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Precision De-Esser


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A. Bennett

14. Dezember 2022


Excellent product. My favorite De-Esser!

M. Culpajevs

12. Oktober 2022

The tool that is being used

When tracking vocals it sits there on my console app shaving those sibilance that later on in post is much easier to focus on overall structure of the vocals sitting in the mix. Good plugin, does its job, if you push it hard don't expect any transparency from it, find your threshold and balance it out.

A. Ayer

22. September 2022

All but inaudible

Great job UA. Easy use. Super low dsp. Best of all aside from de-essing, nothing can be heard. Even at larger amounts of compression it is still smooth.

A. Pasco

21. September 2022

Amazing tool

UAD doesn’t disappoint

A. Pasco

21. September 2022

Great tool

What a great tool to have in your arsenal.

U. Soto

18. September 2022



D. Munoz

27. Mai 2022

Live vocals/streaming must have!

This de-esser is FANTASTIC! It sounds very natural and precise. I use it for live vocals when streaming and it works flawlessly due to low latency and low DSP.
PLEASE! UAD update the user interface (all Precision Series). The knobs and buttons are too small and the text is very hard to read!

P. Johnson

2. März 2022

Came with the promo bundle

This came with the promo bundle. If you're already comfortable with another De-Esser it's unlikely your switch to using this one. I tried it once and found it clumsy, likely because I've been using a different De-Esser for years. I wouldn't pay for this one. But if it was the only one I had I'd learn to use it and it would likely do a fine job.

A. Liesnyi

14. Februar 2022

Precision De-Esser

It works for me very well.

D. Chin-Sang

27. Dezember 2021

Very good

This de-esser does the job.
What more do you need?!

p. schwitter

16. November 2021


it works!

M. Bilderbach

15. November 2021

Precision De-Esser.. the name says it all.. WOW

This thing has been a huge life saver. I have used many different brands of de-esser's and this one is just a bit more "special" if that could be a thing. It's so surgical and doesnt take away from the source nearly as much as other de-esser's. Great tool to have in the tool box!

M. Ramson

1. September 2021

Much better than others

I own a lot of de-esser (Waves, Slate, Metric Halo). This plugin does the job so fantastic!! Can not process vocals without it. So smooth and natural.

C. Morris

21. Juni 2021

Good for taming guitar amp plugins

I'm focused on live use, rather than recording. I bought this de-esser because I heard good things about using it for guitar. I haven't had time yet to make a perfect custom setting but even with just a preset it did a lot for me. One thing I've noticed with amp plugins is that they are getting good at simulating virtually every characteristic of an amp EXCEPT you get these occasional high frequency artifacts that a real amp wouldn't have randomly added to the sound. I'm sure that will continue to improve in the future, but for today, I find the de-esser handles that in a way I like much better than just rolling off the amp output highs all the time. Would definitely get it again, and hope to be able to spend some time dialing it in even better in the future. For example the preset I chose took a "jangly" strat sound and made it similar to what you hear on the leads on John Mayer's "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room". When I've got it exactly the way I want it I might not smooth it quite that much.

C. Paschall

1. Juni 2021

Surprisingly great!

Wasn't sure what to expect with this one but it's really quite good! Transparent and gentle but gets the job done.

C. Paschall

1. Juni 2021

Surprisingly great!

Wasn't sure what to expect with this one but it's really quite good! Transparent and gentle but gets the job done.

L. Martella

16. April 2021


On voices and dishes it is excellent!

D. Montoya

7. April 2021

Very analog type De-esser. Like a quad eight device.

I'm digging this de-esser. I own three of the waves de-esser plug ins along with the stuff in logic and pro tools. None of them match this one here. The other plugins can get weird very quickly. I used to use a quad eight compressor / de-esser 30 years ago that was absolutely stellar sounding. Very natural sibilance control. This plug in reminds me of it.

D. Long

6. März 2021

A very handy tool

It's one of the two at the top of the line for controlling sibilance in my projects. Very simple to use.

M. Maj

2. März 2021

Yamaha NS10

Very very nice deeser !

21-40 von 368 Ergebnisse