Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Analog Classics Pro Bundle


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Ein mächtiges Update für die
legendären UA Kompressor- und EQ Plug-Ins

Das Analog Classics Pro Bundle mit dem Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler, dem 1176 Classic Limiter und den Pultec Passive EQ Collections enthält optimale Emulationen von drei der wichtigsten analogen Signalprozessoren der Tontechnikgeschichte.


Mit den drei klassischen Variationen des LA-2A die perfekte Röhrenkompression für Gesang, Bass, Drums etc. anwenden

Drei Pultec EQs mit ihren individuellen Eigenheiten zuschalten und die musikalische Übertrager-basierte Klangformung in noch nie da gewesener Präzision genießen

Zwischen den Modellen Rev A, Rev E und AE auf drei berühmte Versionen des legendären 1176 Kompressors mit ihren individuellen Klangeigenschaften wählen

Presets von berühmten Usern wie Darrell Thorp, Vance Powell, Andy Johns, Ed Cherney, Ross Hogarth und Joe Chiccarelli benutzen

Enthaltene Plug-Ins

Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Kurzum die ultimative Sammlung der beliebtesten Opto-Kompressoren aller Zeiten. Dank seiner weichen, programmabhängigen Opto-Kompression und einem sorgfältig konstruierten Röhrenverstärker empfiehlt sich der LA-2A als Allround-Kompressor für professionelle Toningenieure auf der ganzen Welt. 2001 setzte Universal Audio mit dem ersten UAD LA-2A Plug-In einen neuen Maßstab im Bereich analoger Emulationen. Jetzt haben die UA-Ingenieure eine noch akribische Neuauflage des LA-2A Plug-Ins mit drei absolut perfekten, Bauteil für Bauteil nachgebildeten Modellen von den drei extrem seltenen LA-2A Geräten vorgelegt.

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Nach einem Jahrzehnt intensiver Forschung im Bereich des Modellings hat UA den klanglichen Fingerabdruck des berühmten Pultec EQs perfekt nachgebildet – in einer solch hohen Qualität, dass er von der analogen Original-Hardware praktisch nicht zu unterscheiden ist. Als Steigerung zu den bisherigen Pultec Plug-Ins von UA, die ihrerseits bereits einen hohen Standard gesetzt haben, werden bei der Pultec Passive EQ Collection sogar die überarbeiteten Übertrager und komplexen Röhrenverstärkerstufen der drei legendären Pultec-EQs EQP-1A, MEQ-5 und HLF-3C originalgetreu modelliert. Die Pultec Passive EQ Collection stellt somit eine atemberaubend präzise Nachbildung dieser absolut begehrten EQs dar.

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Als erster echter Peak-Limiter mit vollständig transistorbasierter Schaltung und extrem schneller FET-Pegelreduktion hat der 1176 einige der besten Aufnahmen der Musikgeschichte mit seinem Charakter und Druck aufgewertet. 2001 kam Universal Audio mit der ersten Plug-In Version des 1176 für die UAD Plattform auf den Markt. Jetzt haben wir uns den 1176 ein weiteres Mal vorgenommen und den gesamten elektronischen Signalweg von Anfang bis zum Ende nachgebaut – inklusive der Übertrager sowie der FET- und Transistor-Endstufen – und auf diese Weise einzigartige Emulationen dreier charakteristischer 1176-Modelle geschaffen: Rev A, Rev E und AE.

Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

For a half-century, the Fairchild 670 — and its aggressive little brother, the Fairchild 660 — have defined popular music’s most revered vocal and drum sounds. In fact, the world’s elite mixers often employ a 670 simply for the “glow” it brings to their final mixes, even without compression happening. Now your vocal tracks, drum bus, and entire mix can benefit from the world’s most accurate plug-in recreations of these one-of-a-kind tube compressors used by Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Motown, and more.

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

The original 610-A preamp was integral to countless legendary recordings — from the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and Johnny Cash’s At Folsom Prison. Its modern variant, the 610-B, helped to create new classics by Adele and Cold War Kids. Featuring Unison™ mic preamp technology, the UA 610 Collection is the first comprehensive modeling of the legendary 610 tube preamps, including their tube and transformer components and all of the unique distortion characteristics of the originals.


