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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection


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M. Ottinger

1. Mai 2024

Sound glue

Love the way the 670 glues everything together.

T. Mitrevej

30. April 2024


Use it a lot on vocal and busses.

y. kanda

24. April 2024

best sound

The bass is thick and the muddiness is eliminated. The high temperature makes it sparkle brightly. wonderful.

G. Prama

20. April 2024

it's superb

beautiful sounding. somehow I need spice to my drum chain and vocal and I always end up using this fairchild


17. April 2024

The sound quality is good, but the UAD support service experience is terrible!

The Input Gain on the Fairchild 670 causes all MIDI Learn functions to fail when using MIDI Learn, which has never happened with the hundreds of other plugins I've used. I've recorded video and provided system information to the customer service team, but they said they couldn't reproduce the problem and froze my ticket.

I'm giving 2 stars for the complete 660 and the sound performance of the 660/670. Remember to use the Trial version of UADx to make sure everything works before buying!

F. Nguyen

9. April 2024

Versatile !!!

Nice texture of this plugin.

E. Sedrick

11. März 2024

If you find yourself asking, "where's the beef?"

Then this will do you nicely. This thing is phat in tone, with a lot of vibe. Aside from the tone, it has very interesting compression characteristics that are hard to describe. Some sources sort of "bloom" out when you strap this thing on, it's nifty.

S. Inwards

10. März 2024

Audio icing

A great collection for adding analog warmth. As with all UAD plugins, they are easy to operate with excellent preset starting points. And if you need help dialling in the sound you want, the manual is comprehensive and clear.

G. Smith

22. Februar 2024

Takes it to another level

You can drop this on a 2 bus or even a tracking situation and it definitely increases the vibe!

B. Wright

6. Februar 2024

Get it

Awesome plugin

L. Motta

1. Februar 2024

Good stuff!!

very creamy

N. Imamovic

31. Januar 2024


The Magic

A. chandra

30. Januar 2024

Smooth & Warm

Exellent plugins and the most analog warm and natural sounding ones i have.

R. Sheaves

30. Januar 2024

Yes: it has THAT sound, but you have to be connected to the internet to use native versions

I used a hardware 660 many years ago during some sessions in Nashville. Since then, I've wanted THAT sound on lots of other projects, but haven't been able to replicate it. These plugins are the closest I ever recall getting. They are fairly low in CPU usage, too, which makes them suitable for moderate mixing uses without having to bounce/freeze/print stems all over the place. Very nice to have quick access like that.

The one complaint -- and this is why I knock off a star -- is that you have to be connected to the internet to use the native versions. I generally turn off my network connection while recording, but that disables these plugins after a short time. So, every few hours, I need to reconnect and refresh everything in UA connect.

A. Rosell

28. Januar 2024

The magic weapon for weight

A go to in every mix for that beautiful color of vintage tone and weight to any instrument!

D. Olsen

16. Januar 2024

just smooth

Just a real creamy smooth compressor and a real aggressive compressor. whatever your heart desires

D. Olsen

16. Januar 2024

just smooth

Just a real creamy smooth compressor and a real aggressive compressor. whatever your heart desires

N. Crouch

15. Januar 2024

Must have for vocals

I won’t track vocals without this.
Sounds like the records that made me want to make records.
Your fav pre + tube EQ + Fairchild = warm sonic bliss

L. Morandi

14. Januar 2024


Bellissimo compressore Mu eccezionale emulazione valvolare preciso e limpido con un campo di utilizzo molto Ampio eccellente.

M. Jahns

12. Januar 2024


I've used some other brand's take on this legendary compressor, but this is simply the best incarnation. Totally recommended!

21-40 von 924 Ergebnisse