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Neve Complete Bundle


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E. Mizell

17. Juni 2024

UAD is on top for a reason

Once again - like all of my other UA plugins, this has got to be the closest and most clear emulation. I would bend over backwards for UAD.

J. Ross

12. Juni 2024

Drum buss magic

Magic sparkle glue for the drum buss. Love it! Highly recommended!

A. Giroux

11. Juni 2024

Neve enough said

Love this thing on my Martin D18. Makes my guitar stand right out in the mix

s. ayton

10. Juni 2024

Good fun, bright

Only had limited use of the original but a fun addition when on sale. Sounds very bright which I don’t recall from the original so I don’t recommend it as a Unison pre. Screw up your sound later and undo it at any point before mixing is key. As ever, bypass is your friend. Clunky interface as far as switching between Line and mic input, I don’t know why it should be any more tricky than the real deal to use but I guess it’s better than dealing with flaky patch cables.
Looks cool but could be more moise friendly. If you want more flavor, get the V76 though watch the input cos it overloads more easily.

M. Breu

9. Juni 2024

Absolute Classic

Gotta love what this does with guitar tracking. Erik the man Rutan from cannibal corpse uses the hardware 1073 for his cab mics. I personally love the saturation this preamp gives.

t. schaik

4. Juni 2024

the real thing

i own an analog diode bridge neve shelford channel and this is almost identical.

R. Gogoi

2. Juni 2024

why only native for UAD Spark?

It is already a native plugin inside UAD Spark but why you are limiting the customers here who wants to buy it separately outside of UAD Spark? I recently bought 24 native plugins and the last plugin I wanted was "Neve 1073 Preamp and EQ". Make it a real and true native plugin by the end of this year's Black Friday Sale or Christmas sale, please request.

L. Doherty

16. Mai 2024

A class act

I really don’t need to write a favourable review for anything made by UAD.
If it’s made my UAD, then it’s pure class by default.
I’m loving the Neve preamp and the Brigade chorus that I’ve acquired this week.

K. Kaspersen

30. April 2024

Good channel strip

Good for tracking, mixing.
I think i never will have enough channel strips, it shapes the sounds so special from channel strip to channel strip, this one doesn't dissapoint

A. Haqeem

10. April 2024

Best emulation

i use this on everything, its so comparable to the hardware, it is amazing.

A. Dahlback

18. März 2024

Sounds great but needs a new GUI

Nice but the GUI is very outdated. Needs a new version...

A. Niculescu

13. März 2024

Loving this

I used it mainly on my drum tracks and mix bus. Adds the right touch for a perfect sound!

L. Leonard

29. Februar 2024

Neve sound

Also great with big brother Neve1073.
1084 has a tweakable HF EQ.

T. T

26. Februar 2024

Best of Best



20. Februar 2024

Immediately liked it on my Drums bus !!

I immediately felt its accuracy in the highs, bringing nice musical EQ brightness on my Drums Bus and adopted it in my Mixing Template…

W. Meis

16. Februar 2024

Its Neve

no more to say :-)

W. Meis

16. Februar 2024

A must have

Just like some other great stuff its good to have in your toolbar.

V. Daglon

7. Februar 2024


I love the Neve very much because I know what it can do great Preamp to a Mix by the way, but I have no access in using it because I do not own UAD Hardware as yet, but I am dying to have one.

k. yahya

6. Februar 2024



S. Hebbard

2. Februar 2024

An instant classic

A classic preamp and the best plugin version of it that I have ever used. Instantly adds a nice clean warmth to any track and I particularly like it on vocals and acoustic guitar. One of my favourite preamp plugins

1-20 von 3229 Ergebnisse

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. ...
  7. 162