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Precision De-Esser

Precision De-Esser

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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


Du sparst 50%

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Spezialwerkzeug für transparentes De-Essing und die Anpassung der Höhen

Mit dem Precision De-Esser Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces entfernst du einfach unerwünschte Zischlaute und andere Probleme im Höhenbereich einzelner Spuren oder Summenmixes. Dank cleverer, intuitiver Bedienelemente bietet der Precision De-Esser eine ausgereifte und transparente Filter-Bearbeitung für die Reparatur von Gesangs-, Overhead- oder Hi‑Hat‑Aufnahmen.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Gesangsspuren einfach de-essen und Probleme im Höhenbereich deiner Quellen in den Griff bekommen

Mit dem Split-Modus störendes Nuscheln und Lispeln reduzieren

Entweder den modernen Bandpass- oder den klassischen Hochpassfilter für das De-Essing einsetzen

Im Solo-Modus den Zielfrequenzbereich isolieren und abhören


Von Universal Audio konzipierter und entwickelter De-Esser für Einzelspuren, Busse oder Mastermixes

Modernes Bandpass oder traditionelles Highpass De-Essing

Split Mode minimiert Nuscheln und Lispeln

Dual-Speed Time Constant

Großer Frequenzbereich von Vocals bis Overheads

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Precision De-Esser

C. Vazquez

24. Mai 2020

It is what it is

This does exactly what you need it to do! I highly recommend it!

m. cordero

27. April 2020


Great tool for my mixes real easy and convenient to work with Oye Ke Palo!!!!


21. April 2020

Please add these very old precision series plugins to LUNA as stock plugins. Please!

After McDonalds sold over a billion hamburgers... downsized the burger and raised the price and. Don't be like McDonalds.

With love,

Nolan Neal

J. Eddington

3. März 2020

Classic Moog

I have a Moog Grandmother, and these filters in addition to the hardware filters on the Grandmother make for some wild tones.

J. Westra

11. Februar 2020

knowing frequency would be a must in this

Can barely tell whats going on most the time by listening. knowing where to place the settings could speed this unit setup but pro tools free de esser I usually leave in vrs replace with this.

b. zucchetti

3. Februar 2020

One of the best !

Really one of the best, and low CPU consumption ! Thank you !

Bruno Zucchetti Italian Music Producer

s. yang

31. Januar 2020

Very sincere friend!

He is a guy who does his job very well.

It is simple to use and expects a new design.

Thanks Universal Audio!

M. Pushkarev

6. Januar 2020

Самый лучший !!!

Очень прост в настройке все быстро,,легко и очень качественно!!!!

J. Reinholdt

31. Dezember 2019

Works like expected

Bought this to tame the prominent "sss" when using my AKG headset microphone for voiceover, does the job nicely.

D. Lacroix

29. Dezember 2019

Best De-esser

Hands Down!!!!!!! best De-Esser makes your vocals thin air crisp and flawless in the mix

s. fujimoto

16. Dezember 2019

Best de-esser

With this de-esser, there is no other de-esser.
Can also be used outside of vocals!

J. Davies

12. Dezember 2019

Tame Vocal Snakes

Easy to use de-essing for compressed vocals with lots of reverb. Also use it occasionally on screeching acoustic strings. Does the job it was built to handle.

y. ye

11. Dezember 2019



M. Sudhakar

6. Dezember 2019


A good DeEsser from UAD. My one that i always use in my console for first deessing the signal

S. Alekseev

29. November 2019

The best De-Esser in the world!!!

Invisible, transparent, low-dsp eater, working on any material and instruments! 5 points Universal Audio!

J. Rodríguez

13. November 2019

Excelente De-Esser

Hace justo lo que tiene que hacer: suavizar las fricativas (sss, zzz, fff, chhh) y no enmascarar otras frecuencias. Limpio, sencillo de manejar y eficaz.

T. Hansen

17. September 2019

Another great one!

This plug is doing the job as i expected. i am very happy with it!


16. September 2019

get the job done

Precision De-Esser does one thing and does it well. I use it on the vocal track to enhance the smoothness and to De-es a female vocal.


10. September 2019

Precision De-Esser like the name

Exactly De-Esser and easy used Great plug.

Thank UAD

M. Petrenko

5. September 2019


O my god! It"s fantastic!!!!!