MXR® Flanger/Doubler

MXR® Flanger/Doubler


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MXR® Flanger/Doubler


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M. Lister

30. Mai 2013

Analog Heaven

I have been playing with this Flanger/Doubler for a week now.
It really captures that gorgeous analog "swirl" so well.
On guitars, Rhodes and other keyboard sounds, it is a "must have"
Also great for wilder "Jet Flange" type FX too.

Well done, it's a superb emulation and really deserves a 5/5.

H. Zwarts

30. Mai 2013

very effective

Another great emulation from UAD

simple but effective. Nice on rhodes and bas sounds

S. Hlavsa

4. März 2013

MXR Flanger/Doubler

It is amazing plug-in, authentic sound, easy to use. I highly recommend this.
Thank you UA

P. Lekki

6. Januar 2013


everything great without any doubts, I'm always satisfied with UAD products.

C. Allen

5. Januar 2013

more MXRs please UA

this is one of the more unique UAD plugins. It has amazing tone - capable of imparting a modulation character that few FX [hardware or software] can match. Highly recommended for guitars and other sounds with a lot of hi-mid energy. Its ideal for creating space in busy or heavily-layered mixes where adding more reverb is not an option. I also like the fact that its simple interface encourages the user to think creatively, as opposed to just "fire & forget" with a preset. Please UA - more MXR models! - the pitch shifter would be a great addition to the UA stable.

R. Rodriguez

13. Dezember 2012

Space Voyage

I know that if I tried to go out and buy these plugins in their physical form I would either find something expensive or in not such good condition.

I really like trying to create new sounds on anything recorded when using this plugin. All of the presets really help you get to a nice starting point. You will also have fun just starting from scratch and going crazy and creating your own custom presets

T. Crystal

6. November 2012

TCM loves to Flange!

The MXR Flanger/Doubler plug-in from UAD is awesome!
It's got that classic MXR sound but now with LFO sync to tempo!
Authentic and so useable, this is great.
Ken Jordan & Scott Kirkland
The Crystal Method

R. O'brien

22. August 2012

Great Flanger

I love this as a hardware device, one of my favorite Flanger ever and UA has captured it perfectly!!!

C. Avdelas

13. Juli 2012

sounds great and fat like the real thing.....................

N. Palmer

19. Juni 2012

If you're as addicted to flangtastic phasmatic orgasms this is the baby for you!
Possibly the only thing better is two well serviced Studer tape machines, but then that's a mega pain in the arse and a massive load of cash, also giving totally unpredictable results.
The decision is simple.
Buy it.
Love it.

O. Carrera

14. Juni 2012

Cool, amazing , it´s just what I wanted.. thank you.

C. Owens

15. Mai 2012

Awesome! It's the most useful flanger I own. As a TV composer, I can get the sound I am searching for in my head quickly and it cuts well in the mix. Much better than my stock Logic Pro plug-in or any other. This was a problem for me and I was not satisfied with my flanger choices until purchasing the UAD flanger.

R. Segal

17. April 2012

Great products. Waiting for the Apollo for PC's!!!!!!!

J. Smith

12. Januar 2012

Love it. It has the power of expansion that really makes my mixes sound wide and full. Another great emulation ... now when is the Culture Vulture plug going to hit market???

D. Johnson

21. November 2011

i only ran the demo on for 30 seconds and i knew i was gonna need this on every track somewhere.
keep making plugins that are like this ... simple and effective...

F. Coury

1. November 2011

I had the MXR Flanger/Doubler years ago and have always regretted selling it. Now it's back in a plug-in and I can use many instances of it at the same time. Every UA plug-in that I have sounds exactly like the hardware. This is no exception. Perfect in every way.

121-136 von 136 Ergebnisse

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