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SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection


61-80 von 402 Ergebnisse

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A. Acharya

21. Dezember 2022

SSL 4k

It matches to the 90 % of hardware emulation ❤️

C. Doud

21. Dezember 2022

Professional results, spoken here.

A simple, intuitive, time-tested compressor gives punch and stability to bring together individual tracks and final mixes.

D. Jackson

12. Dezember 2022

Best Sounding Emulation

This is easily the best sounding emulation of an SSL Bus Compressor I've ever heard!

A. Gorobets

11. Dezember 2022

Best Glue SSL

Is for my opinion best version of ssl comp

c. rosario

9. Dezember 2022

Just like the real thing

Unbelievable compression
Glues every mix

J. Garcia

9. Dezember 2022

Great on groups or the entire mix!

This compressor adds so much to the character of my drums or mix! Just loads of ooey gooey goodness! Another great emulation by UAD!

R. Gregor

9. Dezember 2022

GLUE for drum and master buss

The 4000 G Buss comp glues my drums and mix together like no other compressor.
By far the best version that I've ever used.

N. Cucharo

6. Dezember 2022

The Perfect Glue for a master

The G Buss Comp is compression your mix is missing. Adds glue to your vocals and the track you didn't think you need.

E. Kushch

5. Dezember 2022

it's the glue for my mixes

I knew about this plugin for a long time, put it on the wish list and finally bought it, very cool presets, to understand you need to activate the trial period. Glues all the tracks together and the song sounds harmonious, do not forget to add Ampex ))

J. Metzger

28. November 2022

Not so fast

I own the 500 series ssl g comp and I can attest that it has a way of reducing the width of a mix so I don’t use it as a master bus compressor , but instead use it on stereo sources where I want the stereo width to be less .

E. Alexander

18. November 2022

Best SSL G Bus Comp Emulation

Love UAD for making this plugin a solid beast - sounds better than some other emulations - and does a great job of dialing in with ease. Always use it on my drum bus and sometimes on the master if I am going for the SSL sound - more glue, but with sacrifice on the sides (M/S).

J. Szeszel

14. November 2022

Glue legend!!!

Must have for master bus.

R. Bán

11. November 2022

Best compressor

This is the best bus compressor.

M. Yiangou

2. November 2022

Amazing plugins

The SSL 4000 G Bus compressor collection is definitely worth the money. It’s incredible how much cleaner everything sounds now. The waves one is good as well, but you get a much cleaner sound with these! I only have 2 complaints: 1. You can’t view the parameters. 2. The latest updates aren’t compatible with Mojave which is beyond comprehension as a lot of producers still use Mojave and older Mac operating systems so they can use 32 bit plugins and applications. I really hope UAD take this in mind.

c. Lawrence

12. Oktober 2022

Game changer

Best bus compressor out there

F. Mandras

7. Oktober 2022

Perfect Glue

Best compressor on bus

K. Jeppesen

19. September 2022

Glue and warmth

Very nice bus comp.

S. Rodescu

18. September 2022

Perfect for my Master Bus

Perfect on my master bus , it glues everything so nicely , and the Sidechain Filter on the updated version is a must have , i'm really impressed by the sound !
Thanks Universal Audio !

A. Smith

14. September 2022

That perfect glue I've been looking for

Perfect to add to your buss to glue everything.

p. fischer

1. August 2022

A must have

My Favorite bus compressor! I own the hardware and I can say that this plugin is fantastic. I love the side chain filter.

61-80 von 402 Ergebnisse