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C-Suite C-Vox™ Noise & Ambience Reduction

C-Suite C-Vox Noise & Ambience Reduction


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Echtzeit-Umgebungsgeräuschreduzierung für Live-Gesang und Podcasting.

C-Vox wurde exklusive für Apollo-Interfaces und UAD-Hardware von C-Suite Audio entwickelt und kombiniert die weltweit führende Rauschunterdrückungstechnologie powered by CEDAR® mit Echtzeit-UAD-Processing, sorgfältig maßgeschneidert für Live-Gesang.

Reduziere mühelos Raumgeräusche aus Deinem Signal für professioneller klingende Gesangsaufnahmen, Podcasts und Live-Übertragungen mit dem musikalischsten Plug-in zur Rauschunterdrückung mit geringer Latenz.

Umgebungsgeräusche bei der Aufnahme von Gesang reduzieren, in Echtzeit und mit nahezu null Latenz

Schnell unerwünschte Raumklänge aus Gesangsspuren entfernen, um Dein Signal vor dem Abmischen zu bereinigen.

Haushaltstypische Hintergrundgeräusche wie z. B. Ventilatoren, Verkehr und Haushaltsgeräte entfernen

Aufnahmen reparieren, die von Zischen, Brummen, rauschenden Mikrofonen oder elektrischen Störungen betroffen sind.

Oscar-bewährte Technologie, maßgeschneidert für Gesang

Oscar-bewährte Technologie, maßgeschneidert für Gesang

Ungedämpfte Proberäume, Garagen oder der Keller eines Freundes sind einfach nicht dafür gemacht, ein Meisterwerk aufzunehmen. Hier kommt C-Vox ins Spiel. Jenseits eines Noise Gates reagiert C-Vox intelligent auf den Raumklang in Deinem Signal in Echtzeit und reduziert Hintergrundgeräusche, wenn Du singst oder sprichst — alles ohne Rausch-Fingerabdrücke oder unnatürliche Artefakte. Diese schnelle, adaptive Verarbeitung liefert nahtlose Ergebnisse mit geringer Latenz für Live-Gesangsaufnahmen, Podcasting und mehr.

Ein professioneller klingender Raum

Ein professioneller klingender Raum

Für Hobbiisten und Multi-Platin Engineers gleichermaßen kann eine zu "räumliche" Aufnahme der Spielverderber bei einer Mix-Session sein — vor allem, wenn die Raumakustik nicht optimal ist. Mit nur zwei Reglern und einem einfachen Display reduziert C-Vox auf einfache Weise Raumfärbungen und unerwünschten Nachhall aus Aufnahmen, während das Ausgangsmaterial unangetastet bleibt. Das Ergebnis sind klare, fokussierte Aufnahmen, die klingen, als wären sie in einem professionelleren Raum aufgenommen worden.


Noise suppression technology with Realtime UAD Processing, specialized for processing vocals

Simple controls for transparently reducing ambient noise in real time with near‑zero latency

Quick, adaptive processing without noise fingerprints and unwanted artifacts

Exclusively for UAD hardware and Apollo interfaces


C-Suite C-Vox Noise & Ambience Reduction

UAD User

26. Juni 2022


For individuals like myself that can't fully cure a room tone with padding. This thing did such a great job I started testing it in environments that could really push it....and it performed up to the price point. Get it if you arent recording in a legit studio

E. Ananda

23. Juni 2022


Clean, and doesn't sound obvious, does what's it's meant to really well. try it, it's deffo worth the add to my arsenal.

E. Young

17. Juni 2022

Magic For The Studio // Voodoo For Elimination of unwanted sounds

This is unexplainably good!! Instead of purchasing this bad boy alone for $349 - take advantage of the “custom 3 plug-in bundle”’s price off $399.
(Get C-VOX + two more plugins) much better deal in my opinion! Sounds great, obliterated the sounds and background noises in a click or two.
Insane plug-in.

