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Sonnox® Oxford Inflator


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K. Thura

27. Januar 2023


Thats a must have plugin!

E. Guerra

17. Januar 2023

Secret weapon

This plugin is amazing. You can use it without distorting the signal and it adds more body to the signal. Really impressive!

M. Wagner

15. Januar 2023


when used sparingly the results are excellent

R. Molina

8. Januar 2023

Awesome!! Love it for EDM

You can use this on tracks vs the most popular method of using it the master to boost perceived volume, seems like it enhances the midrange without any sort of distortion. Love it.

A. Clark

31. Dezember 2022

Mixbus Magic

Great on the mixbus and individual tracks. This brings dimension and detail to just about anything you put it on. A little goes a long way.

L. Spilger

24. Dezember 2022

Pump up, Baby!

Adds life and punch and clarity to each track that needs it!


19. Dezember 2022

incomparable addition of life in whatever

As soon as i need some presence of any element in my mix , i know i can rely on this one in a very intuitive way

a. maceroni

12. Dezember 2022


By now it is a plugin that has made history, magical

m. tellez

10. Dezember 2022

Cuidado que explota

Es increíble cómo puedo lograr que mi mezcla gane volumen con este complemento con tan solo aumentar el efecto y variar la curva un poco. Eso sí ojo no pasarse mucho o vas sentir que explotan los altavoces jjj

Q. Phùng

9. Dezember 2022


Sound is improved.

E. Kushch

5. Dezember 2022

its Love

I've known about this plugin for a long time, but I only bought it now. It can be hung on any track... very suitable for vocals to reveal its beauty and timbre, I also like to hang it on Hi Hats... this is one of the best plugins of all UAD, I also want to buy Studer soon

y. takatake

8. Oktober 2022

Inflator is Fire

Inflator makes sounds fatter, warmer and greater.
This is a magic plugin!

C. Itsos

29. September 2022

Inflator is a must have

Inflator is one of the best plugins out there. Unique. Hope it comes in Spark fast.

N. Nikolov

27. September 2022

Thats a must have plugin!

Great punch, and presence without being harsh while the plugin is quiet.

H. Maack

22. September 2022


Some mixes turn up a little flat and some very flat and what I mean here by flat is; lacking body or punch…. What the Oxford Inflator does is blow your mix up into a master !!

O. Manuel

18. September 2022

Very Great dynamic / True Color

Utilisé pour le moment qu'une seule fois mais je peux déjà affirmer que ça fonctionne très bien ! Ça dynamise le son (ou le mix) comme un maximiser.
Je pense que je vais l'inclure dans ma chaine de traitements lors d'un projet master.

L. Ferroni

16. September 2022

Excellent quality/price plugin!

Very very useful tool, I use to put it on the master channel and It makes the difference, brings space, warmth and fatness on the entire mix!

T. Basso

30. August 2022


Congratulations for the excellent work! Thanks

R. Aliyev

25. August 2022

Spice for you sound

Very incredible instrument for sound saturation!

J. Stare

22. August 2022

Bright and spacious

It’s a kinda magic!

1-20 von 383 Ergebnisse

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