Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection


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Die ultimative Sammlung der begehrtesten
Optokompressoren aller Zeiten.

Dank der weichen, programmabhängigen optischen Kompression und seinem sorgfältig konstruierten Röhrenverstärker ist der LA-2A der ideale Allround-Kompressor für professionelle Toningenieure weltweit. 2001 setzte Universal Audio mit dem ersten UAD LA‑2A Plug-In einen neuen Maßstab für die Emulation analoger Geräte.

Unsere Ingenieure haben das LA-2A Plug-In nochmals komplett überarbeitet und präsentieren die präziseste Emulation dieses Klassikers. Die LA-2A Classic Leveler Plug-In Collection für die UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo-Interfaces enthält drei äußerst begehrte Modellvarianten des LA-2A.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Über drei Varianten des berühmten Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifiers aufnehmen und mischen, jeweils typische Klangmerkmalen

In Verbindung mit einem Apollo Interface über einen Teletronix LA-2A/LA-2 in Echtzeit aufnehmen

Die idealen optischen Kompressionstexturen für Vocals, Bass, Drums uvm. finden

Presets von LA-2A-Usern wie Ross Hogarth, Darrell Thorp und Vance Powell einsetzen


Die Teletronix®-Story

Die Teletronix®-Story

Teletronix-Gründer Jim Lawrence verwendete in den frühen 1960-ern ursprünglich Fotozellen, um die Dynamik des Audiomaterials zu steuern. Seine geniale Entwicklung eines optischen Kompressors war ein technologischer Durchbruch, da diese Bauweise deutlich stabiler arbeitete und transparenter klang als bisherige Schaltungen. Universal Audio´s Gründer M. T. „Bill“ Putnam kaufte diese patentierte Technologie später und führte die Fertigung des LA-2A in den darauffolgenden Jahren fort.

 Drei geschichtsträchtige Modelle

Drei geschichtsträchtige Modelle

Die Teletronix LA-2A Leveler Collection beinhaltet drei der begehrtesten Versionen des legendären Teletronix-Prozessors. Wie bei der Hardware bieten die Plug-Ins LA-2A Silver, LA-2A Gray und LA‑2 charakteristische Unterschiede bei den Zeitkonstanten, den Kompressor-Kennlinien, im Headroom, bei den Verzerrungen, dem programm- und frequenzabhängigen Verhalten und in anderen Punkten.

LA-2A Silver & Gray

LA-2A Silver & Gray

Mit einer Front aus gebürstetem Aluminium und dem originalen T4B Gain Reduction Module ist diese gefeierte, und von Bill Putnam gefertigte „Silver“-Version aus den späten 1960ern wahrscheinlich das flexibelste Modell. Durch die schnellen Zeitkonstanten eignet sich das Plug-In für fast jede Art von Audiomaterial, einschließlich Transienten-intensiver Signalquellen wie Drums und Percussion.
Die „Gray“-Version des LA-2A, die Jim Lawrence ursprünglich Mitte der 1960er Jahre vorstellte, bietet etwas langsamere Zeitkonstanten und steht daher eher für eine mittelschnelle Ansprache bei der Kompression.

Der originale LA-2

Der originale LA-2

Der extrem seltene LA-2 aus den frühen 1960er Jahren ist ein Vorläufer des LA-2A. Er bietet die langsamste Ansprache aller drei Geräte und einen atemberaubend „runden“ Sound, der sich durch die über 50 Jahre gealterten Fotoempfänger der T4-Zelle erklären lässt. Daher eignet sich der LA-2 besonders für Quellen mit mäßigem Tempo und Gesang. Er erzeugt dabei besondere Transparenz und einen erhabenen, "schönen" Klang, den kein anderer Kompressor bietet.


Ausgezeichnete Plug-In-Emulation der begehrten Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifiers Hardware

Enthält drei legendäre Versionen — LA-2A Silver, LA-2A Gray und den ursprünglichen LA-2 — jede mit eigenen unverwechselbaren klanglichen Attributen

Emulation des gesamten elektronischen Signalwegs — inklusive Übertrager, Röhrenverstärker und den Verzerrungen der T4 Fotozelle

Einfache Bedienung mit Peak Reduction und Gain Regler, wie bei den Hardware-Geräten

Idealer optischer Kompressor für Vocals, Bass, Drums und andere Instrumente

Artist Plug-In Presets berühmter LA-2A User, wie Ross Hogarth, Jeff Juliano, Carl Glanville, Darrell Thorp und Vance Powell.

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

W. Karadjian

5. Juli 2016

Parfait pour les voix

J'ai acheté la LA-2A collection peu après avoir testé la version "legacy", qui m'a apporté un bel aperçu de ce que pourrait donner la version "collection". Je n'ai pas été déçu!
J'utilise principalement le LA-2A sur des prises de voix, mais il fonctionne également très bien pour des guitares ou des basses.
Le gros avantage est de pouvoir choisir entre les 3 modèles proposés, qui ont chacun leurs spécificités (vitesse d'attaque, possibilité de passer en mode limiter, emphasis...).
C'est d'une simplicité enfantine, et parfois, seul la couleur qu'apporte le plug, sans activer la compression, suffit à donner un résultat satisfaisant.
Ce plug est un must have.

D. Young

25. März 2015

I Am A Believer!

I've used quite a few LA-2A's in my day and I was super skeptical when purchasing this plugin.... It didn't take long before i saw its core power! This compressor became my permanent compressor for my vocal chain when tracking/mixing in the box. Male, Female, low voice, a high nasally voice, it doesn't matter! UA made the compressors like virtual tanks!( And not a DSP hog like other units are.) *thumbs up* , Cheers!

