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Neve Preamp


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余. 函

28. Juni 2021

very good

very good !!

J. Toro Hernandez

19. Juni 2021


Es perfecto

c. siebert

16. Juni 2021

Neve Pre Amp

this is a great plug ...Amps up the signal nicely with immediate results
presets get you to where you need be fast
love it great buy

S. Inami

14. Juni 2021

god overdrive

god overdrive, but I think vertial disign is better and useful as same as old Neve.

D. Hill

13. Juni 2021

Not feeling it

Ok , let's be real folks,, unison technology is really great,, but this mic pre just ain't cutting sounds plastic ,, sounds completely lacking that depth in the vocals doesn't sound big,, sounds weird when I add compressors and eq ....I had a great river pre wich cut thru the golden age pre cuts thru the mix ...this unison doesn't ...but guess what I'm still gonna use it ..gonna upgrade my mic and see if this neve plug in really shines

C. Bouldin

5. Mai 2021

Best Fat Warm vocals

Really enjoy this product. The artist that i work with really see a great difference in there projects and will not record a session without it! Great to have in your toolbox.

K. Sarikos

5. Mai 2021


Vintage style and hot preamp...

e. selle

30. April 2021


Merci à l’équipe pour ce produit incontournable reproduction du pluging comme le produit réel mais jusqu’où iront ils....J’ai amélioré énormément de piste de tous type pour un résultat professionnel merci encore à toute l’équipe UAD.

A. Marić

27. April 2021


I use Neve Preamp for guitar, mostly. I plug the guitar into the pedalboard then into Apollo Solo with Neve Preamp and finally into the cabinet simulator and that simple plugin has become a key ingredient of my sound. It's simple and sounds fantastic. I've tried it on many other sounds and always sounds fantastic.It enriches the sound with new harmonics.

B. DeRenzo

22. April 2021

good representation of neve product line

The similarities with the hardware version are exceptional. I use it in unison for mic pre.
Being 'picky' I would have liked an input led, but there isn't any on the hardware version, so very accurate. Good product as are all uad.

S. seub

22. April 2021



J. Manuel

21. April 2021

Get the sound with less DSP

This is just the preamp without the eq section so uses less dsp. You get the sound with less dsp power being used allowing you to toss these over more tracks for saturation/tone shaping.

G. Udvarhelyi

14. April 2021

Great stuff

Simple and great sounding, I mainly use for tracking if no EQ needed.

M. Jones

13. April 2021

Neve Preamp

Sounds great, clean or driven. Consumes very little processing resources.

P. Stoppini

13. April 2021

Pure perfection

The sound of NEVE Preamp is something poetical, the plugin is easy to use, presets are effective, simply a go to plugin to add class to each microphoned instrument

A. Ingle

12. April 2021


Beast this. I hd the neve 1084 and wasnt sure about getting this but im glad i did. Simple and does the job when you just want the pre amp x

H. Lechterbeck

10. April 2021

Easy Going

Easy zu bedienen, großer Sound, super Monitoring - in der Praxis schnell und unkompliziert einsetzbar - ich habe es nicht bereut, darin zu investieren

m. shankle

9. April 2021

Neve Preamp

This is my go to plugin, its easy to use and great

m. shankle

9. April 2021

my go to

simple and great

P. Lange

31. März 2021

Neve Preamp

My go-to Unison Plugin

81-100 von 617 Ergebnisse