MXR® Flanger/Doubler

MXR® Flanger/Doubler


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MXR® Flanger/Doubler


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A. D'Onorio

17. März 2020

Best flanger ever

Love it!!!

F. Lockwood

10. März 2020


Excellent comme tout UAD


19. Januar 2020

MXR Flanger/Doubler

Utmost Respect and Congratulations for this once again close to perfection Product. It helps me to carry on trying to get the most extreme sparkles of frequencies and sounds to perform a music which can be made as well either within or beyond the Industry’s boundaries and standards at the fraction of the genuine original price. THXVM once again!!! KR2EV1 N

L. Cohen

28. Dezember 2019

Clear as a bell and sweet as candy.

Beautiful sounding flanger. One of my favorite plug-ins. Makes those acoustic/electric pianos sing.

A. Keuter

14. Dezember 2019


This is the best

J. Moore

4. Dezember 2019


I use this plugin on my vocal chain when I’m mixing or when an artist wants to use it with auto tune! Sounds great! UA ROCKS!!!

A. Kalugin

3. Dezember 2019

Back to Genesis

Fabulous recreation of a classic hardware - superb on guitars - sound of 80`s - Genesis )

C. Brown

6. November 2019

Great Flanger!

Seriously just demo this plug-in. Great presets. Do it.

C. Brown

6. November 2019

Great Flanger!

Seriously just demo this plug-in. Great presets. Do it.

S. Elefteriu

19. Juli 2019

Better than the original

Over time I tested all possible software flangers. Nothing come close. Software emulation is brilliant but also with an impressive musical feel. Congrats for the engineers! This tool can be used in countless mixing situations. And remember, you do not have to fight with the background noise of the original hardware. The analog feel is smooth. Also, no frequencies to disturb your ears. So, in my opinion, is better than the original (I had the original many years).

D. Klotz

23. Juni 2019

This is the only UAD plug-in that occasionally doesn't remember its settings

Love this plug-in...BUT, I've contacted customer support about this issue in 2017... it's 2019, now. I've updated my operating system many times since then and I've updated my UAD software many times since then and Pro Tools many times since then too...and STILL, this is a problem--Pro Tools doesn't remember the settings of the MXR Flanger plug-in about 1 out of every 10 times I open up a session. And, tonight, I just opened up another session and my mix sounded like a GD trainwreck because the MXR Flanger plug-in settings were not even close to where I had set them for my mix. am i really the only one with this problem ?

M. Filowitz

18. Juni 2019

Wow!!! - MXR® Flanger/Doubler

This is the plugin I’ve been waiting!! It’s easy to use and sounds awesome. Check it out if you need a great sounding Flanger/Doubler.

l. ho

5. Juni 2019



R. Boddendijk

30. Mai 2019

Stunning Flanger

Stunning Flanger for guitar but also for other sources Alls a nice doubler and it comes with great presets. Works great together with the Roland Studio D.

k. davy

10. April 2019


Was using the metaflanger and this one knocks that out of the water. So happy to have a quality flanger/doubler!!!!! Great tonal quality

B. Gfeller

2. April 2019

like the original

Wir haben auch das Original von MRX noch im Studio. Plugin hat zeigt Unterschied zum Original nur das es nicht rauscht...

J. Sivusalo

31. Januar 2019

Very good...

It sounds very nice with modest adjustments. Let see what happen next :)

R. Jacobi

23. Januar 2019

Wide and smooth

The MXR Flanger/Doubler feels right the moment you slap it onto a track no matter if bass, guitar or any other instrument. The chorus and flanging sounds wide and smooth. The plugin adds nice coloration and warmth. UA have done it again! Great job guys!

B. Willems

16. Januar 2019


Very amazing stereo effect!

B. Weiss

15. Januar 2019

Great flanger made for a lot of cool stuff

A real digital copy of the original. Sounds cool on guitars and many other signals. Great creative plugin for special or subtle effects on almost everything. Makes a lot of fun using the knobs to see/listen what happens :-) A fantastic emulation of the original .

1-20 von 130 Ergebnisse

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