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Precision De-Esser


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A. Taccône

26. März 2016


UAD2 Precisson De-esser is great tools!!!
Thanks UAD!

C. Perez Iserte

22. März 2016

Natural De-esser

the most natural de-esser i have every worked with.

UAD User

21. März 2016

VO Artist and Podcaster Used on Every Track

Hi I'm a VO artist who reads audio-stories. I also do a podcast. I use this on every single track I produce. I also make digital music as a hobby and I've found uses for it there as well. This is a wonderful tool to have. I've tried other de-essers and none have the accuracy and invisible nature that this de-esser has. Truly a wonderful tool for any occasion. I can't recommend it enough! GET THIS!

A. Anders Grimstad

14. Februar 2016

Sweet and natural

This just works! It is a go to plug when the sh and ss are in front. Suddenlu the blend sweet and natural in to the voice again:-)

E. Burnett

11. Februar 2016

I have this on every track!

It has a low DSP hit and basically makes everything you put it on sound smoother. I thought it was crazy to try this on electric and acoustic guitars but I'm so glad I did, I can't mix without it now. Great job UAD!

B. Ashdown

5. Februar 2016

Transparent and effective

A great De-Esser! I've used many software de-essers over the years, but this one is absolutely the best. Whilst easy to configure (just use the solo button to find the desired frequency) it also performs its job effortlessly and without any noticeable deterioration in sound quality or clarity. Well worth the £75!!

S. Jensen

2. Februar 2016

So true.....

This is the best de-esser I have used. With the options to hear what you are cutting. You (I) know what is really going on. I would recommend this plug to anyone. Even if you have never used a de-esser before!

C. Modog

29. Januar 2016

Precision De-Esser

It's a great plug-in. You can solo the freqvenci and cut exactly you want.
Thank you UAD for all great plugins !

C. Leiria

27. Januar 2016

Great De-esser

It just works, it's simple and gets the job done quite fast, that's it.

L. Powell

12. Januar 2016

Easy to use!

Very easy to find the frequency, cut as wide or narrow as desired, and set the threshold. Finished product sounds natural. Can't go wrong with this plug-in.

M. Junchaya

23. Dezember 2015

Go Un-Noticed

Probably the best compliment ever was being asked how I controlled sibilance on my tracks without using a de-esser...Well that made me smile and justified my purchase of this wonderful plugin...It is incredibly simple to use and the solo mode makes it a piece of cake to find the troubled frequencies....You don't need to have an ear or even an understanding of what frequencies cause what issues...This tool makes it simple and best of all transparent.
Great purchase that I am completely satisfied with.

K. de Wit

29. November 2015

Transparent sound

This is a very good, easy to use and transparent sounding de-esser. It just works without making your vocals sound bad. Being able to use it in the Apollo console when doing voice overs etc. in the recording chain at 0 latency is worth the price.

D. Nakonechny

21. November 2015

Very Versatile!

Fantastic sounding De-Esser…don't only use this puppy on just vocals…experiment with it to take the harshness out of high-gain distorted guitars. Definitely recommend getting your hands on it!

T. Kidjemet

16. Oktober 2015

Simple but good workhorse De Esser

This de-Esser is simple to use and does it's what it has to do without a hassle!
De solo function makes it easy to pinpoint the right freq quick.

E. Bellerose

2. Oktober 2015

Ssssssuper De-esser

It,s work really good, does the job where it should be. It's a great de-esser compare to those I have. Nice work! i like Precision plugin.

C. Perez Iserte

20. September 2015

it’s perfect.

it’s perfect. Use the SOLO to quickly find the frequencies, adjust the threshold and you're done!

N. Gregoriou

19. September 2015

Sounds like Velvet

I have tried most of the de-eeser plugins , as well as some hardware from years back, this Precision De-Esser sounds very natural and transparent, doesn't suck tone like the others. I put it on every single vocal, because it needs it, even if you think it doesn't, it does. Sounds like velvet

L. Gonzalez

15. August 2015


Por mucho el mejor De-Esser en el mercado. Es muy fácil de usar y transparente

L. Gonzalez

15. August 2015


Genial!! Por mucho el mejor De-Esser en el mercado. Es muy fácil de usar y transparente

L. Gonzalez

15. August 2015


Genial!! Por mucho el mejor De-Esser en el mercado. Es muy fácil de usar y transparente

201-220 von 367 Ergebnisse