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Neve Preamp


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F. De Luca

15. September 2021


This plugin can really gives you the sound and presence you need for any instrument, so happy to bring it!!!

R. Adams

9. September 2021

Outrageously Transparent

This is an excellent plugin. This Neve Preamp is clear, to the point, and honest. Theres something beautiful and simple about how this preamp sounds and performs. I love the simplicity it provides. I also love the fact that i can drive the mic pre and dial back the output to get the level i want as well as a smooth and warm saturation. I highly recommend this plugin. its a perfect preamp on a budget.

C. Parkes

6. September 2021

Can’t say enough

This thing is the real deal. If you only need the pre and no EQ from the 1073 this is your ticket. You get the smoothness of the low-end and a little bump and grit in the mids. This thing also will add a little more aggression and sustain to bass guitars.

T. Rask

14. August 2021

Neve Preamp

I like this plugin when i record drums, very good Preamp

T. Rask

13. August 2021

Neve Preamp

I like this plugin when i record drums, very good Preamp

B. Gilhyeon

5. August 2021

This is Neve.

This is Neve.


26. Juli 2021

Gostei do Som!

Para um plugin o som é incrível :)

R. Jankovics között

24. Juli 2021


Nekem Nagyon sokat segitet

T. Herod

20. Juli 2021

Analog warmth

True analog warmth when needed. the harmonics is very pleasing which gives a fuller dense sound. love it.


14. Juli 2021

Neve Pre authentic sound

easy to use preamp with authentic NEVE sound

G. Panettieri

13. Juli 2021


Very warm and colorful. Well done!!

C. Sanchez

10. Juli 2021

Love it!

Super warm!! exactly what you really expect of it. I simply love it how does it works with acoustic guitars and voices. thanks UAD

J. Ang

5. Juli 2021


The saturation on this is so sweet. Been using it all over my mixes!

M. Johannes

4. Juli 2021

Neve Preamp

Neve Preamp is Neve Preamp and is very good !!!

余. 函

28. Juni 2021

very good

very good !!

J. Toro Hernandez

19. Juni 2021


Es perfecto

c. siebert

16. Juni 2021

Neve Pre Amp

this is a great plug ...Amps up the signal nicely with immediate results
presets get you to where you need be fast
love it great buy

S. Inami

14. Juni 2021

god overdrive

god overdrive, but I think vertial disign is better and useful as same as old Neve.

D. Hill

13. Juni 2021

Not feeling it

Ok , let's be real folks,, unison technology is really great,, but this mic pre just ain't cutting sounds plastic ,, sounds completely lacking that depth in the vocals doesn't sound big,, sounds weird when I add compressors and eq ....I had a great river pre wich cut thru the golden age pre cuts thru the mix ...this unison doesn't ...but guess what I'm still gonna use it ..gonna upgrade my mic and see if this neve plug in really shines

C. Bouldin

5. Mai 2021

Best Fat Warm vocals

Really enjoy this product. The artist that i work with really see a great difference in there projects and will not record a session without it! Great to have in your toolbox.

81-100 von 631 Ergebnisse