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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection


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C. Bors

4. Dezember 2023

Traditional, must have plugin :)

I like the look, like the tone too :)

E. Lopes

9. November 2023

Fairchild é incrivel nos grupos de voz

Uso o Fairchild 670 e Fairchild 660 principalmente na voz, o primeiro geralmente nos grupos e o segundo no processamento pesado paralelo da voz, ele faz a voz ficar atuante, bem definida mas ao mesmo tempo, macia. Suas características de tubo permite uma compressão pesadíssima sem fazer a track parecer dura.

F. Hasan

9. November 2023

best compressor

you need it!

m. lane

7. November 2023

Great but..

its awesome and everything but gives some kind of color sound a bit but yeah this one is probably specific one and should be used on instruments that need color or warmth.


30. Oktober 2023

Wonderful sound!

Love this, simply great and natural sounding for recording! Amazing!


30. Oktober 2023

Wonderful sound!

Love this, simply great and natural sounding for recording! Amazing!

T. Poe

26. Oktober 2023

Truthfully… you need this if you want a professional studio setup

Are you a solo artist just starting out and want to know if this is the secret sauce? It might be, but I’d steer you towards the 1073 style color options first. This is a different color and if the 1073 isn’t your thing - this is a really nice alternative and widely applicable across various instruments and vocals

J. Romero

25. Oktober 2023

¡Great Sound!

A must-have complement for the music producer.

M. Schisler

17. Oktober 2023

Sounds great

Like most everything UAD, this sounds great with very little effort. And when you run it thru a battery of technical tests it confirms on graphs the same high quality already heard by the ears.

G. N

17. Oktober 2023

Fairchild Tube

Awesome plugins, the analog world on my laptop!

T. Valosek

17. Oktober 2023

Malý zázrak

Zatím ještě objevuji všechny možnosti, ale už teď jsem nadšený :)

G. Corben

16. Oktober 2023

I have 5 other Fairchilds but only use this one

Have a whole bunch of these, one of them is very good, but this one is awesome, plus like most of the other plugins comes with a lesser modelled bonus in this case the mono 660.
I hate the iLok but this review is for the plugins themselves and these are fantastic

N. Jeremic

16. Oktober 2023

Vintage vibes FTW!!!

I love it on my orchestral bus, also great on percussion.
660 version is great for solo stringed instruments, and mono bass synths.

D. Vazquez

16. Oktober 2023

A must have!

Great product, fell in love with the sound and it doesn't disappoint. Gives that instant color with vintage vibes. Love it!!

R. Studio

15. Oktober 2023

Muy buen compresor

perfecto compresor

T. Kottis

15. Oktober 2023




15. Oktober 2023

Incredible Additions to Anyone's Collection

The Fairchild Tube Limiter is an amazing emulator of the hardware, already highly renowned in the music industry. These plugins with their full mono/stereo features makes them seem a bit better than the hardware. The ability to mix between wet and dry signals is also a plus, as well as the ability to link the left/right channels. I know this is not something new, but certainly nice to have. The results of this incredible plugin speak for themselves. Ever tried pricing the actual hardware versions? Combined with the pure quality of these plugins, the price is just a very special bonus.

J. Hallstrom

12. Oktober 2023

UA Fairchild

The Fairchild 660 and 670 operate in a much more realistic and natural way, to my tastes, than other emulations. I really enjoy how they work and the finished results I’m getting. I hope that UA will bring the rest of their catalog as well to native platforms: I’ll happily snap them up.


12. Oktober 2023


Je n'ai pa s de quoi le comparer vraiment mais j'aime le grain qu'il apporte.

T. Don

12. Oktober 2023

Power & Color Full

It's really a nice Plugin even when u don't set up, it make a nice warm color on the the channel

41-60 von 896 Ergebnisse