C-Suite C-Vox™ Noise & Ambience Reduction

C-Suite C-Vox Noise & Ambience Reduction


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C-Suite C-Vox Noise & Ambience Reduction


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H. Zimmerman

13. Juli 2021

This is one awesome machine

There are some less optimistic reviews in this list, but I have to disagree. This is a really astounding plugin. I do post audio for a living for many many years. Yes, we've seen RX come a long way, but C-Suite gets such cleaner results in many situations. I had a client call me with total disbelief about the amount of restoration I had achieved with C-Suite. I now use it both in real-time (which I never do with RX) and as a non real-time treatment for dialog that's hard to fix with Dialog Isolate or similar. This is a clear winner for, worth every cent.

A. But Home

11. Juli 2021

A must-have for clean sounds!

I travel a lot, so I find myself in untreated rooms. This noise reducer is a must-have for tracking clean vocals. I am able to focus on the voice as an instrument instead of the voice and the room as the instruments. Cuts so much time from mixing as well. Simply great!

B. Bos

11. Juli 2021

Great tool

Fixes noises like fan noises and lack of room treatment in a remarkably quick and easy way. Vocals at first glance remain unaffected.

R. Hortensius

7. Juli 2021

Great solution for quiet vocals.

Just tried C-Vox out and while I had excellent results for vocals I was a bit disappointed when using it on a miked up acoustic guitar at different settings as it didn't sound natural like with vocals and caused slight audio drop outs like a gate clamping down a little too quickly..

P. Lordo

6. Juli 2021

Valuable Tool To Have

Incredible what this can do. My studio is treated and I’ll tell you this is definitely a plug in you should have.

k. gantt

5. Juli 2021

Love it!

Amazing!!! I love it, A must have for any home studio.

J. Darwish

5. Juli 2021

Works well for voice but not for guitar

It works great on vocals .. but as soon as you are playing atleast 8 bars of electric guitar DI with Unison preamps on it, it gives in and starts thin the sound out till you can barely hear anything. I submitted a support ticket request for this bug .. but is it a bug really? or is it just meant on vocals and not DI electric guitar.

M. Montoya

5. Juli 2021



M. Neumann

4. Juli 2021

My "secret weapon" for voice overs

This plugin is really some kind "witch craft". I've worked with RX8 de-noise plugins on my voice overs before but the C-Suite C-Vox plugin is so much easier to use. I directly record through it in real time and bake it in my recordings. I don't hear any artifacts on my Neumann headphones or Neumann monitor speakers which are really good. Excellent plugin. A little too pricey, though. Bought it anyway.

J. Radel

2. Juli 2021

Great for Real-time but ...

I tested the plug-in extensively and I am impressed by how it filters fan/AC noise in real time. That is fantastic in Zoom conferences. To me it sounds like a noise cancelling ability in my in-ears. Latency real time is definitely a plus. Feedback from People on the other side of the Call was: there is a difference, but a very subtle one.

However, in post, I compared it to the waves NS1, X-Noise and DeRoom from Accentize - so far, I cannot hear too much of a difference (but I am not a pro) and the price I payed for all three plugins were way lower. Would I buy C-Suite? Yes, but only if it goes on sale.

D. Murphy

1. Juli 2021

Remarkably Effective

Ease of use and low latency make this a great tool to have for straightforward cleaning up and it's really effective at what it does.

D. Murphy

1. Juli 2021

Remarkably Effective

Ease of use and low latency make this a great tool to have for straightforward cleaning up and it's really effective at what it does.

V. Garcia

30. Juni 2021


Reduce mucho del ruido en la sala, excelente herramienta para tus grabaciones.

R. Jackson

30. Juni 2021

Close to perfect for apartment life

I am unable to do much with my space. I can't put anything up on the walls and I can literally hear my neighbor sigh below me... by ear. I also have a toddler. Somehow this cuts all that out and it's shocking. Doesn't sound altered much.

P. Hoier

28. Juni 2021

This one blew my mind

I just had to get it. My untreated room with a window leading out to a busy road, just got very quiet. Yet my vocals still sound pristine and clear. This is a very difficult task to archieve. All happening with zero latency. Yes as someone said, it takes a bit of a nap on the DSP. But as I could only scratch the surface on the complexity of this, I'd say it's rather impressive it doesn't take more. This is sickly complicated stuff. Never seen something even close.

Ha - if you think that X-Noise does it better,,,, well... maybe just skip this one ok? A dictaphone recording will make no difference either. Sorry could'nt help it.


28. Juni 2021

Absolutely perfect

It is the best noise suppresor plugin that i have already been used before, with very simple usage and quality

C. Billmeier

26. Juni 2021

As impressive as it is CPU-intensive

I've so far only used this on VO and it does an effective job of cleaning up background/room noise. I've found a few noises that it doesn't remove without leaving an artifact so it isn't quite magical, but still very helpful. When I purchased it it was a very expensive plug-in so I would highly recommend getting the trial version first to see if it works for your needs.

J. Libretti

14. Juni 2021

Can't Believe UA is actually Price-Gouging!

You can do the same with Waves X-Noise, No Bullshit!!
It is often $29 on it's own or Included in MANY of their bundles!
UA, You should be ashamed!
Not to mention...
Spitfire Bundle still a RIP-OFF at $599
Still NO-WAY to make tracks 'In-Active' in Luna
Luna STILL never Opens the way it was previously saved,
like Pro Tools!!
I can go On and On!

The Elitism is just Astounding!

D. Myrick

14. Juni 2021

Essential addition to the UAD utility belt

Does an amazing job of cutting down on AC / dogs chewing on bones / kids bumbling around / beard scratching noises.. without seriously degrading the quality of what you're trying to record

Y. Kece

12. Juni 2021

Warum so teuer

All die Jahre musste ich mein interface einschicken konnte nicht mal vernünftig Musik machen.Als Dankeschön verkaufen sie es für 349 Euro. ICH WÄRE ECHT DANKBAR WENN ES MAL 149 KOSTEN WÜRDE.WEIL, FÜR DEN PREIS KANN ICH ES MIR NICHT LEISTEN HABE SCHON SO EINIGES AN PLUGIN GEKAUFT OHNE ERFOLG


21-40 von 75 Ergebnisse