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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection


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l. ray

15. Mai 2019

Fairchild tube limiter

une fois de plus je suis surpris par la qualité de vos plugins. J'adore ce plugin, je l'utilise énormément et Je ne vois pas pour le moment de problème majeur. C'est le jour et la nuit, pour mes mixes. Une fois de plus ....super! merçi.

B. Rainsford

12. Mai 2019

Essential software

Been using this for a week or so and it has become an essential insert onto all of my guitar tracks. using it with Slate VMR and a tape emulator it still manages to add a warmth and depth to guitar tracks that really glues the sound into the overall mix.

T. Davine

11. Mai 2019

Fairchild, the smooth of the chosen child

The Fairchild is the compressor with the most smoothest tube sound available, it’s the best sound that I have got out of any compressor plug in. Absolutely awesome, thanks UAD

r. sveinungsen

8. Mai 2019


I spesially like this compressor on Bass guitar. It gives a tight and firm basstone. Recommanded from our hearts , from Himmlalyd ......Happy with this in the mix

UAD User

4. Mai 2019

A Great Choice !

This plugin supplies a kind of aliveness and punch that is instantly appealing. Depending on what style of compression is needed for a track this one can be the perfect choice...fantastic on drums ! Download the demo and give it a try...

D. Shapland

4. Mai 2019


I thought the legacy version was epic but these take the cake! So rich and warm. A M A Z I N G!!

e. guray

1. Mai 2019


This fairchilds are very good but can be more presets added for mastering purposes and lower distortion ratios in output

s. carter

30. April 2019


Dear uad I will invest every dollar I have to get every plug in


27. April 2019

Makes the alphabet begin at F, Fairchild is so useful on individual tracks, and Magic on the stereo buss!

No wonder it was so highly acclaimed in the studio, love the new features as well - the M/S add is so easy to dial in, the compression, and a low cpu .... the TONE and space it adds really make it a MUST HAVE! 10/10.

D. Pronin

17. April 2019

Thanks for Fairchild!

Never used before. Stunning impressions! The drums and bass finally sound as they should. I quit drinking and my wife returned to me. Thank you very much!

K. Kaspersen

12. April 2019

Warm tube sound!

Very nice punch for for mixing! they all sound pretty good!

J. Harden

12. April 2019

And the gods made love....

Fairchild is not a plug-in, it's a time machine, transporting me back to the bygone days of classic recording. A visceral experience (are you experienced?) that cuts through the mix like a hot knife through a hurricane. Beam me up, Scotty!


4. April 2019

Not sure

Cant use it. GUI is way to small for a 50+ engineer, but I'm sure it sounds fine

P. Gharapetian

29. März 2019

so good. so needed!

i've been lucky enough to try a few hardware revisions of this classic compressor, and this plugin version is just as good as those! maybe better because i can have multiple versions of them and not just one!

T. Glosser

25. März 2019

Just wonderful sounding

Another must have for me.


7. Februar 2019

The magic glue for my mix.

I usually work with MIDI orchestral compositions using samples and this is my secret go-to weapon when mixing multiple libraries from different sources .. when routing all the libraries to a bus with this badboy on it just makes everything glue together like magic, i just love this compressor!

h. hyakkoku

25. Januar 2019

I was impressed by this plugin.

Since I used this machine a lot 20 years ago, I knew the characteristics of the sound, I was touched by the fact that this plug-in produces exactly the same sound. I was impressed by this plugin, wonderful!!

t. thiel

23. Januar 2019

Dreams come true

Amazing! Absolutly amazing sounding Gear! I LOVE! Creamy, character, pumping smashing Comp for the real vintag (and modern) Sound

A. Bouillot

15. Januar 2019

Best Fairchild emulation ever!

Beautiful sound and warmth, sounds very great on drums channel! thanks UAD for this wonder

B. Palmer

14. Januar 2019

Master bus master

I could put this on every single master bus, and I’d be set for life. The sound is colorful, but the compression is transparent. I get a beautiful, mid forward sound on my mixes with this. The best.

181-200 von 757 Ergebnisse