R. Trias

17. Dezember 2014

Smooth without the Hassle of Tubes

UAD has done it again - I assume that MK. III of this plug-in collection will simply be them shipping the hardware straight to your door.

L. Schaller

3. Dezember 2014


This units are absolutely amazing. Each one has its own character and takes your tracks to a new level. Very rich and detailed sound! Thanks UAD-Team!

C. Garges

20. November 2014

Teletronix La-2A Classic Collection

I'm particular about optical compressors. I love the original LA2A and the LA3A, but I have yet to be excited about any of the "clones" or other types of optical compressors that I've used. I've found the Legacy version of the LA2A to be surprisingly useful. When I finally got around to demoing the Classic Collection, I was REALLY blown away. All three of the units have unique characteristics that make each one useful, but the sound of the silverface LA2A makes the package worth the purchase price. This version of the LA2A is so much closer to the sound of the original units that I've used than any of the hardware clones I've heard. This was an easy purchase for me and I've used the Classic LA2As on every mix I've done since I bought it.

P. Martin

17. November 2014

Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

I was finished with a session at the end of the day, before I purchased. After installation, I went back to the project I had been working on and tried these out on several different things in one of the tunes. On bass guitar, vocals and acoustic guitar they all were "jaw dropping." I have used the hardware versions many times through the years, and was so happy to know that I could get the same sound without having to fork over several thousand dollars, not to mention maintaining such wonderful hardware pieces. I think you would be happy to have these in your arsenal.

D. Powell

14. November 2014

love it...

I remember when it came it reading a review that it wasn't as exciting as the Fairchild updated plugs, etc....... but I have to disagree. I have used it for many applications at this point and it just excelled at all of them..... basically has sounded great no matter what I use it for, just as you would expect the real vintage hardware items to sound.... so, I'm very happy and once again heading into "how can I live without it" mode....

N. Palmer

14. November 2014

Slow & sexy

Far superior to the legacy version, these three emulations are a superb tool for bass, brass sections, drum buses - I haven't had the opportunity to try them on vocals yet.
I find the emphasis control critical for the correct response. I'm working on a lot of retro music & they seem to really capture the vibe. True I've never owned the originals but I'm loving these compressors. Be careful not to drive them too hard though as they can easily bring in unwanted distortion. If you like John Barry, Morricine etc then you'll love these beauties!

D. Iljes

14. November 2014


Great update.
Significant sound improvement compared to the legacy version.
Unfair price-ing to existing users.

J. Boydstun

13. November 2014

It sounds the same...

The same as my thousands in hardware I used to have!! I got all the new collections of the classics and I honestly think they're do everything I always grabbed them for in the real world. Love this UA system. I missed letting my studio go when I retired, but now I have it all back, for a lot less...LOL

B. Maile

9. November 2014

The Vocal Compressor

The easiest and one of the most beautiful way of compressing Vocals. Its natural and smooth sound is unbeatable.

G. Leo

12. Januar 2014

LA2A collection flexibility and nice sound

Teletronix LA-2A collection faithfully reproduces the classic analog compressor.
The sound is really nice and works very well in the mix.
Performs well on transients, gives character to the tracks.
His algoritimo seems to me the best so far. The curve of comprehension is very well reproduced.
The three different models provide a lot of flexibility.
Each one has their own tone and different attack and release times.
LA-2A Silver Is the newest and fastest incarnation.
LA-2A Grey has medium attack and release times and is the best compromise on many sources with a more meaty tone.
LA-2 oldest is very special.
Point against him: consumes a lot of CPU compared to the version legasy a
parallel compression and sidechain is missing.

B. Callaway

27. Dezember 2013

Must Have

Simply put, indispensable. While a go-to for vocals, there are just so many places you can use this LA-2A now thanks to the multiple "flavors" as long as you're open to it. No it won't work on everything, but it works with so much it is again, indispensable.

Despite the fact that it's just a plugin, this is one of my favorite pieces of "gear" even if it's just virtual. A++++++++++++++++

J. Heath

27. Dezember 2013

Perfectly transparent

These compressors work so well, it's unreal. They really do sound analog. The silver is my favorite for most applications, but the other two can add just the right amount of crunch when that's what I need. Thanks UA.

E. Biagini

26. Dezember 2013


Astonishing sound, right price thanks to promotion. This should be the current price for UA plugins.

A. Picciafuochi

1. Dezember 2013


in short: do not try them, otherwise you will buy them immediately!

A. Liburd

15. November 2013

Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

I have been looking for a compressor to make my vocals, bass guitar and kick drum sit really nicely in my mixes and to give the punch that I been looking for. Now with the purchase of the Teletronix Leveler collection I am able to achieve what I have not been able to achieve with other compressors. I use all three compressors in my mixes and the sound quality of ALL 3 is just amazing! Thank you Universal Audio for these three plugins at such an affordable price.

R. Hazell

7. Juli 2013

LA-2A Collection

Haven't heard anything with this much analogue mojo in a compressor before. The UA plugs just keep getting batter.

A. Souza

6. Juli 2013

Amazing!! Sweet!!!

The most amazing plugin ever!!! Make my tracks sweet!! Acustic guitars, voice and more.

S. Grush

4. Juli 2013


This collection is super legit. From soft to heavy compression and everything in between, you need these in your mixing repertoire. My first instance of "wow" was using the Silver on a lead guitar. I was just fighting to get the lead to sit right and I pulled my entire chain a part and started over. Removed the outboard Distressor (which is super rare to do that) and the lead just sat well in the box. No EQ, just the Silver. I went back and carved the EQ a bit and it was polished like a gem.

Highly recommend.