M. McCoy

14. Juni 2022

Best for small studio

Make people believe you’re in a real studio

D. Draft Jr

4. Juni 2022

Excellent plug-in. One of my favorites

The perfect tool to process podcast, spoke word projects and of course vocals. My room for recording is not the best but this plugin cleans up all the flaws. I’m producing a couple of audiobook projects and the C-suite Cvox Noise and Ambient Reduction was one of my best investments.

p. sciola

30. Mai 2022


Trabaja en UAD 2 LiVE ?

S. Trazos

18. Mai 2022

Exito total!!

Al aplicarlo en la voz recrea, como explicarlo, hace que tu voz suene como grabada en un estudio, totalmente acondicionado, es increíble!!

L. Liu

24. April 2022


This plugin is magic. Easy to use and does what it’s supposed to do. I use it on guitar and vocals.

H. Zimmerman

21. April 2022

I have to give this a second review

This very plugin has saved a few post production scenarios for me, where clients were really staggered by the amount of noise I was able to remove without artefacts. I of course compare it with Dialog Isolate, which I also use often. But this UAD C-Suite C-Vox can push it much farther and also in real time. It is worth a test drive and a consideration, and I have easily bought it back in terms of happy paying clients. TL;DR: Totally worth it! Outstanding!

T. Parks

28. März 2022


This plugin gets the job done. I faithfully use it when I record vocals. Another Company in the plugin industry now makes a plugin that is somewhat competitive; however, I will keep rolling with this one for now...

K. Garry

24. März 2022

Post Audio thumbs up

I work in spoken word type content and this denoiser blows Izotope Voice Denoise away. Much more natural sounding! Happy I found it

D. Marais

18. März 2022

Unbelievably simple and effective.

Simply outstanding - it almost feels like cheating when you can create a gorgeously quiet, yet FULLY transparent vocal take tracking in an untreated bloody Tuff Shed. This plugin is like magic and is worth twice the amount. I would easily have paid a grand for this. Barely need room treatment for exquisitely quiet vocals when you use this.

S. Swanson

17. Februar 2022

Very good

Check out the YouTube clips
Does exactly what they say
I like using Unison preamps with neve1073 so I use it as a plugin post recording
Does exactly what in after

I. Rosenberg

13. Februar 2022

Exceptional product

Much better than Waves X-Noise and NS1. First of all, you can print C-VOX to the track with zero latency as you record by putting the plugin in your console. This means you don't need to add a plugin to each audio track and, in the case of x-noise, recalibrate the eq curve with a silent section and manually adjust parameters. C-Vox has the simplicity of NS1 - I only move one knob in C-VOX. Lastly, the sound is much better than NS1 and X-Noise. With NS1, it can pull some of the tone out of your voice. With X-noise, there are weird digital glitch artifacts that you have to really tweak the parameters to avoid. With C-vox, I just set it to 50% and it pulls out my computer fan and house noise, leaving a clear vocal signal without any artifacts. Highly recommended.

C. Valentine

2. Februar 2022

So Clear and Clean!

CVox blew my mind when I first tried it. I didn’t want to buy another vocal restoration type plugin. I thought I had everything I needed. Once I tried CVox I knew it was the best of them all. Every other plugin leaves artifacts and degrades the vocal quality. Not nearly with CVox. The amount of restoration that happens while still sounding crisp and clear is phenomenal. This is a go to for me, especially while mixing audio for film. If the room sounds bad, I’ll pop this on, get rid of the tone, and toss my own room tone under the clean vocals. This is a must own.

P. Jonsson

25. Januar 2022

Try it

You'll like it

R. McClure

24. Januar 2022

Doesn't work if you have multiple displays

I bought this knowing about this bug because it really is a great plugin, but PLEASE fix this! WARNING if you use multiple displays. Plugin is unusable in console, but works fine in DAW. Only workaround is to unplug your secondary display, set your parameters in the plugin and then plug your display back in and don't touch the plugin again, otherwise console will crash.

Y. Zolberg

18. Januar 2022


After years of using other plugins I have finally reached the end of the road. No complicated controls or learning buttons. Just turn the knob and everything will be better. I hope I can breathe as easily as this plugin silences the noises

G. Merino

15. Januar 2022


This kind of tool is a must, there are others as good as this one (RX for example), but the simplicity of this plugin is a deal breaker for me.

t. lee

15. Januar 2022


it is useful