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Neve Preamp


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M. McCoy

18. April 2022

That neve sound

I have loved playing with this, I wanted that neve sound without the eq section and I got it

E. Zavala

22. Februar 2022

Great Plug-In

I could tell the difference immediately when used in the Unison spot. Such warmth and clarity and boost. Great buy.

D. Hetzel

19. Februar 2022

Lovely neve sound

Great plugin. It gives the signal more depth and at the same time more fullness. Great is also the possibility to include it in unison. The use is very simple. Adjust input until it sounds good and then output back to desired volume.

A. Leite

24. Januar 2022

Best Neve Preamp

Sounds amazing on vocals and acustic guitar..

B. Gautier

21. Januar 2022

Fat !

A must have ! Love it on drums, guitars ans synths !

UAD User

14. Januar 2022

Neve colour without the DSP hit

Fantastic, my first plugin on every channel

T. Prilesky

13. Januar 2022

Sounds good!

I bought this for the purposes of tracking with unison. It does sound great, though it's fairly coloured so you will want to make sure it's a flavour you want, because you can't undo it when printing to tape. So for me it's going to be very situational, and most likely used sparingly going in, and perhaps more in the mix to give some girth to things. Happy to have this tool!

L. Marchetti

10. Januar 2022

Works w everything


G. Koukounaris

5. Januar 2022

Warm & big!

One knob to rule them all!


4. Januar 2022

awesome on drums and more

It s amazing how it increases perceived volume on drum elements !!!

E. Pratti

22. Dezember 2021


Great plug-in, perfect

A. Fedyushkin

14. Dezember 2021

better then contemporary hardware clones

nice distortion

A. Linton

30. November 2021

Neve preamp

I can’t complain , I must say this sounds real good, slightly different from its bigger brother
And less on the DSP , can’t go wrong with it .

C. Bors

23. November 2021

Very simple, easy of use :)

A must have plugin in my collection. What i need, it's in.

c. maskell

22. November 2021

grit and personality

Love the color

c. maskell

22. November 2021

Great preamp

Love it

e. stewart

2. November 2021

This stands above the rest!

I've tried countless other Neve Preamp emulations from other companies and this one, mixed with the unison technology is just miles above the others!

J. Herron

31. Oktober 2021


Love it! Not really much else to say

A. Nava

27. Oktober 2021


This is great!!!

J. monlleo

15. Oktober 2021

Great tone!

The tone of the 70's perfect for voice and guitars and perfect with unison...good job uad!

41-60 von 617 Ergebnisse