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Precision De-Esser


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B. Boykin

16. Juni 2012

I love it I just used it on Rapper Big Pooh's Record called "The Love?" it is an amazing piece of gear I recommend this to anyone that needs a good De-Esser!!!

K. O'sullivan

10. Juni 2012

This is an outstanding plug-in! After trying a few other de-essers out there I can't believe how much more transparent this one sounds. Great work UA!

I. Bumba

3. Juni 2012

Great de-esser, completely removes all sibilance. Works discretely, but fundamentaly gets the job done!

M. Moore

16. Mai 2012

Actually the reason I bought this was because of the price, and the fact that I use a de-esser on a lot of vocal tracks. After I watched the demo video and started experimenting I found that this is a pretty cool plugin. I cut a lot of R&B and often times there is only one vocalist stacking tracks so this guy comes in very handy. It has saved me on several occasions where I'm getting kudos from my mastering guy on how I tamed the top end on several mixes. It gets five stars from me because of the price.

P. Giacalone

31. Dezember 2011

Great tool! The ability to solo the target freq is worth the price of admission alone! In combination with the enhance KHZ there's no high end that can't be fixed!

C. Twomey

4. Dezember 2011

This de-esser is easy to use and actually works very well.

J. Sosa

31. August 2011

This is incredible, I will recommend this to anyone.

M. Thomas

30. Juni 2011

Really helps to control sibilence on vocals and I've even used it on hats and cymbals for smoothness.

C. Vincent

27. Juni 2011

There is not too much to say about this plug-in. It does what it's supposed to do, very very well. I am very pleased with this purchase!

A. Pozzi

21. Juni 2011

Useful and clean. All you need for problem vocalists.

D. Matkarimov

17. Juni 2011

The softest and unique de-esser. This is a single de-esser.

B. Marolla

17. Juni 2011

Great de-esser. Easy to use with loads of control over parameters that you would normally not have. I have it as part of my vocal strip and it never let's me down.

G. Petho

17. Juni 2011

Beautiful sound, excellent plugin!

Nice to use it every type of music, it helps a lot to bring out the maximum from the instruments.

P. Van

16. Juni 2011

Very good de-esser but not always suited to all tracks

R. Davidson

16. Juni 2011

Probably the most versatile De-Esser I've used. Not only great for vocals but very competent at taming overly bright acoustic guitars and cymbals.
Standard compression on instruments can lead to a dull, compromised sound. Using the UAD De-Esser fixes the problem, and ONLY the problem.
The controls are highly intuitive, so the learning curve is minimal.
It's more than a tool for vocals, think of it as an all round harshness tamer.

N. Nolan

16. Juni 2011

Awesome. Quite natural sounding. I also have the Waves De-esser but choose this one every time. It's UA - what can you say? It's done right.

P. Vilhena

1. Januar 2011

The best software de-esser I know of. After demoing, I even resisted buying for some time, like, compressor, rev and eqs are more important right. Well it was a relief after I got it cause it´s so quick to get good results compared to others! Recommend it.

D. Rosario

4. Oktober 2007

Why did you wait so long?!? This plug-in is nothing less than amazing. I've spent soooo much time with various multi-band compressors and notch filters to try to achieve this effect, and I've never attained the results I wanted. This plug-in instantly gives me the sound I need and lets me focus on the rest of the mix.

A. Wentz

29. September 2007

Just when I REALLY needed a de-esser, I get an email from you guys. Another home run. The "precision" control of this thing is really far better than anything else I have ever used. How do you guys keep doing this? Well, a BIG thanks. And for $49!!! (Thanks for moving)

M. Curran

28. September 2007

Perfect! After struggling with every other sofware de-esser out there, this is a godsend. Most of the time with the Waves de-esser, I was never able to get natural sounding results, often making the sibilance worse, or making the singer sound lispy on harder S's. UA really nailed it. If you record a lot of female singers, and you want to eq to get that nice airy top end, you're going to bring out the sibilance, so this is a must. Highly recommended!

361-380 von 380 Ergebnisse

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