Ein leistungsstarkes Update der legendären UA Kompressor- und EQ-Plug-Ins

Teletronix LA-2A Collection mit drei Versionen des legendären Röhren-Limiters

Drei Modelle des 1176 FET Limiters

Pultec Passive EQ Collection mit Emulationen der gesamten Schaltkreise dieser berühmten Pultec-EQs

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Analog Classics Pro Bundle

W. Karadjian

5. Juli 2016

Parfait pour les voix

J'ai acheté la LA-2A collection peu après avoir testé la version "legacy", qui m'a apporté un bel aperçu de ce que pourrait donner la version "collection". Je n'ai pas été déçu!
J'utilise principalement le LA-2A sur des prises de voix, mais il fonctionne également très bien pour des guitares ou des basses.
Le gros avantage est de pouvoir choisir entre les 3 modèles proposés, qui ont chacun leurs spécificités (vitesse d'attaque, possibilité de passer en mode limiter, emphasis...).
C'est d'une simplicité enfantine, et parfois, seul la couleur qu'apporte le plug, sans activer la compression, suffit à donner un résultat satisfaisant.
Ce plug est un must have.

J. Korhonen

20. April 2016

Jesus wept...

When he turned this s#it on! This is a beautiful plugin. Cheers to UA and all involved for creating it. Don't overuse it and you'll have a great outcome. Overuse it and become a God.

T. Hansen

14. April 2016

Just what the doctor ordered

Just got the Fairchild and I love it. Instant punch and guts. Even my singing sounds good now.

B. Jerkins

12. Januar 2016

Sold 2 of my kids to buy this... and it was worth it!!

My kids never worked as hard as this compressor does... It's a shame that it doesn't make me coffee. But other than that - no complaints at all. Would do it all over again!!!!

It sounds great on Drums (if you feel your song even needs those loud things), vocals (male, female, and mermaids too), kazoo, Stereo bus, Greyhound Bus... really just about anything. I even loaded the Fairchild on an empty channel and started dancing in the studio. I have to be honest - my dancing skills improved immensely. It was truly a sight to behold. The heavens were moved by the moves coming from my barely clothed body.

So needless to say, you can't go wrong with this plugin! You won't regret it. And neither will your soulmate/lover.

T. Camp

28. Dezember 2015


I am extremely upset with UAD for this plugin. Since I purchased it, my relationship is ruined. My girlfriend is upset that I don't spend time with her anymore. But who could blame me when you put this on a vocal?! Boost 8k a bit and bring le that vocal cut through the mix. God damn, this thing is sweet!

M. Reid

23. Dezember 2015


Thought I would win by trying a less expensive Pultec emulation from another plugin supplier...wrong. Even though the "other brand" claimed to be "an exact emulation" it was so much easier and realistic with the UAD plugin. And, what I think is the strongest selling point, I was able to choose from a large number of pro pre-sets to "get me in the ball park" of where I wanted to be. The rest was a snap. Thanks UA for another great plugin!!

D. Young

25. März 2015

I Am A Believer!

I've used quite a few LA-2A's in my day and I was super skeptical when purchasing this plugin.... It didn't take long before i saw its core power! This compressor became my permanent compressor for my vocal chain when tracking/mixing in the box. Male, Female, low voice, a high nasally voice, it doesn't matter! UA made the compressors like virtual tanks!( And not a DSP hog like other units are.) *thumbs up* , Cheers!

J. Pierre

9. März 2015

My go to compressor already after the 2nd day of ownership

I want to say thank you to uad .you guys have allowed a guy like me to own gear I would have never been able to afford.this plugin has already added magic to tracks Ive done in the pass .. and helped spark a renewed interest in those track from customers that have heard the new mixes.thx Uad... This plugin is a must have one of my stranded desert island choices for sure.

B. Bulmer

16. Januar 2015

Musical and smooth.

