for getting a bit more of an aggressive sound in my bass. Immediately this has become my go to for bass. Even with very low settings this does the magic. Love, love, love it!!

J. Love

26. April 2022

Check another box!

This piece of kit does just what is says it will do. Looking to thicken the souce? This should be in the recipe. Great job UAD !

S. Othniel

26. April 2022

A F#*king Monster

This plugin does things that no other plugin can do. This is big boy territory.

R. Walsh

26. April 2022

So Good

I own so many saturation/distortion plugins. Izotope, Waves, SSL, Plugin Alliance, Soundtoys, Newfangled, Fabfilter and Softube not to mention the Ampex and Studor from UAD. The Culture Vulture is a must have. It is amazing when recording guitars direct with Apollo devices. Simply amazing.

L. Brown

1. April 2022

My Secret Sauce

This can really turn a 'meh' sound around. Among other things, I use this plugin to fatten up 'clean' guitar sounds. It makes a no-distortion or low-distortion guitar sound much fuller while keeping it clean sounding. I'm glad I 'discovered' this awesome tool.

V. Baranov

17. Februar 2022


I use Thermionic Culture Vulture in every project! Perfectly highlights the bass and drums in the mix!!! The best distortion plugin!!! Voracious, but it's worth it! I recommend it to everyone!


19. Januar 2022

Thermionic Culture Vulture

Along my Precision Bass it gives a natural drive tone never heard in a plugin.

K. Fulford

16. Januar 2022

Not exactly what I expected

After watching the 5-minute Tips (those videos are great by the way) I expected an over-the-top distortion machine but that's not really what this is. Great saturation and harmonic distortion but kind of a one-trick-pony. Maybe I'm using it wrong. Still really useful in many applications.

M. Courcy

15. Januar 2022

Love it!

Great distortion. Many sonic options available with all the controls interactions. Recommended!

D. Stanchev

14. Januar 2022


Best on vocal , bass track and mastering ! !

A. Haynes

14. Januar 2022

Was not expecting that…

I was always curious about the Culture Vulture and randomly took advantage of the free demo…WOW!!! This thing is a really awesome version of the soundtoys destressor (I intentionally put it in lowercase to get my point across). I do Hip Hop, RnB and Dancehall and the Culture Vulture will be a permanent fixture on my drum buss. Also does some beautiful things on sub basses.

A. Selzler

14. Januar 2022


Wow what an amazing tool to add some dirt and harmonics to anything

K. Matzafleris

14. Januar 2022

The analogue sound of Thermionic Culture Vulture

This plugin has it's own unique character of analogue gear. Tube and tape effect that even by overloaded settings it gives the harmonic distortion of the analogue roundness, thickness, panchiness in the sound and creats the energy that I try to achieve on a digital domane projects. Thermionic can be used on single channel giving a character and present on guitars, bass, lead sunths; even on vst instruments to make them sounding natural and real by enriching the harmonics and enhance the artifacts of analogue sound. The same time works for busses to creat unity. Thermionic is a versatile pluging that depends how you tune on different sources it gives the energy hot sound and corrects digital wackiness and artifacts and brings life to any track. I'm really happy to own this plugin to my collection of UAD library because it gives me multiple choice to work on diverse projects.
Thank you Universal Audio for making our digital platforms sounding close by to analogue.

a. maceroni

13. Januar 2022

Top notch

My new go to saturation/distortion plugin

D. Englisch

8. Januar 2022

Just that extra bite I Needed

My distortion needs are now fulfilled, great stuff!

M. Trinidad

7. Januar 2022

Saturation for days!!!!

I honestly can’t get enough of this plug-in. There are NO RULES with this. I slap it on EVERYTHING! Especially brass/wind instruments. Gives it that extra body regardless of the mic used.

K. Jeppesen

5. Januar 2022

Sweet extra heat

I have just tried the Culture Vulture on my rear bus, and gives a lot of extra warm saturation to the mix. There's so many colours and ways you can go with the Culture Vulture. From subtle to very distorted. A must have.

T. Alfred

5. Januar 2022

Sonic goodness

This plugin is very very warm sounding

C. Guglielmello

5. Januar 2022


The final magic touch on mixes, a must have!

J. Manning

3. Januar 2022


Vulture makes everything sound good!!

41-60 von 287 Ergebnisse