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C-Suite C-Vox™ Noise & Ambience Reduction


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19. September 2023

Simply and very effectively

Incredible quality suppression of unnecessary noise, try the demo and you'll want to buy afterwards :) Thanks UA

I. Rosenberg

16. September 2023

Amazing for vocals, bad for acoustic guitar

One of my essential UAD plugins (along with 1176 and LA 2A).

C-Vox on vocals is much cleaner than X-Noise at surgically pulling out white noise / room noise on vocals. X-Noise leaves strange artifacts. The fact that I can have C-Vox in Apollo console and hear myself sing without the white noise and no latency is also amazing.

The one reason I deducted a star is for some reason this product doesn't work well on acoustic guitar. It takes out the white noise but it also takes a chunk out of the acoustic guitar sound as well and makes it sound strange. I've seen other commentary like this on the internet.

C-Vox team - please fix this! It would be great to monitor myself playing acoustic and singing with no white noise at all. I tried the C-Axe plugin to see if it might work but it doesn't grab the white noise.

I'd pay in a second for another plugin that fixes this issue (could call it C-Acoustic Guitar?) - but realistically think this should be a fix as part of the C-Vox plugin. Please please please.

I'd also love to see a "difference" button that lets you listen to what is being removed.

A. Nelson

12. September 2023

Incredible tool!

I've made such good use of this for cleaning up sound design field recordings and instrument recordings in my less than perfect home recording space. Absolutely essential plug-in!

祥. 张

10. September 2023



J. Noel

7. September 2023

Audio signal degradation over live performance

This was pricey, and unfortunately it will eat into your live signal over time, vox and piano, even though it starts out perfect. They should do an update to it to fix that. As is, I spent a lot of money on something that does not work and it is disappointing. I do love UAD products however.

A. Lajmiri

30. August 2023

Works Wonders for Home Studio

really effective noise gating without damaging the vocals.

T. Poe

9. August 2023

Bedroom Wonder!

I, like many, produce from a small spare bedroom. This plug-in is essential to cutting out noise in an untreated room. I love not having to treat my room for mixing (I use headphones) and this is great for grabbing vocals too.

G. Benyamin

8. August 2023

Simply the best !

This is the best noise reduction I've ever tried/used. Hands down. With absolutely no artefacts whatsoever. Mind blowing, a game changer. Stunning job guys !

W. Rice

22. Juli 2023

Great on the go tool

My home studio is quiet and sound treated but this works great when I’m traveling

T. Thierry

14. Juli 2023

Le top

Ça fais un boulot de ouf les voix sont clean !!!

T. Thierry

11. Juli 2023



T. Brown

9. Juli 2023

Amazing Home Recording Tool!

The C Vox is a game changer for home recording! Couldn’t recommend enough. Perfect for singing, especially voice over! As a professional producer, this Will always be in the arsenal

S. Park

5. Juli 2023

Thank you. We send you the highest praise for UAD.

"I am extremely satisfied with the majority of UAD plugins that I have purchased and been using. In particular, the C-Suite C-Vox™ Noise & Ambience Reduction has opened up new horizons for me as a vocal artist. Thank you. I highly recommend it."

D. Ho

24. Juni 2023

awesome for video production!

Since the pandemic, I've gotten into music video production, filming live concerts, and music documentaries. This plug-in is a MUST!

K. Cromwell

15. Juni 2023

It works verrrrry well.

It's interesting that when you read these reviews you think that just maybe the company nudged some of the reviewers to write something positive. I will say without a doubt this is an actual experience I have had with this plugin and my review is unbiased.

C-VOX is amazing! the 1st time I used it was for a live recording and the speaker was using a great sound system but there was a bit of hiss and noise along with his voice. As I was editing the recording I added the plugin along with the LA2A made a few tweaks to the C-VOX settings I couldn't believe how quiet, crisp and smooth the whole audio sounded it blew my mind. I had heard about Cedar audio restoration before from Sound Devices (888 series) and even their stand alone hardware (cost $3,838.15 from B&H) but to bring this type of technology to a plugin amazing!!!

Thanks UA!

B. Hurley

5. Juni 2023


As good and as easy to use as Waves Clarity VX Pro but they can shove their new subscription model. It no longer worked on my computer. C-Suite Vox works like a charm and I don't need some "manager" app. UA is great. However, as soon as I paid full price I got a note telling me it's now just $174. Harumph! Still love it, though.

F. Paul

13. Mai 2023

Best ever

This noise reduction filter is the best I have ever used

B. Baldwin

9. Mai 2023

Great Plugin!

C-Vox so far has been a great addition to my home studio, now I don't worry about loud upstairs neighbors or construction as much!

F. Paul

2. Mai 2023

The Best Noise Reduction I have ever used

This is by far the best noise reduction filter I have ever used. I highly recommend this!

J. Padovani

25. April 2023

I love this !!

For some reason I never had a "Go to" gate for my vocals and I had a lot of gate plugins, but this C-Vox is just what the engineer ordered. I love the fact that I could put it on the console and record in a noisy room without hearing much of the noise. I put it on my vocals after the recording and it sounds perfect.

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