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  • 4.8/5

Spezialwerkzeug für transparentes De-Essing und die Anpassung der Höhen

Mit dem Precision De-Esser Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces entfernst du einfach unerwünschte Zischlaute und andere Probleme im Höhenbereich einzelner Spuren oder Summenmixes. Dank cleverer, intuitiver Bedienelemente bietet der Precision De-Esser eine ausgereifte und transparente Filter-Bearbeitung für die Reparatur von Gesangs-, Overhead- oder Hi‑Hat‑Aufnahmen.

Gesangsspuren einfach de-essen und Probleme im Höhenbereich deiner Quellen in den Griff bekommen

Mit dem Split-Modus störendes Nuscheln und Lispeln reduzieren

Entweder den modernen Bandpass- oder den klassischen Hochpassfilter für das De-Essing einsetzen

Im Solo-Modus den Zielfrequenzbereich isolieren und abhören


Von Universal Audio konzipierter und entwickelter De-Esser für Einzelspuren, Busse oder Mastermixes

Modernes Bandpass oder traditionelles Highpass De-Essing

Split Mode minimiert Nuscheln und Lispeln

Dual-Speed Time Constant

Großer Frequenzbereich von Vocals bis Overheads

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Precision De-Esser



J. Kelly

24. März 2024

Plug and Play

this one is easy and smooth. my go to. slap it on. adjust the threshold

E. Sedrick

15. März 2024


De-essing may not be very exciting, and our eyes may be drawn to other fancier and newer plugins than the Precision de-esser, but this is an extremely good de-esser as far as software de-essing goes. It does not misbehave or wreck your takes if operated correctly, doesn't lisp (soooooooo many software de-essers lisp badly), runs in realtime, and just plain sounds good.

Be sure to audition this one if you need a de-esser. If you don't, enjoy your bag of dried fruit & nut mix from the corner store! I like the apricots the best!

A. Thom

29. Januar 2024

Functional De-Esser

Nice functional De Esser with most of what you’ll need

O. Viamontes

19. Januar 2024

The best

Easy as can be, love the fact that you could turn on what it’s actually doing and just hear the frequencies and it’s very easy to use

A. Ogarev

17. Januar 2024

Precision De-Esser


A. Wiens

9. Januar 2024

Super Plugin

Bombastisch ! :-D

p. favell

10. Oktober 2023


Really easy to dial in and does an excellent
job. If you want a great de-esser look no further, Well worth the money!

b. cheung

27. September 2023

swiss army knife de-esser

This thing rocks!

C. Duru

23. September 2023

Upgrade the meter ui,

The display can be upgraded just a bit morden polish on the meter reader. And a bit of lose of clarity that can still be improved as well, with out having to use the mic

S. Lontano

19. September 2023

Love this de esser

I really love this plugin: effecrive on S and ploaives consonant but it still very musical. My go to de esser

G. Lebel

10. September 2023

Très bon comme la plus part des plugins UAD

Très pratique pour faire classe en ligne, le son est meilleur

B. Paiz

17. Juli 2023

MIA - Check your service requests

Bought it. Never got it.

J. Mateo

28. Juni 2023

simple and elegant

This is one of the more simple yet more powerful De-Esser plugins I have ever used. I use it every single day!

D. Ho

15. Juni 2023

Simple and Perfect

I use this on all my vocal tracks - with the exception of Hawaiian language vocals as there is no "s." ;) I just use the default setting with a high-pass de-esser and adjust the threshold. It's that easy!

M. Calia

30. April 2023

Precision De-Esser

Ottimo de-esser precision fa la differenza ne possiedo tanti di varie marche ma utilizzo sempre e solo il precision

M. Khan

7. Februar 2023

Precision De-Esser

It works great! I’m loving this plugin in my mixing chain

V. Kozarin

26. Januar 2023

It helps a lot when you need it

Takes out unwanted siblings. It is a tool that everybody must have. Works well without destruction of eq frequencies

J. Zapata

22. Januar 2023


Es maravilloso

J. Lardinois

17. Januar 2023

Overall, it's a quick, easy fix, but is hard to dial in at times.

It's a great plugin, but be sure to take your time and find the exact sweet spot / sweet ratio between the bandwidth and the threshold. I owned this plugin for a very long time but wasn't able to get decent sounds out of until I discovered the careful balancing act between the threshold and bandwidth. Now I love the plugin. It's a very quick solution to a common sibilance problem. I feel like even at the sweet spot, however, it darkens the tracks a bit much. Use it along with UAD Precision Enhancer kHz and you have a winning combo.

L. Spilger

25. Dezember 2022

Tame the harsh essesssss

Quickly gets the job done in most cases. Light on dsp. Nice to have!