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Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor


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d. neill

5. Dezember 2023

So Much Character!!!

Great compressor, with a lot of different uses. Very impressed so far.

R. Vosbury

5. Dezember 2023


I own WAY too many compressor plugins, but this one is at the top of the list now. All my UAD plugins are excellent tools.

R. Putnam

4. Dezember 2023

Happiness is a warm Distressor.

So glad to have this in the arsenal!
From punch and crunch to smooth and transparent the Distressor is versatile and never fails to hit the mark.
Love it!

J. Jr.

1. Dezember 2023


Amazing compressor on drums!

F. Hasan

30. November 2023

finally had this plugin!

just love it!

E. Fitzgerald

29. November 2023

Thought I didn't need another compressor.

I was wrong.

P. Norfleet

29. November 2023

Jack of all trades

Super versatile and sounds great. Use on everything for whatever type of compression I need. If I could only choose one compressor to mix with for the rest of my days it would be the distressor.

M. Marks

28. November 2023

First UA Plug-in

I must say I have been waiting for a single Distressor plugin for a while. Great Work UA I am very pleased with the simulation of the plugin. Having run it next to the hardware unit there is a small difference but not enough to say I won't be patching external hardware for the future. Bravo on a truly well-designed plug in that works well.

j. uittenbosch

27. November 2023

Just the right tweak, like the hardware.

It’s amazing to see, that software gives you the sparkle like the hardware. Easy to use..

g. linden

25. November 2023


Great emulation of a great hardware

J. Davies

24. November 2023

Don't Distress with this Compressor

Most used compressor in my arsenal of effects. Great on everything from drums to vocals and guitars in between.

K. L

24. November 2023

Awesome Distressor

Punchy and aggressive, the definition. Awesome reproduction of the original!

C. Shalala

23. November 2023

An amazing recreation of an amazing compressor

UAD did it again! They absolutely nailed it out of the park when they modeled this plugin. There's a reason this compressor can be found in most major studios and now UAD has made it so that you can have it at an affordable price in your personal studio.

N. Martens

22. November 2023

Interesting understanding of customer orientation

UAD waits until you have bought a plugin for full price and sends you exactly one day later a loyality price offer for same plugin. I like their sense of humour :-D

L. White

21. November 2023

Fantastic plugin all around.

So glad this is native. This sounds great on everything, is incredibly flexible, and has multiple functions. Aside from the compression itself (which can be extremely subtle or strong), the saturation from the different distortion modes is often something I’ll reach for. Speaking of which, it should be noted that this isn’t a transparent compressor: there’s a lot of color. Highly recommend trying the demo to see if you like it.

K. Palmer

21. November 2023


Love it and guitar and bass, sometime I used it an vocal

J. Scott

1. November 2023

I didn't know that it wasn't Native

Didn't know it wasn't native to all interfaces and now I'm stuck with it with no refund or any way to use it, b/c I no longer have an apollo...wish I would've known beforehand but whatever...

B. Flacher

21. Oktober 2023

Good replication of my HW

Waiting for the native version!

J. Aguilar

16. Oktober 2023

This is just a must

Thanks for existing Distressor!

J. Kriske

30. September 2023

Just wading back in

I don't currently own a hardware version of the distressed to A/B this with, but I do have fond memories of working in a studio that had one. This is an equally fun and useful tool. As others have said, it's fantastic on percussive sounds. I'm looking forward to trying it on other things!

101-120 von 760 Ergebnisse