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C-Suite C-Vox Noise & Ambience Reduction


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C. Özdemir

13. September 2022


…and there was silence. essential for people with less than ideal room conditions

J. Vanderhorst

31. August 2022

Game Changer !

Wow what a difference this thing makes ,especially for those of us that's recording in apts & other non perfect places.

E. Maxwell

26. August 2022


This plugin saved my mixes, needed cleaning up bedroom vocals and this did the job!!!!!

B. Thiel

23. August 2022

Keine Gesangskabine mehr nötig

Seitdem ich mit c-vox aufnehme, hat sich die Gesangskabine erübrigt. Neun Daumen hoch!!!

W. LeGette

22. August 2022

Pretty good

Not the magic solution I was hoping for. It works well if you already have good acoustic treatments in place. It is not artifact free as I have read about. Unfortunately I have to say overall iZotope RX is much better. BUT - because this works in real-time it is very cool. Studios I record live with don't know it's there, which is it's own form of magic. But when recording on my own I am finding using RX in post is much cleaner.

M. O'Brien

17. August 2022


Having been a firmware engineer for over 35 yrs. I now only do VST stuff to set up rigs and studio outboard equipment. I can say with my hand on my heart. This is pure witchcraft. It is expensive but it is amazing. Worth every penny.

V. Pop Hristov

25. Juli 2022


Excellent tool 4 good clean signal,also good in shaping d environment of d recording

d. kwon

15. Juli 2022

Devil's tool

but it works like a angel.

J. Rosso

14. Juli 2022

I can finally record with my fan on!

Works great in eliminating unwanted ambient sound in real time. I can finally track vocals with my fan on!

T. Laja

13. Juli 2022

Stop Noise

Now i just listen the voice... Very good

H. Maack

9. Juli 2022

What ? I can't hear you !!

That's right Mr. Noise !! I can't hear you anymore and I'm not deaf either !!
That's exactly what C-Suite does is kill all the noise and leaves everything you want untouched !! What more could you want ?

A. Keuter

8. Juli 2022

Top Top Top

Love this

h. kim

8. Juli 2022


wow... good.. very..very..!!

UAD User

26. Juni 2022


For individuals like myself that can't fully cure a room tone with padding. This thing did such a great job I started testing it in environments that could really push it....and it performed up to the price point. Get it if you arent recording in a legit studio

E. Ananda

23. Juni 2022


Clean, and doesn't sound obvious, does what's it's meant to really well. try it, it's deffo worth the add to my arsenal.

E. Young

17. Juni 2022

Magic For The Studio // Voodoo For Elimination of unwanted sounds

This is unexplainably good!! Instead of purchasing this bad boy alone for $349 - take advantage of the “custom 3 plug-in bundle”’s price off $399.
(Get C-VOX + two more plugins) much better deal in my opinion! Sounds great, obliterated the sounds and background noises in a click or two.
Insane plug-in.

M. McCoy

14. Juni 2022

Best for small studio

Make people believe you’re in a real studio

D. Draft Jr

4. Juni 2022

Excellent plug-in. One of my favorites

The perfect tool to process podcast, spoke word projects and of course vocals. My room for recording is not the best but this plugin cleans up all the flaws. I’m producing a couple of audiobook projects and the C-suite Cvox Noise and Ambient Reduction was one of my best investments.

p. sciola

30. Mai 2022


Trabaja en UAD 2 LiVE ?

S. Trazos

18. Mai 2022

Exito total!!

Al aplicarlo en la voz recrea, como explicarlo, hace que tu voz suene como grabada en un estudio, totalmente acondicionado, es increíble!!

1-20 von 143 Ergebnisse

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