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D. Marais

9. September 2018

The God

This is THE preamp to rule them all. It is utterly ineffable to try and capture how good it is in a review.

Just get it and be done. Money so well spent.

N. Sharif

9. September 2018

UAD are the best! Period

Very nice plugin! Very musical EQ.
I'm about to buy another OCTO card to use more UAD plug ins! Thank you UAD.

N. Sharif

9. September 2018

UAD are the best! Period

I always wanted to buy the real thing but when I used it on my mix I changed my mind. Very warm and open sound. Thank you UAD.

s. thomas

4. September 2018

a great brickwall limiter

when used on the output mix track make a great limiter when use like this........i love this great piece of gear

V. Trachuk

4. September 2018

Nice Plugin!

Nice Plugin! I love it!

P. Jones

27. August 2018

Very nice preamp plugin!!

This plugin sounds amazing, and to my ears it sounds even better than the full UAD 1073 plugin. It definitely has that magic that you would expect in a Neve preamp. I had been trying to get that 1073 sound for a while so I purchased the full 1073 plugin and it is good but sounds very clean and to my ears didn’t add as much coloration as I would like. I ended up purchasing a Heritage Audio HA73eq (1073 emulation) hardware unit and to my ears it wasn’t any better than the UAD 1073 (except a very slightly added depth), not worth paying the extra $900, although the eq on the HA73eq is reallly nice. When I tried this Neve preamp I was immediately impressed, it has that Neve sound that I was looking for, UAD has done a great job with this plugin.

m. toniolo

16. August 2018

a little monster!

I try it with a tube condenser mic and I really love the sound.

s. thomas

15. August 2018

add warmth for sure

this unit may look simple but it works to add warmth in your tracks and mixes ....a little piece of magic

L. Romano

13. August 2018


I can´t believe how creamy or agressive the vocals can sound with this guy

智. 竹内

13. August 2018


Middlerange is very cool!!!

D. Schroader

13. August 2018

Nice little Harmonic Mangler

More than just a "mic pre" this is actually a good all around harmonic changer especially for bass and drums related material, it does something interesting to the low end and when it's right it's super right . I wish this was the pre in the 1073eq plugin.

D. Guillemette

12. August 2018

Neve color

You get the Neve color in your mixes without loading up your DSP chips.

s. barazani

12. August 2018

finally the sound i've been looking for!!

load it as unison started to lay with the dials and then like a magic it sounds big, in your face, crisp and loud
now I want to record everything through it!

O. Taronasi

10. August 2018

Best preamp

I use This plugin on union when recording voice. Sound perfect with l22.

K. Takeuchi

9. August 2018


Preamp part is simply very effective as it worth enough to plug just for it!

S. Burns

8. August 2018

Not bad at all!

The high end shimmer seems more violent than the actual neve to me, but the breakup and the depth is awesome. I’ve been enjoying the low DSP of this plugin, and I can hear the emulated transformer, for sure. Great for biting hit hop vox and to create some depth out of an otherwise flat mix. Can add some punch and “bigness” to about anything. 4 stars because it’s still not as nice as the real ones (very close). That being said, it’s by far better than any other neve plugin I’ve used, including slate and Waves NLS...

g. dingott

7. August 2018

The Standard

Nothing to say about this that hasn't been said. I owned two hardware 1073's back in the 90's. Shouldn't have sold them. I am very happy with this plug in.

J. Rubio

3. August 2018

Neve 1073 preamp & eq collection

La mejor emulacion de previo que he probado , las pistas de voz resucitan adquiriendo ese tono a Disco que busco , si los plugins fueran mas asequibles el entorno UA seria perfecto ,

T. Käfert

1. August 2018

So in Love

Its the best emulation ever.

E. Ananda

30. Juli 2018


Need I say more that just "Brilliant"

1541-1560 von 3152 Ergebnisse