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Analog Classics Pro Bundle


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D. Black

17. Juni 2024

Fairchild Duo

Great compression and modified sounds that only the Fairchild can add. It's still king of the compressor family for good reason.

D. Black

17. Juni 2024

Pultec EQ bundle

Excellent EQ bundle, they're much more useful than you'd think. No regrets here. This is the best one I've heard. And it's doing the Pultec boost attenuate punch quite well.

T. Blanch

16. Juni 2024

I LOVE the LA-6176 SCS!

This little ripper must have been amazing in the rack but is better than I thought it would be in the box. Subtle tone changes make a huge difference, but when you run it though a Pultec first, then bus it to Sound City Studios reverb, it is quite amazing what you can achieve very quickly. Great plug-in, thank you.

b. boubacar

15. Juni 2024

Channel strip

Good job

A. Pashka

15. Juni 2024

The best emulation on market

Having used real LA-2As, I can confidently say this is the best LA2A plugin collection by far

R. Johnson

14. Juni 2024


One of the best input processing plug-ins for vocals

L. Roccatagliati

14. Juni 2024

I’m open mouthed

I reckon this is the best plug in I bought in the last 5 years. It change the sound of everything in the best way you desire.

Š. Kominko

14. Juni 2024


Good natural sound. A very good plugin.

A. Caro

13. Juni 2024


muy bueno

D. Dake

13. Juni 2024

Would love to rate it

Can’t try the program because of bugs in the new software update. I’ve been seeking help and assistance from Ua and have gotten little help

B. Hjörleifsson

13. Juni 2024


Vibe and shine

U. Friedrich

13. Juni 2024

pure analog

the sound is fantastic, really nice

J. beijersbergen

13. Juni 2024

Great sound

Like the originals I also own

B. Spence

13. Juni 2024

Great combo for mic’ing guitars

Been wanting the hardware version for long time, never seems like I have extra $$$$. This combo sounds great with Royer Ribbons on guitars in both Pro tools and Logic. Haven’t had chance to try other sources yet, but for 99.00 great buy, for me.

F. N

13. Juni 2024


very easy to use, I love this plugin

M. Coutausse

13. Juni 2024

un grand traditionnel du traitement

belle réalisation , mais assez difficile a maitriser , comme l'original ..

A. Gek

13. Juni 2024

I love 76 comp

I really liked this compressor with its legendary and expensive sound, it sounds much better than the compressor from the Waves company.

p. cejudo

13. Juni 2024

Algun problema

The plugin is fine but whenever I enter my daw, it can't find the license even though it's connected to ua connect, so I have to get out of the daw and re-enter so that I can find it. This makes the plugin not usable for me because if I don't realize it I follow my mix without the active plugin

L. walle

12. Juni 2024

Top plugin


P. KIng

12. Juni 2024

Best of all worlds.

Have a lot of excellent UAD compressors but this is the best of the bunch and brings its own unique voice. Also has a great range of presets.

41-60 von 4545 Ergebnisse