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SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection


41-60 von 408 Ergebnisse

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K. Garry

26. Dezember 2023

One of the best

I’ve always like the waves gbuss and this one sounds better, close to hardware


25. Dezember 2023


My favorite plug in

A. Martínez

21. Dezember 2023

4k most to be included

I wanted to buy the 4k bus compressor thinking that it was included in the collection. I made that buying by mistake. The ssl G sound good but no how 4k sounds. O wrote back to the uad team but no one told me anything regarding it.

B. Lehaney

18. Dezember 2023

Must have

One of my most used plugins

V. Rauhala

8. Dezember 2023

Good old

Very good for any funky beats, I have been using the waves version for years, butbthis is clearly next level ✨

j. paredes

5. Dezember 2023


La mejor emulación con la que he trabajado,habiéndolo utilizado físicamente con una ssl 4000

F. Hasan

24. November 2023

best mix buss compressor!

i've been trying another bus compressor, but this one suits all genre. you would not regret it!
i hope in the future you make like Luna api vision console emulation on ssl or neve!
thanks a lot uad!

B. Waller

30. Oktober 2023

Compress with Less

Very nice plugin and make an excellent finisher! When you put this at the end of the chain, it gives you that consistency compression without over doing it.

P. Williams

14. Oktober 2023

Ssl Bus Comp

Product sounds amazing. Add a warm glue feel to my music. I’ve tried other bus compressors, but this one really nails it.

S. Kowalczyk

16. September 2023

Wish I’d known before

Got a recommendation for this plugin from a pro Mix engineer colleague because I asked him for something that would help me get more volume and body from my mixes. Said he uses it for every mix he performs. It’s been a huge boost for me. Even though we need to learn to be patient and wait for the final max volume from the mastering process, the 4000G at the end of the chain in the mix has been inspirational for me. It has allowed me to get more “loudness” from my mixes without the distortion that might come from certain maximizers. And it def does have that “glue”. Especially if you’re working with MIDI /samples that are taking the place of a “real” instrument . This is where the “glue” effect makes a big difference. You get a “fatness” that’s often missing. This plugin is exactly what I was looking for.

C. Itsos

28. Juli 2023


The best emulation

G. Bernhardt

17. Juli 2023


A handy tool indeed.
Thanks again UAD for another fine product

Z. Gaubas

11. Juli 2023

SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

Very nice sounding plugin, native version would be nice.

e. tiberi

6. Juli 2023


Classic sound, with SC filter. Rocks!

V. German

5. Juni 2023

The legend is in your hands!

Accurate, fast, very adequate to your settings and parameters ! Thanks Uad for recreating the legend!


20. Mai 2023

Glue and transparency for Mixbuss

BUS-SSL is great for pop music, ballads; when it comes to Rock and HipHop it works well.

R. Smith

11. April 2023

Good Glue

Had to mix 14 songs for a client recently. I used the SSL Bus Compressor on 7 of the tunes that went to mastering. It glued the tracks together and addd a little more punch to the mixes. The sidechain feature that the hardware did not have enabled keeping the low end in tact while puttung the mix a little more in your face. UAD version sounded much better than the Waves version.

A. Desborough

1. April 2023

Better than the rest

It pains me to say it, as i work in multiple different studios and cant carry around my satellite everywhere, but this is just better than all of the emulations - including the plugin by the original company. Unfortunately, until it comes out natively i wont be able to use it for the main bulk of work i do.

J. ter Borg

25. März 2023

For DJ's that use their Apollo live!

DJing with rekordbox Pioneer, I send my output to the virtual channels in Console so I can add some low latency bus compression to help with volume control and upward levelling. This one rocks for most pop and house, together with the Elysia alpha!

F. Peter

23. März 2023



41-60 von 408 Ergebnisse