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I. Henry

23. September 2018

Neve Preamp

Totally awesome. Gives you a rich superior sound.

P. Batenev

22. September 2018


great plugin, but not on the master bus! on master there is only use using thru bus:)

a. braband

21. September 2018

simple best sound

simple best Sound

m. łuczak

18. September 2018

suprer sound

super sound

N. Edwards

17. September 2018


Love this Pre Amp! So warm, adds character to everything you throw at it.

D. Skoglund

16. September 2018

Subtle to awesome.

Simple to use, it makes any track sound better.

E. Bureau

16. September 2018

Great plugin!

Haven't A/B'ed directly with a Neve, but have used it a lot in tandem with recordings and mixes done on a 1970 Neve console, and this definitely has that Neve sound. The Unison-pre makes a huge difference, but it also work wonders on just about everything pre-recorded that you put it on. In contrast to the full 1073 plugin, you can run two instances of this simultaneously in 96kHz on the Arrow, which makes it super handy!

C. Lista

15. September 2018

suona molto bene

Sulla voce per ottenere un buon livello devo alzare molto il gain, introducendo un po' troppa distorsione, più di quella che desidererei per la voce.
Rimane comunque un ottimo preamp

C. Pihl

15. September 2018

Well this is the one!

Way over expectations! I now have the neve sound!

B. Benton

11. September 2018

Eye opening.

Something so simple yet so good. I was surprised how just inserting or using it on the front end of a track really fattened it up. This plug in is a no brainer.

J. Dust

9. September 2018

Lightning Quick

The Neve Preamp lit up my vocals and instantly changed things. I dig this it’s direct and without EQ. Less is more with me. Plug and play!

D. Marais

9. September 2018

The God

This is THE preamp to rule them all. It is utterly ineffable to try and capture how good it is in a review.

Just get it and be done. Money so well spent.

N. Sharif

9. September 2018

UAD are the best! Period

Very nice plugin! Very musical EQ.
I'm about to buy another OCTO card to use more UAD plug ins! Thank you UAD.

N. Sharif

9. September 2018

UAD are the best! Period

I always wanted to buy the real thing but when I used it on my mix I changed my mind. Very warm and open sound. Thank you UAD.

s. thomas

4. September 2018

a great brickwall limiter

when used on the output mix track ...it make a great limiter when use like this........i love this great piece of gear

V. Trachuk

4. September 2018

Nice Plugin!

Nice Plugin! I love it!

P. Jones

27. August 2018

Very nice preamp plugin!!

This plugin sounds amazing, and to my ears it sounds even better than the full UAD 1073 plugin. It definitely has that magic that you would expect in a Neve preamp. I had been trying to get that 1073 sound for a while so I purchased the full 1073 plugin and it is good but sounds very clean and to my ears didn’t add as much coloration as I would like. I ended up purchasing a Heritage Audio HA73eq (1073 emulation) hardware unit and to my ears it wasn’t any better than the UAD 1073 (except a very slightly added depth), not worth paying the extra $900, although the eq on the HA73eq is reallly nice. When I tried this Neve preamp I was immediately impressed, it has that Neve sound that I was looking for, UAD has done a great job with this plugin.

m. toniolo

16. August 2018

a little monster!

I try it with a tube condenser mic and I really love the sound.

s. thomas

15. August 2018

add warmth for sure

this unit may look simple but it works to add warmth in your tracks and mixes ....a little piece of magic

L. Romano

13. August 2018


I can´t believe how creamy or agressive the vocals can sound with this guy

1561-1580 von 3183 Ergebnisse