Many of the UA emulations I can test against the real deal. But when it comes to Pultec and Fairchild gear I can't say the same thing. Having said that I love the combination of either of the Fairchild compressors followed by Pultec EQ. I use an Apollo quad and recently my go to single chain is the UA 610 Pre, Fairchild 670 Comp then into a Pultec EQ. So Musical and smooth.

R. Trias

17. Dezember 2014

Smooth without the Hassle of Tubes

UAD has done it again - I assume that MK. III of this plug-in collection will simply be them shipping the hardware straight to your door.

R. Copeland

13. Dezember 2014

Holy $h!7 Balls Mgee!!

I had used and loved fairchild plugins or a while. The thing is that you will never fully appreciate the magical sound that they impart on what ever you use them on unless you get a chance to use a real one. When I moved to Nashville TN I worked in numerous studios. I got to use the real deal at BlackBird And Ocean Way. These things are out of this world. Well let me tell you that this Plugin is Spot On. The Depth and the sweetness of this thing are amazing. You can get massive amounts of gain reduction on these things and still have stuff sound great. Its a very easy compressor to use as it is very hard to make it sound bad. I love how they captured the nuances in how it responds differently at different input stages. LOVE

L. Schaller

3. Dezember 2014


This units are absolutely amazing. Each one has its own character and takes your tracks to a new level. Very rich and detailed sound! Thanks UAD-Team!

C. Garges

20. November 2014

Teletronix La-2A Classic Collection

I'm particular about optical compressors. I love the original LA2A and the LA3A, but I have yet to be excited about any of the "clones" or other types of optical compressors that I've used. I've found the Legacy version of the LA2A to be surprisingly useful. When I finally got around to demoing the Classic Collection, I was REALLY blown away. All three of the units have unique characteristics that make each one useful, but the sound of the silverface LA2A makes the package worth the purchase price. This version of the LA2A is so much closer to the sound of the original units that I've used than any of the hardware clones I've heard. This was an easy purchase for me and I've used the Classic LA2As on every mix I've done since I bought it.

P. Martin

17. November 2014

Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

I was finished with a session at the end of the day, before I purchased. After installation, I went back to the project I had been working on and tried these out on several different things in one of the tunes. On bass guitar, vocals and acoustic guitar they all were "jaw dropping." I have used the hardware versions many times through the years, and was so happy to know that I could get the same sound without having to fork over several thousand dollars, not to mention maintaining such wonderful hardware pieces. I think you would be happy to have these in your arsenal.

D. Powell

14. November 2014

love it...

I remember when it came it reading a review that it wasn't as exciting as the Fairchild updated plugs, etc....... but I have to disagree. I have used it for many applications at this point and it just excelled at all of them..... basically has sounded great no matter what I use it for, just as you would expect the real vintage hardware items to sound.... so, I'm very happy and once again heading into "how can I live without it" mode....

N. Palmer

14. November 2014

Slow & sexy

Far superior to the legacy version, these three emulations are a superb tool for bass, brass sections, drum buses - I haven't had the opportunity to try them on vocals yet.
I find the emphasis control critical for the correct response. I'm working on a lot of retro music & they seem to really capture the vibe. True I've never owned the originals but I'm loving these compressors. Be careful not to drive them too hard though as they can easily bring in unwanted distortion. If you like John Barry, Morricine etc then you'll love these beauties!

D. Iljes

14. November 2014


Great update.
Significant sound improvement compared to the legacy version.
Unfair price-ing to existing users.

J. Boydstun

13. November 2014

It sounds the same...

The same as my thousands in hardware I used to have!! I got all the new collections of the classics and I honestly think they're do everything I always grabbed them for in the real world. Love this UA system. I missed letting my studio go when I retired, but now I have it all back, for a lot less...LOL

B. Maile

9. November 2014

The Vocal Compressor

The easiest and one of the most beautiful way of compressing Vocals. Its natural and smooth sound is unbeatable.

D. Emmanuel

21. Mai 2014

Great UA 610

The UA 610 gives a distinctive sound response that is in the top class of any tube preamp plug-in that is available.
The UA 610 TubePreamp plug-in has all the needed warmth that gives any sound going thru it a remarkable response.