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S. Sarkar

28. Oktober 2018

The real deal

As a film Composer, using this to bring out solo instruments in my libraries when mocking up is great! Also recording live with the Spitfire series matches the sound almost perfectly


27. Oktober 2018

I showed a good sound

I really like this sound

K. Morris

26. Oktober 2018

Another "just works!" must-have

Like the 33609, the 1081 just works. It's the first EQ I reach for. Musical and just sounds good because of that. Love this EQ a lot.

K. Morris

26. Oktober 2018

Great flavor, no bloat

The 1073 light! I like this one on Unison slots, or on console inserts. Just the right touch of character, whether on mics or in post.

J. Langhoff

21. Oktober 2018

Nice and clean

Juest nice and clean ...and a little bit of warming

J. Walton

19. Oktober 2018


Wow, this plug in sounds amazing. Super warm sounding. Works wonders on my mixes. Thanks UAD.

D. Kazelsky

18. Oktober 2018

Sound very nice

I really like this sound

C. Paschall

18. Oktober 2018


Pretty self explanatory... neve preamp. turn it up. sounds amazing!

M. Silvestrini

17. Oktober 2018


La sutileza hace la diferencia.
Costo calidad y beneficios indiscutible
Super bien

A. Pinto

15. Oktober 2018

neve pre

Excellent preamplifier... Fulfilled my expectations

r. Hipolito

15. Oktober 2018

Fec sound


C. Avdelas

15. Oktober 2018



M. Sigmon

12. Oktober 2018

Holy smokes, I mean, seriously.

How much difference can it make, right? I haven't found anything yet that it doesn't improve in almost exactly the ways you'd like it to be improved. If you're trying to record stuff that has a tangible, palpable audio quality... the sound of well designed circuits working, things heating up and melting together, then save up a few bucks, get this and put it on everything. Even food. If I could put this on my car, I would.

K. Babic

9. Oktober 2018

slightly different as the original

I can not really explain the difference, but the light version has its own distortion, which is not comparable to the original one. I use the preamp on each channel and it gives that certain touch of vintage. highly recommended.

m. lopez

8. Oktober 2018


Superb preamp

P. LaScola

7. Oktober 2018

Neve Pre...

what else can I say that others haven't?....this thing is awesome....wouldn't hurt anything you put it on! Just awesome!

P. Xu

6. Oktober 2018

Warm and Transparent

Warm and Transparent

T. Ball

5. Oktober 2018

Throw it on anything!

The Neve 1073 is just excellent. Throw it on a drum sub and it totally opens up the sound and creates something that sounds totally pro. The one draw back with this preamp is that it's very memory hungry. If you want it across the board you might need to get yourself an accelerator.

J. Connolly

4. Oktober 2018

New User Apollo Twin

Neve 1073 adds a wonderful warmth and depth to most sounds...highly recommended

S. N

4. Oktober 2018

Organic & versatile

Regardless of how it compares to the original hardware, which I care very little about, this ultra simple pre sounds organic and has a great range of useful gain. It is great for strong rock vocals, guitars and direct bass. IMO, it really shines when it starts to distort a little.
I tend to use it in the unison slot and in record mode, so I haven't got the chance to use many instances simultaneously, but it doesn't seem to be resource hungry at all..

1621-1640 von 3268 Ergebnisse