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Sphere Mic Collection


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s. ayton

10. Juni 2024


Can’t comment on any of the models except the Gefell CMV563 and SM57 which I own. The L22 is a Really useful mic and with the Sphere system you don’t need any other mic if you’re not recording drums. The CMV and 57 models are in the vibe of the real thing but no, they are not same but if you don’t have the originals next to you all good and who cares as this gives numerous musical mics in 1. On a snare, a real 57 has more mid punch whereas the Sphere version still sounds more like an eq’d condenser than a dynamic. There are far better mics than the 57 though even on snare so I don’t know why anyone would want to use that model on anything except as a reference to get started with? Who wants to use a $2k mic to model a $50 one? Makes no sense but art is stupid like that I guess. . Anyway, My original CMV563 in Omni (M80 capsule) is brighter than the sphere model but with the advantage in the virtual world that in combination with a mic pre I’m able to pad down the sphere mic to stop Distortion whereas the original CMV563 overloads easily inside the body when using the M80 capsule. The Soyuz was a waste of excitement in comparison to the CMV so skip that and go U47 if you want that flavor. You don’t need the Oceanway mics collection unless you are a big U47 fan ( I am) cos that has the best U47 but the Putnam collection is fun too. Overall, this system is a truly great accomplishment and all you need for everything and just a few more mics from drums.

M. Harris

24. Mai 2024

Just upgraded my Mic Locker

Ok, I've seen a bunch of reviews here on this device/Plugin combo, but I wanted to give my two cents. I've been recording for years, and have collected a number of inexpensive mics, stepping up in quality/cost with each purchase. I've amassed 18 different Condenser/dynamic mics from as inexpensive as the amazon special for $20 to the Warm Audio WA47jr, and Cad M9 (My two most expensive mics, each purchased for over $300) When contemplating moving gup to the next level of quality, I figured I'd end up in the $1000 price range for something like a Neuman TLM103. I started getting ads for different mic modeling systems. Because my footprint was UA, I decided to give this a try.

I immediately heard something that's been missing from the low cost mics I have. I decided to perform a shootout, recording the same song with each of my mics, then listened back. The difference is night and day. This emulator has something that I've been missing, but could not put my finger on. There is a depth, and body on the recordings captured with the Sphere.

Also, to test the claim of accuracy, I happen to have the physical mic for one modeled by the software. The SM57. It's modeling it exactly. The tonality, low end, mids...all captured and evident when all sounded identical to the model. I'm sold.

N. Qadir

19. März 2024

A Dream Microphone & More

I got my Townsend Labs L22 free as a part of a promotion when I purchased my Apollo X6. I am glad that I made that decision to invest not only on an industry standard interface but at the same time got hold of this gem. It is not a hype - on its own L22 is a superb Microphone and then with Sphere it literally generates near 99% of real tones of some of the most sought after Microphones. Besides the tone - what I love about it is the ability to play around with the recorded track to try other microphones and customization of the mics features. You can't go wrong with this.

A. Thom

6. Januar 2024

Extremely Pleased

Purchased the L22 to increase my quality. Pleased with UAD products at the moment. Great company. Wishing the team all the best

A. Julot

25. Dezember 2023

Sphere Mic collection

I was able to use sphere mic collection with my Mic shure SM7B

M. Jansson

13. Dezember 2023

Awesome mic modelling

Love the sounds of these emulations!

G. Vasic

14. November 2023


Super software

G. Vasic

14. November 2023


Super software

D. Pejakovic

11. Oktober 2023


great mic modeling tool!!!

C. Duru

7. Oktober 2023

Mic collection

Hi, it's wonderful piece. Buh the need a little bit of saturation, may but after the sphere effect on the back end or just show some love by giving us a saturation know. That adds depth bite and tighten.

B. Schmautz

16. Juni 2023

Deceptive advertising for this mic

Nowhere in the description of the plug-ins does it say that “ the microphone is sold separately”
Naïvely I bought the plug-ins thinking that the microphone was included, I still have not found a way to talk to a real person about returning this plug-in since I do not have the sphere microphone
I can buy this for your microphone for $1000 at Sweetwater and it includes the plug-ins
So basically, their lack of thorough advertising cost me around $100

W. Rice

5. Juni 2023


there is no Customer service been calling for weeks. I purchase my sphere but doesn't let me download the uad version on ua connect. But on here its saids I own it. Now there a reverb on my mic making it usable

A. Sala

9. März 2023

It needs time but... Top mic

After buy my TLM 103 i received the Sphere, and the plugin need some time but the results are amazing.


20. Januar 2023

Surprisingly Brilliant

Even though I'm a big fan of UAD hardware/software I only purchased the Sphere mic a couple of weeks ago and I love it.It's another really useful studio tool and the mic collection and the Ocean/Putnam packs give you a great pallet to give your source a great sound, great technology

S. O’Connor

18. Januar 2023

The ONLY mic you’ll ever need

I can’t say enough about this Mic. The opportunities are endless and the thought of having serious gear just a click away is so inspiring. Firstly kudos to the Townsend team and secondly UA for recognising talent !!!! Perfect acquisition !!!! Go get it now ….

J. Lardinois

17. Januar 2023

I want to be honest... I love this mic, even if not for it's intended purpose.

To keep this review short, the mic modeling doesn't "wow" me. It's not all that great, but the ability to change the axis, polar patterns, and just generally alter the nature of the chosen mic is invaluable. Not to mention, the microphone itself sounds AMAZING! It is, by far, the most wonderful sounding mic I've ever owned.

The mic modeling is more subtle than I expected, but still a nice treat. For me, though, it's all the other features that make this mic system 5-star awesomeness.

M. Perno

11. Januar 2023

Simple et efficace

Peut importe le débat à savoir si les émulations sonnent comme les originaux : ça sonne la mort! :)


11. Januar 2023


BEST MIC SYSTEM I ever owned!!!!!

D. Pendragon

8. Januar 2023

Sphere L22 as a long time user.

I have been a user of the original Townsend Sphere for several years now. I own three and will be getting a fourth soon. Why? Because this microphone and its attached software change the game of recording completely. The ability to access a comprehensive collection of microphones that accurately portray the signature of the microphones modelled is unquestionably a first in our industry. I have been a recording engineer for over 45 years and have worked in the big professional rooms around the World, places with mic lockers that are representations of this great collection. Is the Townsend able to emulate them successfully? My word it does. Given that EVERY microphone and particularly vintage mics each have their own unique 'voice' the Sphere L22 is able to give a faithful representation of the microphone it is modelling and an accurate rendition of the signature of each one. Add to the standard software collect by getting the 2 available extension packs and you are in a World of heaven. I could go far more into detail of the other aspects of post production control, environment controls and the rather amazing IsoSphere feature but that would take too damn long to write. :-) Suffice it to say, this microphone delivers what it says it can.

M. Jansson

8. Januar 2023

Great plugin

This plugin is almost magical, the variety of mics that all sounds great with features like polar pattens and axis adjustments are just awesome.

1-20 von 186 Ergebnisse

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